#Artists Connect With Upcoming 2017 Curated Projects Early

The Artful Eater project, previewing in 2017, is new curation of art and restaurant culture presented by London-based Artful & Company.

Follow Artful Eater on Twitter here to tweet your art images and links to get your work viewed by the curators of this project.
Read the Artful Eater’s forthcoming articles on the Medium here to keep up with this project.
Restaurants and art have had an interesting history. Famed restaurateur Michael Chow was known to have kept a bound book with blank pages for artists to draw to create a work for him while they dined. Mr. Chow was known to have traded food for artworks as a pioneering restaurateur art collector. And some of the famed artists known to have dined at his Mr Chow New York restaurant included Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.
Andy Warhol, "Michael Chow," 1980

Andy Warhol, “Michael Chow,” 1980

Michael Chow purchased art for his collection, beginning in the 1960’s, from such UK artists as Peter Blake, David Hockney, and American artist Jim Dine. Some restaurateurs today who have large art collections include Leah Chase and Matt Haley, and Wolfgang Puck decorates his restaurants with the works of top contemporary artists.

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