Arts Row: Connecting Artists to Art Patrons by Location

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Last year, Arts Row curators invited me to add my art to their site. So I set up my free account and added several artworks which you can view here, the images are quite large! Which I like. As a WordPress user, I noticed right away that Arts Row uses WordPress. If you have WordPress skills you may enjoy the freedom you have to create your Arts Row profile listings.

The Arts Row blog will have a monthly feature in Art Market Magazine beginning with issue #20.


Arts Row was established to connect artists to patrons in their geographic areas.

What also interests me, is how Arts Row seems to combine an artist directory, with art consulting services and an art magazine. I wish them success and am happy to invite other artists to Arts Row. Visit their site and click on Contact in the top menu to complete the online form. I also follow Arts Row on Instagram here.


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