Success Story: How Artist Got A Feature in ACS Art Magazine

Alan Singer, artist and Professor at the School of Art of the Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T.) sent a thank you and shared his success story.

Alan follows Artist Marketing Resources and acts upon the information we share here.  He made a submission from details in one of our posts– not for the first time–and got results–again, not for the first time. Alan gave us permission to share his news here today.

The Professor wrote, in part– “… a big THANKS, this is another example of a tip that I got from reading your posts.”
In this case, Professor Alan Singer submitted a press release from one of the artist-students in his Business Practices class and the student was featured in the new
ACS Magazine online that came out yesterday.
“This is a great way to get the word out, so thanks again for the effort you put into those daily posts, THEY WORK!” Alan Singer, Professor, School of Art, R.I.T.
We’re always glad to learn of the success stories that come about from the information we share with artists. (There are many other such stories!)


ACS Magazine featured Alan Singer’s student Lingfei Zhao in  after the Professor made a submission on the student’s behalf from the guideline we published here on Artist Marketing Resources.

ACS Magazine is published by ACS Gallery housed in the Zhou B Art Center/Museum.


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