#Artists #Submit to “Free For All 2” Exhibition


It’s Time for the second Exhibition Without Walls “Free For All” exhibition

You’re invited to submit one of your new, favorite images of your work  No entry fee!  Just submit a recent image and a short paragraph (100 words or less) as to why this is one of your new favorites.  You can also include details on equipment, techniques, etc. Each image in the exhibition will include the short paragraph about the work as well as your website URL where people can go to see more of your work.  The point is that this exhibition is all about free promotion of you and your work.

Send submissions to ewedman@exhibitionswithoutwalls.  The subject line should read Free For All 2.   

Submission Deadline: Midnight July 1, 2016

The exhibition will open the third week in July.  It will include up to 60 images.
Free For All 2” will be promoted through several social media platforms and press release.

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