Copyright + Copyleft: Free Webinar On Issues + Imitation for Artists on Dec 17th



On monday, I shared details in an article here about the new platform called ArtSquare, where artists get photos  of their art made into high-resolution files for printing and publishing.

Andy Derrick, Head of Artist Community at ArtSquare, wrote to thank and to tell me about their webinar on December 17th called “Copyright & Copyleft.”  It’s going to be a conversation with Robert Panzer (Director at VAGA Rights) and Gwenn Seemel (artist/speaker/author) about their different perspectives of how artists can view/handle imitation and copyright issues.

This free webinar with two very interesting people and perspectives– should be great! Andy says, “I thought this might be up your alley. If you want to include an invite in your newsletter or social media feel free to do so.”

Artist Marketing Resources artists are invited to attend this free webinar hosted by ArtSquare about artist copyright issues and imitation with a couple leading voices on the subject. You can sign up for free here



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