About Artist Marketing Resources

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of Art”  Andy Warhol (poster available at the Andy Warhol Museum store, photo  Copyright 2008 Billy Name/OvoWorks Inc, published by http://www.bmcgaw.com


Marie Kazalia

Email: MarieKazalia@gmail.com

Marie Kazalia’s Contently Writer’s Portfolio: https://mariekazalia.contently.com

Artist Marketing Resources blog has been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award

Ever since our Artist Marketing Resources blog launched on February 3, 2009, it has been our goal to provide our artist-readers with news and information they can use to enhance their art careers and develop their entrepreneurial spirits!

Read one success story of an artist we worked with, here.

In addition, we own and operate the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store where we sell art work by several artists.

Find Recent Feedback From Artists About Artist Marketing Resources here and other unsolicited artist testimonials below.

Artist Marketing Resources features artists in article that includes one or more links to your website, your logo, jpeg images of artwork. (Blog articles are better than paid ads, because articles become permanent part of Google search results.) Find out about options for artist features and art professional feature articles here. All Artist Marketing Resources articles go out to blog followers in a email, shared across several Twitter accounts, shared on Facebook pages, LinkedIN group, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest and more platforms.

Artist Marketing Resources  for visual artists–

The Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook, by Marie Kazalia–buy it here.

and in the Amazon Kindle store here,  Amazon Author Profile page for Marie Kazalia.

The Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook is also available on the Smashwords site downloadable to Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and in other formats such as Text file, Wordget it here.

Other Artist Marketing Resources created for artists:

International Art Gallery E-list get it here or here.

Art Licensing companies, artist agents and artist representatives E-list get it here.

1,100+ Places to Sell your Art E-list get it here.

Directory of Art Consultants E-list get it here and here.

2014 Photographers Resources: International Photography Reps and agents, galleries, print sales, publishers + much more get it here and here.

Art Magazines, art blogs, publishers and more for #artists to submit toget it here.

Art Print Sales Sites, 3D Print and Sales Resources, Giclee + Other Print Resources E-list – get it here and here.



Here is a selection of unsolicited and spontaneous artist and arts professionals testimonials:

Hello Artist Marketing Resources,
I have visited your site  artistmarketingresources.com  and believe that it’s content about art consultants, would interest visitors to my site.
I am proud to have added you on the top of “Additional” link on our resource page, http://www.perkeyfineart.com/resources.html
Perkey Fine Art
“Most importantly,  I  really love your site and believe you should receive a “get into heaven” or “get out of jail free” card for all your efforts.”
Most sincerely,
Pj Mills

The same day that she purchased the International Art Gallery Directory, November 2016, an artist wrote to me:

“Marie, and I had a quick look in the iCloud version – this is a wonderful resource, very, very impressive.” Marilyn Green, artist


The day after Raven Deel purchased the Directory of Art Consultants e-list she wrote in an email:

Hi Marie,

It did come through and I have already received 1 client in Texas from sending emails from this file. Thank you. You have done great work in the time and research in building this resource for artists. And you can quote me as saving that.

Best wishes, Raven


(Love hearing from artists I’ve worked with and also finding out what artists need–as Agent X suggested a USA/Canada Gallery e-list)

Hey Marie 🙂

I hope you are doing and things are well. My artwork is doing very well in London and things are great!!
I have someone that is looking for some help with gallery contacts in the U.S. OR Canada.  I know you helped me at my start and just returning the favor 🙂
I know you have you list at $50 on your site http://artistmarketingresources.webs.com/ but He would only need Canada and U.S galleries.
Thanks Always


This is the note I received from Metrov after publishing his art in sidebar gallery + feature article: Metrov: POP Renaissance — New Look at an Old Master http://wp.me/pqZQo-7B7

Marie, thank you for these posts! I’m deeply moved.  Keep up the awesome work. Let me know what I can do. Cheers


Contemporary Arts

Santa Barbara, CA 93117



I recieved this note from Hildy Maze after featuring her in an article: Hildy Maze: Abstract Contemplative Drawing, Painting, Collage http://wp.me/pqZQo-7Bx

Many thanks Marie,   The posting is wonderful. Most appreciated.

Posted it this morning on FB and will tweet, etc. as well.

Thanks so much,


“Wow! I sound like a rock star..haha 🙂 Very well written!”   Anders Lonnfeldt, about my article featuring his photography published in Xposy Multimedia Magazine



Dear Marie,

Thank you so much for the e-book! such a valuable and helpful ideas…Much appreciated.
My home page: www.navawaxman.com
Best to you,


“Marie’s Pinterest boards are one of many important aids to artists that I’ve discovered through her Artist Marketing RESOURCES blog. Kudos! .. and thanks for all you do.” artist Leon Sarantos



“The ‘As soon as I saw the painting, I knew I had to have it’ article (here) is top notch.  You really make me look good, and my hat is off to you.  I really admire someone who is good at their work, and you are that.” Artist Randall Marmet’


Hello Marie,

I just wanted to thank you for sending the daily art marketing news.  Last October I shared the opportunity of having artwork published in ARTiculAction
With my class, and this month they published my interview.  This is a great example of going the extra distance to find a larger audience.  Your help in this New media mix is essential!

Alan Singer

Here is the link:


Re: the Artist Marketing Resources International Art Galleries Directory:

“A very decent price for such an art directory.  Paid $100 years ago for Italian version. I forget the name of publisher.” artist Joyce Dade


“About two months ago, I stumbled upon your websıte and bought both the Transmedıa Artıst Guıde to Makıng Artıst Submıssıons and the Internatıonal Art Gallery Dırectory Share Lıst. I found them very professıonal, well wrıtten, ınformatıve and eye openıng, especıally when ıt comes to untanglıng the mysterıes and meshes of the art world.” excerpt from long email from artist Alexis Avlamis, an artist curated into the Drawing Center New York City


Artist Beth Surdut wrote: “I initially learned of Talenthouse through this post–thank you, Marie Kazalia– and am participating in a current competition to design a shawl for Stevie Nicks, who will choose the winner. You can see and add your own VOTE here https://www.talenthouse.com/item/1304754/62d2a97a ”  We featured her success story in a blog post here.

Nightbird, Beth Surdut

Nightbird, Beth Surdut


“I think your organization and generosity to artists is wonderful. As an independent artist this information is extremely useful to me and I am very grateful. Thank you so much, Marie!” Joyce Dade

Hi Marie,

   Many thanks for the posting this morning.  I sent in a few images for them to consider.  Good luck to us!!

Best wishes,

Hi there, Marie!
Thank you for all of the info and assistance on how to become well known on the internet.  I appreciate the time it takes you.  You will be gratified to know that my work has never been rejected from any juried show. I have been selling from my walls as well have commissions to complete. But that is no way to earn a living. I am only just starting out to earn income and your tips and such are really helpful. I am in my 60’s and am way proud of how quickly I am catching up technologically speaking.
Thank you again. Felicia Raschke

Thank you so much Marie.

Thank you for being so professional.
I will keep in touch with any future news.
Best regards
Tony Barber, artist/inventor
By the way …you are a very good artist.

Marie, thank you for your post about the Eastman Radio Project.  I submitted and Marinella is including a podcast of my recent interview with Brainard Carey on Yale radio WYBC.

I can’t say it enough.  I deeply appreciate your ongoing efforts to help artists!



Marie, thank you for your post about The Corner Magazine.  Robert is going to publish some of my work.

Hope you had a good couple of days away from it all!  We all should take computer breaks, but it’s getting tougher all the time.


Barbara Rachko, NYC artist



Thank you so much.  I was indeed in Interview Magazine…the link is here.
If I didn’t ever thank you properly for all your support back in the day-let me do so now.
Working with you changed my life and I will of course write that review via linkdin.  🙂 “


Hi Marie,  … I sold a painting to a hotel based on one of your leads……… New York Artist, Michael Krasowitz   www.thedailykrasowitz.blogspot.com


Hello Marie

I went through my hotmail account and found the International Art Gallery list and I am so delighted with this wonderful resource.  You are amazing!

Once again, you are a wealth of talent and experience Marie and I wish you much continued success in all you do!

Laara WilliamSen
International professional painter
Vancouver, B.C. Canada


Dear Marie, a huge thank you for your generosity in sharing. Artist Marketing Resources has been, and it still is, a key tool for opportunities and networking. Thanks to your information, I applied and was selected for a group at the Tate Modern. It can’t get any better than that! Lorenzo Belenguer


hi marie…i read your e-book and thus far it has helped me tremendously. (just recently got my work in an online magazine after YEARS of no publicity) I believe the issue will be released to the public and when it does, i’ll be sure to alert you. Thanks so much!  now, I’m hoping to connect with curators in my area and ask that you “introduce” me to (name omitted) etc…  artist, candace pryor


Wonderful! I already received several book orders this morning, which are most likely a result of your post. Vicki Krohn Amoroso https://artistmarketingresources.com/2013/06/29/new-book-art-write-the-writing-guide-for-visual-artists/


Hello And Thank You for this blog. ( my 1st that i follow) Congrats on the scholarship. that’s great. I have sold 2 paintings to Xanadu Gallery in Scotsdale Az. because of your link and have posted art on several sites that I would NEVER have heard of. Again Thank You and God bless. Love and Peace Vernon Kilby / Grandaddeo


“Marie, I am very impressed by your persistently professional presence. I have visited a number of art marketing site and yours is the most transparent, responsive, and ‘cutting edge.’ It establishes a sense of trustworthiness that should be a key component of such a venture, but seems to be lacking in most. Thank you for your support of all us artists out here trying to find our way through the inundation of technological babble.”  Artist, Susan Spaniol http://susanspaniolstudios.com/


Testimonial from William Montgomery (I worked with William in August and September and then he had a family emergency and took 6 months off after which we resumed working together:):”Before working with Marie Kazalia I had tried working with a few consultants costing thousands of dollars with absolutely no results. Of course I tried marketing my work personally as well, with no results either. Last Fall 2011 Marie was able to introduce me to a company in the UK who licensed 15 of my images for print on Canvas and archival paper. They are Art Consultants working globally. A week ago she was able to get me a deal with a New York company which licensed eleven of my latest pieces for distribution on canvas in two sizes in Australia, Italy and the US and they are working to establish a company in Great Britain as well. I modified the files so that I am able to continue marketing the originals without competition. She has sent out a little over 100 letters of introduction to art consultants and interior design companies here in the US and other countries. I know Marie works very hard at this for me because I find emails at all hours of the early morning to late evening with questions, check this or that, what do you think, etc. We maintain very close contact online and we are now starting to converse on the phone occasionally which really helps to clarify any issues at hand. All in all, I have found Marie to be extremely knowledgeable and is building new alliances all the time. She excels at web networking, so if you need marketing assistance I highly recommend her company.”

Artist Marketing Resources got a digital artist his first art licensing contract initially with the licensing of 12 of his image for fine art prints. Right away the artist had several sales from that contract. Just two months after signing his first ever art licensing contract with this fine art publisher, the artist wrote to me: “G. just called. He wants to license approximately 50-60 images from me now. He is working with about 5-6 other companies including Fab.com. He is going to print on bamboo and aluminum too. You did it!”   Digital Artist, William Phelps Montgomery


Hi, Marie,I’ve gotten a lot of helpful information from your blog, which recently led me to join Artsia and Xanadu, along with lots of other helpful posts.  So I am glad to support your web site and receive some promotion for my art as well.  Chicago artist, Leon Sarantos  http://www.leonsarantosartist.com

Find more artist recommendations by viewing Marie Kazalia’s LinkedIN profile.

Want to support us privately? Anonymous donations also gladly accepted, but, of course, to protect your privacy we cannot offer perks to anonymous donors. Give your anonymous support here.

 How to get these great perks? Make a donation here : http://artistmarketingresources.webs.com/apps/donations/

Marie Kazalia’s Writer’s Portfoliohttps://mariekazalia.contently.com

Read selected feature artist articles written by Marie Kazalia via the links below:

Photorealist Paintings of Doug Bloodworth: Comicbooks, Candies, Coke Bottleshttps://artistmarketingresources.com/2015/05/11/photorealist-paintings-of-comic-books-coke-bottles-and-candies/

Barbara Rachko’s Chromogenic Gods and Monsters (published on Xposy) http://www.xposy.com/visual-arts/photography/barbara-rachkos-chromogenic-gods-monsters/

Dil Hildebrand: Exploring Parallels Between Creating Structures and Building Images 2014 article here.

Pittsburgh: R. WEIS – Compositions of Manipulated Sound article here.

Stars and CARS: Jimi Hendrix with His Corvette Stingray, Paul Newman with His Racing Datsun, Steve McQueen and the Bullit Mustang here.

Artist Who Uses Sound article click here.

Artist Power BANK Tokyo Alicia Bay Laurel Raising Funds for Japan article on this artist here.

more here.

Summary of Marie Kazalia’s relevant education and professional experience:

-A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the California College of Arts, 2 years of graduate school in Museum Studies

-three years experience in the museum profession as a museum registrar / arts collection manager in a major US city.

-Completed business and entrepreneurial courses and workshops, art licensing course, arts journalism course

-Success obtaining print contracts, corporate contracts, gallery representation, solo exhibits, feature articles and more, for artists internationally.

-Marie Kazalia has entered into art licensing contracts for her own art, and obtained several art licensing contracts internationally for other artists.

-Sales of her own art, and instrumentally in art sales for other artists

-owner of Amazon store with sales of original paintings, and limited edition posters and prints

–she is a recipient of a writers grant

her own art images published in print magazines internationally, included in museum collections–read her artist CV here: http://mariekazalia.com/this-is-a-test/

-You will find artist-client recommendations on my LinkedIN profile page.

-More than 15 years experience as ongoing widely published author of poetry, short fiction, reviews, articles–in print, books, anthologies, magazines, literary journals, online blogs and e-zines, doing bookstore readings, cafe readings, coffee house readings and a performance series at a Performing Arts center in San Francisco, and a 2 year long series on public access cable TV, including training in use of video and sound equipment.

-contributing writer for Technorati news, Yahoo! and VASA project blog

-Since Feb 3, 2009, interacting in the online arts community via my blog/providing and sharing free information with other artists. Since Sept 2010 interaction with nearly 300 artist members of my LinkedIN group, Artist Marketing Resources.

-My own personal experiences as an exhibiting artist, and published artist, plus my –international teaching and travels including four expatriate years in Hong Kong, China/ Tokyo, Japan/ and India, gives me a unique inside view for representing and promoting artists internationally.

Best wishes for a productive day!

Marie Kazalia

18 thoughts on “About Artist Marketing Resources

  1. Hi,

    My name is Paige Welborn, and I found your blog when I was looking for online blogs for artists. I’m working with http://www.XeroWorld.com, a new social network for entertainment and arts professionals and emerging artists.

    We’d love to feature your blog in our “Inside the Business” section, which is designed to give artists practical career-related tips. Your content is very helpful, practical, and personal. We can, of course, link back to your original blog to drive traffic there as well. We’d love to increase your readership by featuring your content on our site.

    XeroWorld.com’s goals are to create synergy across all artistic disciplines, to create space for artists to show their work, meet other artists, collaborate, and generally improve their careers.

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    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Best regards,

    Paige MacKenzie Welborn


  2. Hi,
    My name is Amanda Lane, and I am an artist and co-founder of Gallerycentric, a suite of self directed, interactive 3D galleries that are viewable over the web. They are very sophisticated and provide a unique way to view art.

    This is a new paradigm that we have just launched in the last few months.
    Its for artists, curators, artist agents, online galleries and museums to create and display 3D exhibitions on their own websites.
    We are not an online art gallery, we make the galleries and provide a way for people to create exhibitions in those galleries themselves, online.
    Your readers may be interested to check it out and I would be interested to know of their opinions.
    Best regards,

    Amanda Lane


  3. I love your blog – so informative. I will put a link from my blog to yours. For your info my blog is lovecoffeeart.blogspot.com

    I was particularly interested to read about the Nottingham Trent University information as my niece is studying TV and Film Set Design there!


  4. Marie,

    I look forward to reading more about open art collection. Thank you for your consideration. I am in Santa Barbara, Ca this week. I await your next post…Best Kellyann


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  6. Hello all,
    I like to read on this blog and decided to react on this part off the blog to point out the promotional possibilities of art4sale.eu.
    This site is offering a non commercial possibility to promote or sell your work.
    The mean target of the site is the eu but don`t let this keep you from posting.
    We are just starting but with youre help we will start to grow and reach an enormous audience.

    hope to meet you there to promote you


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  10. Welcome to the Artist Marketing Salon – Artist Marketing Resources I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You are incredible! Thanks! your article about Welcome to the Artist Marketing Salon – Artist Marketing Resources Best Regards Lisa Lawrence


  11. Catherine Lane says:


    I’ve recently nominated you for The Versitile Blogger Award 🙂 To accept the award you must make a post including the following information

    Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
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    Share 7 random things about yourself
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    Thanks for the fabulous posts !


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