I Won Swag + $100 Amazon Gift Card For Artist Referrals to IndieWalls


IndieWalls announced in September that they would be giving prize awards for the most artist referrals.

I posted my referral link: Artists, apply through this link to discover a unique list of projects in need of great art: https://www.indiewalls.com/s/f7

IndieWalls is curated, and not all who apply are accepted.

IndieWalls is giving to the first to 20 to refer ‘5 Accepted Artists’ and the first 10 to refer ’10 Accepted Artists.

I was one of the winners! One of my prizes was a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Artists, please continue using the referral link above to apply to IndieWalls.

2 thoughts on “I Won Swag + $100 Amazon Gift Card For Artist Referrals to IndieWalls

  1. Sally says:

    I’m glad you got your swag, but I’m a bit irked with Indiewalls. As you note above, they are a curated site — actually they seem to be sort of a corporate consultant which is getting the artists to do a certain amount of the sales work. That’s all fine and legitimate; I expect that they are earning their commissions.

    My complaint is that they are a bit disorganized. I was rejected some time ago, and had forgotten about them. Then, recently, I got a newsletter from them saying that “as part of our artist community, you are integral” to their mission. As I say, I’d forgotten about them, but I went to their site and could still sign in and I couldn’t find the email rejecting me so I thought I was mistaken. I looked at some briefs, but when I went to pitch, I was treated to an “oops” page telling me I’d been rejected and couldn’t pitch.

    I’ve now unsubscribed from their newsletter, but I don’t know how to cancel my account at their site. On the whole, it does seem to me that they could have canceled the account and not put me on the list to get the newsletter. I didn’t mind the rejection, but I don’t need more email, and I’m annoyed with myself for wasting time looking at their site for naught.



    • Sally

      Yes, I understand your frustrations. My suggestion is that you apply again with new work. They may accept you this time and your account will become active.
      It really may be worth your time and effort. IndieWalls has some wonderful projects. You can learn a lot about what is wanted and needed (the market)just from reviewing IndieWalls projects. So it is never time wasted! Stay positive. Best Wishes


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