Gift Guide: Wearable Art Amber Pendant and Antique Incense Burner

amber pendant from Explosions Luck

Tibetan Thangka style amber pendant from Explosions Luck

Amber is ancient organic material, such as the sap of pine trees, that has fossilized. Amber talismans and jewelry have been found in Stone Age archeological sites. The ancient Greek word for amber is Elekton, meaning sun. In the great literary work titled the Odyssey, written by Homer, mention is made of amber earrings and a necklace of amber beads as a princely gift.

Wear amber to attract warm, generous and loyal people into your life. Amber is said to enhance your artistic qualities, and also bring your soul-mate into your life.

Wearable amber art is both a great investment and an excellent way to amplify the effects of Feng Shui energies. Amber art jewelry pieces make great unisex fashion gifts. Explosion Luck’s jewelry store has quality Tibetan Thangka pendants (also spelled Tibetan thanka pendants, Tibetan tangka pendants, Tibetan tanka pendants), Tibetan amber jewelry and Feng Shui pendant necklaces are suitable for everyone.

In addition to making wonderful gifts, you can start your own collection of unique Feng Shui jewelry, antique amber jewelry and meditation yoga inspired Tibetan Buddhist pendant necklaces here and now in the Explosion Luck online store here.


The Explosion Luck online shop also carries one-of-a-kind handcrafted vintage and antique incense burners, such as the exquisite Chinese bronze incense burner Your Majesty with a carved dragon design, shown above, and now available at a special price for gift giving and collecting here.

The dragon is associated with Chinese art, Chinese history, Chinese folklore, and Chinese religion. The traditional Chinese dragon consists of parts of nine different animals–a camel’s head, a demon’s eyes, a snake’s neck, a clam’s belly, a carp’s scales, a tiger’s paws, a cow’s ears, a deer’s horns and an eagle’s claws. Besides being functional, is makes an interesting art and conversation piece and collectible.

Explosion Luck provides unique gifts, Feng Shui paintings and Feng Shui jewelry for unique Christmas Gifts for Men, Women and Kids–view their gift collection here.




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