New selling platform for artists: CALL TO ARTISTS AND ART RESELLERS


The Big Art Place is a new selling platform for artists with a CALL TO ARTISTS AND ART RESELLERS to sign up and add their art.

The Big Art Place says–“Manage your small or unlimited gallery, share on Facebook, comment on the blog, or let us manage your online art!”

Click on The BIG Art Place logo below for instructions on getting your own gallery on their site:


Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 5.05.05 PM

3 thoughts on “New selling platform for artists: CALL TO ARTISTS AND ART RESELLERS

  1. Marie, thanks for always keeping us informed on new outlets for selling our art. Question: Do you find it’s helpful (i.e. to sell more art) by placing our work on as many art websites as possible? Or I wonder if it’s better to focus on only a few since it seems we don’t sell much unless WE drive the traffic to any particular site. Your thoughts? Thanks


    • Hi D.A. Metrov

      Thanks for your questions. They are good questions and certainly ones many other artists have as well. In my own experiences, I have sold my own artworks on 4-5 platforms on which the buyers found me on their own. I did not drive them there. Yet, on one site, Saatchi online, the curators have been terrific and communicative featuring my art in their newsletters several times, made me the featured artist of the day once, and included some of my art in a live gallery exhibition in LA, and yet I have sold nothing via Saatchi.

      I have sold the most art–several paintings–via the efforts of a very active UK curator of an online gallery. Then sales stopped when buyers in Europe started cancelling purchases once they learned how high shipping costs are from the USA to Europe. So, shipping costs matter when it comes to online art sales.

      IMO, you should try several platforms or online galleries. You may sell one piece via one online gallery and 2 or 3 pieces in another, and then have no sales on some others. You just don’t know in advance.

      Just last week I had a print site curator select 28 of my paintings for art prints via monthly subscription of site members who subscribe to buy one print every month–I will be publishing an article on that soon. The print curator found my work online and invited me to add my art to their print site. I said yes, and then the print site curators took time to review my site and send me a long list of my artwork titles that they wanted + a link to upload my images to their site. So, I am interested to see if I get any sales there.

      I am continually trying new things to see what works.

      I had a sale of two paintings on one art platform a few years back, and none on that platform since. But I’ve been contacted via two art platforms for commissions of larger versions of some of my paintings and the site curator of one online gallery actually visited the home of one couple who wanted to commission me, since they lived in Brooklyn and so did the curator.

      So your presence on any art platform could lead to sales, and not necessarily just click-of-the-button add-to-shopping-cart type of sales, but commissions and invitations to other ops.

      AS I mentioned, this is a topic of interest to many artists, so thanks for asking. Feel free to ask further questions any time. Best Wishes


    • Marie, thanks so much for your reply. I totally understand what you’re saying about simply having a presence online can lead to sales directly or indirectly… actually my astrologer told me the same thing… she said, “Be ubiquitous on the internet!” Also, ditto re: Saatchi… they featured me once, but I haven’t sold anything on that platform.

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