Skull Art Paintings, Drawings and Prints of Michelle Staton



Michelle Staton is a young artist at work in her studio full-time seven days a week. We’re sharing selected paintings, drawings, and prints by Michelle in this article and you can view more of her work on her website here.

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Michelle is originally from southern California but grew up as a “military brat” living all over the United States. She now lives in a brownstone in Brooklyn, New York.

Michelle Staton at work in her studio

Michelle Staton at work in her studio

Michele actualizes her vision in acrylic paint on canvas, and we also love her linoleum cut prints and drawings.

Still life, Michelle Staton, linoleum cut print edition of 5

Still life, Michelle Staton, linoleum cut print edition of 5

Michelle has exhibited her work in numerous group shows and many of her art pieces remain in private art collections. Her public art work was placed on permanent display in the Florida State Capitol Buildings. In 2010, she had a solo exhibition in Coconut Grove, Florida in conjunction with the Coconut Grove Art Stroll, displaying over sixteen of her artworks in the transformed Dharma Studio space for the evening along with live music and cocktails.

3D ink hear, Michelle Staton, mixed media drawing

3D ink hear, Michelle Staton, mixed media drawing


In addition to her skull art, Michelle has a series of large scale flowers and tropical plant paintings in provocative colors. Her style incorporates glazing and hands-on finger painting techniques to produce texture and depth in her flower petals, such as in her painting titled Irises.

Irises, Michelle Staton

Irises, Michelle Staton

One of Michelle’s interests includes an exploration of how glazing and layers affect light on the subject in her paintings.

Tropical, Michelle Staton

Tropical, Michelle Staton

Michelle Staton developed her business sense academically. After attending Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and receiving admission to both Harvard and Ringling School of Art and Design to study fine art, Michelle decided to pursue a career in business by completing her bachelor’s degree in accounting at the University of South Florida in Tampa. She has five years experience as a professional accountant, and applied her business sense to creative arts, founding Scarlet Art Studios which explores custom UV reactive and couture clothing, as well as offering other crafty interpretations of everyday objects.

S/W Ver: 9C.13.37R

artist Michelle Staton




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