Growing Demand for Online Fine Art Limited Edition Prints and Artist Multiples

hiscox-printsales projections

Experts project a huge increase in online art sales. According to the Fine Art Multiples site that published an article a couple of weeks ago– What is Driving the Demand for Artist Editions and Multiples?

“The internet’s ever-increasing role in the art market has been backed up with forecasters predicting e-commerce to increase significantly over the next five years. According to the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report, 2015, the value of the online art market will rise to $6.3 billion by 2019. A $4.7-billion increase since 2013.”

They further make the point that selling in this competitive and flourishing requires the provenance and certification of the work featured online as growing in importance.

Artists selling directly to their buyers have an advantage of providing living proof of authenticity of the work, and will like more sales by providing each buyer with a printed and signed certificate of authenticity with each print sale.

Artists looking for art print sales platforms with find hundreds on our e-list here with new venues added.

We’ve updated our e-list of hundreds of POD (Print-On-Demand) art sales sites, as well as adding many other new print sales options, such as  sites like Print Solo a new platform for buying and selling fine art original prints and artists’ books. Print Solo showcases, promotes and sells the best of international printmaking. Print Solo only sells artworks printed by the artist independently or in collaboration with a technician. Prints that have been editioned by a printing studio without the presence of the artist are not eligible for sale on  Print Solo. Artists find out eligibility requirements and Register here.

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