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first Artist Marketing Resources blog post article in the ArtWorld app news feed

first Artist Marketing Resources blog post article in the ArtWorld app news feed

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Artists– would a published article on your art be good PR for you and your art business ? Tranmedia Artist Marketing owner and published author Marie Kazalia  is writing a series of articles on visual artists and their artwork, art businesses, art products and publishing the articles to top news sites. (Links to sample published articles below.) Would you like her to write an article about you?

Advantages of having an article on you and your art published:

  • Online articles written about you prove that you are newsworthy
  • articles improve your credibility
  • Art Gallerists and other art professionals want to see your press coverage
  • Art collectors prefer to purchase art from newsworthy artists
  • You the artist and your art business will gain valuable online exposure in an article published by the top online news provider— Yahoo! Technorati & Google News( & VASA blog)
  • An article on Yahoo! may be picked up by Yahoo! Local and other news services, Technorati articles feed into Twitter and Google News, VASA articles reach a niche market
  • An article will increase your visibility and online presence driving traffic to your site
  • A published article creates interest in your art business and art products or art publication for more opportunities
  • Brings more potential buyers
  • Articles do more for you than paid ads. Anyone can purchase an ad. Articles carry more weight than paid ads in the minds of readers.

To write an article about you, Marie will:

  • review your arts portfolio site, arts product site, arts publications reviewed
  • write targeted questions based on your site information and conversations with you
  • review of your responses to questions and write more detailed questions (as needed)
  • spend 8-10 hours (or more) writing, proofreading and editing a completed article of 500-1500 words in length
  • submit and publish the article on Yahoo! (additionally, I publish article on Technorati the feed to Google News  (VASA Transmedia blog: sound, digital, photo, film artists only)
  • you receive  link(s) to the published article (and reprints) for use in your own promotional campaign (on your site etc)
  • promotion of the article on Artist Marketing Resources blog, on Twitter, LinkedIN and other social media sites
  • provide monthly feedback on numbers of views article receives (upon request)
  • article completed 1-3 weeks after responses to questions received
  • expedited articles available for promotion of events /to  meet deadlines
  • if you have a Media or Press Room on your site w/ downloadable images, I will add images to the article

Yellow PayPal Donation Button at far right:   $100USD Required for standard article  /  For Expedited article services Donate $150USD 

SAMPLE  ARTICLES written by Marie Kazalia and published by Yahoo! Technorati and VASA Blog: 

EBAY Rip-Off Artist Caught With His Pants Down

Cleveland: Chris Kulcsar- an Artist Who Uses Sound   (short link: http://bit.ly/fcdSMG)



Article first published as Andy Mars: Altered Reality Photo-Art on Technorati.

Pittsburgh: R. Weis – Compositions of Manipulated Sound       http://vasa-project.com/blog/2011/02/pittsburgh-r-weiss-compositions-of-manipulated-sound/

Yahoo!: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/7899482/pittsburgh_r_weis_compositions_of_manipulated.html?cat=33

Jeanne Bessette–Painting the Human Element   http://bit.ly/k3eNYn


Australian Artist Benjamin L.M.–In The Shiny Temple, Translating the Silent Voice of His Heart     http://bit.ly/iXj7qo


Canadian Artist in Scotland – Trevor Jones: Art is Not Just Pretty Colors


http://bit.ly/kPGe46 (short link)

How to Be a Press Friendly Artist– the Latest Ebook by Art Licensing Mentor Tara Reed



New York: Photographic Artist Ventiko–Entering Her Version of Reality


Living on the Earth–Alicia Bay Laurel’s Iconic Illustrated Book


Los Angeles: Terri Lloyd, “Professionally Weird” Visual Storyteller and Digital Artist

published with images and video on VASA blog:


re-published on Associated Content from Yahoo!:


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    • Paul
      If you are seeking certain information, I will be happy to provide you with links. If you are commenting on a very old blog post, it is likely that then yes, it is likely that the links to that opportunity is no longer active. If you are truly seeking information for artists, there are many, many active links on this blog. I just saw your donation for perks–thanks for supporting my blog! Best wishes


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