New Platform Helps #Artists Get High-Rez, Print Ready Image Files of Their Artworks


Artists, ArtSquare helps you get high-resolution, print-ready image files of your artwork and store them in a convenient image portfolio storage platform. It’s free to store your portfolio images on the ArtSquare site. Then, when you need to get one or more images digitized into high-resolution files for Giclee printing, art licensing products, or for art prints on canvas, paper, or metal, the ArtSquare site connects you with an affordable source.

ArtSquare offers 100% Artist Protection guarantee while sourcing local services near you.

This resources allows you to get high-resolution images of your art made from your existing photos, for as low as $15, and without having to physically take your art in to be scanned (which often costs $100 or more).

This is such a valuable resource for artists that Artist Marketing Resources is sharing the link with you today.

ArtSquare offers artists a portfolio and secure storage vault for art images.

Once you have your high-resolution images of your art, you will find many platforms for print sales on paper, canvas, on fashion clothing items and home products on our Artist Print Sales Sites and Resources here:

Many art magazines and publications require high-resolution images as well–findArt Magazines, art blogs, art publication resources e-list here:

Image above courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Drips of cyan, magenta, yellow, black printers ink below courtesy of Idea go at


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