LAB Art Show International Art Exhibition



At the request of artists, we’ve begun adding art fairs and select art group shows and events to our e-list of Art Galleries (get it here.)

Lab Art Show connected with us on LinkedIn and provided details on their sophisticated non-profit art event where artists have the opportunity to network and exhibit their artwork.

The Lab Art Show is a multidisciplinary art exhibition that features about 150 local and international artists and galleries from over 12 countries, as well as a full roster of performance art–all in one day. The Lab Art Show nightlife events have happened twice annually over the past 3 years, to become a major anticipated event each year for art professionals and art lovers.

Their 7th semi-annual Lab Art Show hosts local art galleries, media and prestige’s art enthusiast of Vancouver to experience a night of magic and visionary expression. For 3 successful years, the Glitz team has worked hard to produce Lab Art Show – a local, rapidly growing event inspired by the magic and wonder of Cirque du Soleil and blended with the imaginative expression of Vancouver’s most talented artists.

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