Master Creator Attributes His Success to Learning How to Submit His Work

I’ve been telling artists for years to submit their work! So I felt validated by a great master when I read this quote–

“Think up ideas for stories, go out and shoot them, and then send them in to the magazines. I was lucky; I figured that out when I was young.” Stanley Kubrick

This great, important and successful filmmaker started out as a photographer and unknown. He got his start by submitting his work and getting it into magazine.

This applies to all artists working in all materials and styles — you should be submitting your work to appropriate art magazines, art consultants, art galleries, interior designers, and art licensing companies.

I wrote and published an e-book guide to help artists make submissions (available here) and e-lists of resources to help artists quickly and easily find the best places submit their work. I continue to compile my extensive and growing e-list of art and design magazines where you can submit your work for a feature (available here),  and an e-list of links to over 5,000 USA and international art galleries (here), an e-list of art consultants (here) and art licensing companies (here). Plus specialized e-lists of print sales sites (here) and photography agents and resources (here).

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2 thoughts on “Master Creator Attributes His Success to Learning How to Submit His Work

  1. Thank you, Marie! Stanley is one of my major mentors. Thanks for the confirmation about submitting work… I dedicate at least two days a week to marketing my work. Often we feel like we’re being ignored, but I believe consistent, repeated exposure is key.

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    • Hi Metrov

      I know that you have gotten many more opportunities for consistently putting your work out there. Perhaps you would like to write an about what you’ve been doing as a quest of this blog? Thank you for your feedback for this article. Yes, this Stanley Kubrick quote is so interesting! Many greats (especially photographers) submitted to magazines back in the day. Nowadays, there is such a proliferation of magazines of all kinds, and art blogs, that artists have so many options for gaining visibility. Traditional print magazines have digital versions and some magazines start out as digital and then produce print editions too. So getting into any magazine these days is likely to get you before many more eyes than ever before! Plus art blogs are always looking for good art content. Once an artist gets featured on any art blog then that article link is tweeted and shared across social media platforms. Instagram is making reputations for some creatives. Artists would be remiss not to submit regularly! Artist Marketing Resources blog is here to help!


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