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International Art Gallery Directory E-list– get it here–This interactive e-list consists of 260+ pages is fully-packed with many thousands of clickable links to art galleries world wide (260+ pages with an average of 29 gallery links per page= about 5,000 art gallery listings) $49.95 

While using this e-list, and for you to quickly identify current opportunities, you will find yellow highlighting and red lettering on art gallery listings that have open calls for submissions and ongoing calls, on art galleries that currently accept artist submissions, and on gallery listing for galleries that accept artist exhibtion proposals or have ongoing open submission policies.

This resource list provides you with easy access to art gallery links, submission guidelines, and contact details, which will save you hundreds of hours you would otherwise spend searching for galleries to review. Instead, with this extensive e-list you invest your time in reviewing art galleries and quickly identifying galleries that could be a good fit for your work.

On this resource e-list for artists you will find extensive listings for galleries in Brooklyn and New York City, galleries in Chicago, Boston, Miami, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Las Vegas, San San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, and other major US cities and their out-lying regions. Internationally, this list contains links to art galleries in London, UK, and Berlin, Germany. Find hundreds of links to art galleries in the cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, China. Many artists wanting to get into a gallery in Tokyo, Japan will find an extensive list of galleries within our e-list.

Links to galleries in other countries on this list include Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Marocco, Lebanon, Turkey, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE–Dubai and others, including Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, S. Korea, Australia, New Zealand, the Carribean island countries, and others.


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The Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook, get the ebook here.

The Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook contains step by step advice on making a professional approach to art galleries, art consultants, fine art publishing companies, art licensors, art licensing agents and representatives, curators, art dealers and other art professionals in positions to help you advance your art career.

This ebook provides cover letters you can copy, adapt and use in making your own submissions. The cover letter formats and wording are tried and true and have been used to get artists solo exhibitions, lucrative art licensing contracts, art gallery representation, art consultant representation, and art licensing contracts and sales internationally.

ISBN 978-0-615-47557-8

ebook: 90 pages

cover image courtesy of S Silver.


Buy the Directory of Art Consultants 

International Directory of Art Consultants 200+ pages of links and contact information for over 500 art consultants worldwide

The purpose of this e-list is to provide contact information for artists to make submissions of their art to art consultants.

Art consultants are fine art professionals who are liaisons with corporate executives. Art Consultants work with hospitality industry executives (hospitality: restaurants, spas, hotels, cruise ship lines ), and are health care art curators for hospitals, nursing homes, health centers, senior housing, and smaller business offices. Art consultants work with residential art sales via Interior Designers, art buyers, and some art dealers. Art consultants work with public art project administrators, including government offices that handle public art projects. They works with architectural firms that buy or commission art. Interior designers and architects or architectural firms have their own corporate clients, hospitality industry clients, commercial, residential, and health care clients. Some art gallerists and art dealers are also art consultants. Some fine art publishing companies have their own programs for providing art to corporations, hospitality and health care art programs. Some interior designers put art into corporate lobbies and office spaces. Anyone who puts fine art into spaces and work with artists directly qualifies as an art consultant for the purposes of this e-list.

Artist Agents and Artist Representatives are also included on this e-list, as are foundations that work with artists. New links, listings and information is continually added to this e-list. We added resource listings for non-profit organizations, and performance related resources for Performance artists who use this list, and a section of Art Collector sites and Online Art Auction sites that allow artists free access to sell or auction their art to art collectors.



1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art  get this latest updated version of this e-list here.

1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art


When you purchase this e-list you receive it as an interactive iCloud stored Word document that you can access on any computer, on your iPad and iPhone and on other tablets and devices.

Buy this list and get more than 89 pages packed with clickable links to websites where you can upload and sell your art. Plus physical sales venues listed with  physical and email address contact information where you can sell your fine art, hand-made artist-made products.


  • Apps for selling art
  • Crowd-funding the arts/artists/art projects/art orgs
  • 3-D Printing Art Sales Sites: One-of-a Kind, Editions, Sell Your 3D Print Files
  • Distributors and Merchandizers of arts and crafts products
  • Art Sales Sites
  • Physical Sale Venues–USA by State
  • Physical Sale Venues–International by Country

E-list categories listed above.  Art sales site sites are listed alphabetically. Below the many pages of online art sales sites, you will find an extensive e-list resource that contains brick and mortar stores that sell art direct from artists. These physical sales venues are listed under headings for each US states and each countries internationally.

We continually update and expand this resource e-list. The e-list name 1,100+ places to sell your art is based on an early count of the resource links. More resources links have been added regularly since we named this e-list as it has grown far beyond 1,100 links.


Art Licensing Companies and Resources List  250+ pages of art licensing companies,artist agents, artist representatives and resources for artists. To purchase with your credit card click here.


International Photography Resources: Photography Agents and Representatives, Photography Gallery, Print Sales, Publishers and More + e-list–get the  Photographer Resources e-list:   –get it here. $38.95

Note: many of the photography agents on our e-list also represent models, make-up artists, and other industry professionals.

This resource e-list for photographers contains of over 100 pages of clickable links to the websites of fine art photographer agents and photographer representatives internationally, commercial photography agents, photography publishers, photography galleries in the USA, Europe and internationally, sites that sell photography prints, photography organizations, photography communities, photography grants and fellowships–any resources useful to fine art photographers, and fine art photographers who also do some commercial work and much more.

What you will find on the Photographer Resources e-list:

  • Photography Agents and International Photography Representatives
  • Agents Representing Photographers and artists working in other media
  • Stock Photography and Digital Resources–over 100 Stock Photography Sites.
  • Online Galleries and Print Sales for Photographers
  • Art Collector Sites and groups interested in photography
  • Photography Galleries and Organizations: Europe Photography Galleries, USA, Canada, South American Photography Galleries, Australia and Asia Photography Galleries
  • Galleries that Represent Artists and Photographers
  • Museums and Photography Curators and Critics
  • Photography Communities and Artist Registries
  • Apps for Sales and Promotions
  • Photography Art Fairs
  • Photography Awards, Grants, Fellowships, Residencies/Film and Video and TV Grants and Awards and Funding Resources
  • International Art Consultants that purchase photographs
  • Photography Publishers
  • Art Licensing Companies that contract with photographers
  • Copyright Organizations
  • Photography Magazines, Blogs, books to submit to for feature exposure
  • Merchandizing /Branding Agents and Reps Internationally
  • MISC: Film, TV, Video Resources, Photography Print Resources, Used Photographic Equipment Sites
  • ——————————-

Art Magazines, Publications and Media Submit List PDF— 50+ pages of clickable links to fine art magazines and blogs, design magazines and publishers internationally.
Buy this 

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 8.02.13 PM



Find out about our E-postcard Marketing Services for Artists here.


Art Print Sales, Giclee, Fine Art Print Resources

$24.95     Click here to purchase the Art Print, Giclee, Fine Art Publishers and other Print Resources E-list. 

New! Now this e-list is even more accessible. When you purchase this e-list you receive it as a Word document that you can access on any computer, on your iPad and iPhone and on other tablets and devices.

New in 2014, this art print resource e-list consists of over 60 pages containing thousands of clickable links to online print sales sites, galleries that sell prints in their physical space + online, fine art presses, fine art publishers, and many print resources for Giclee and Lambda prints, screen print studios, online sales sites for your art printed on products–and much more.

Table of Contents for this Art Print Resource e-list: 

  • Artist Online Art Print Sales Sites
  • Printed Products– artist online sales for your art printed as/on art toys, art stickers, wall decals, murals, postcards, printed T-shirts, printed shirts, scarves, shorts, swim suits, hats, jumpsuits, jackets, dresses, curtains, kimono, leggings, tote bags, messenger bags, back packs, device cases, pillows, fabric, towels, wallpaper, rugs, deck chairs, chairs, mugs, beer labels, mixed media, limited edition ceramics, tiles, metal posters and other 3-D items
  • Print Art Collector Online Sites
  • Print Markets–physical sales venues and events for artists
  • Print Galleries–USA, Europe, Asia, Australia–physical gallery spaces that exhibit/publish editions, publish artist books, most w/online print sales/shop sales
  • Fine Art Presses/Print Studios: Editions
  • Technique Resources–Solar Plate, Non-toxic, Intaglio, Woodcut, Etching, etc
  • Print Publishers–posters, screenprints
  • Printer Resources/Services –Giclee/Lambda/Digital
  • Screenprint Studios: Limited Editions
  • Artist Print Contracts/Commissions
  • ONLINE: Print-on-demand/POD Books, art bookstores, digital magazines
  • Online Printmaker Communities
  • International Printmaker Organizations, Collectives, Print Fairs & Festivals
  • Letterpress
  • Large Print Companies Internationally
  • Printmaking Magazines and Blogs for artists to get featured
  • 3-D Printing–Communities, Resources, Sales Venues

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