Approaches to Colour: KALEIDOSCOPE at Fold Gallery

I’m sharing another quality review of an exhibition in the UK by Andy Parkinson. He always has quality photos and full details on the gallery and each artist–in this case, it’s the Kaleidoscope exhibition at Fold Gallery. Hope you enjoy reading about this art!


Working for a day in central London, only yards away from New Cavendish Street where FOLD Gallery’s summer exhibition Kaleidoscope, curated by Dominic Beattie, is on show, I get my lunch hour to go and see it. Having learned from the publicity flyer that the seven artists, Dominic KennedyMali MorrisBridget RileyJulian WildJames Alec HardySelma Parlour and Martin Maloney, work with colour in “radically different ways” each one presenting “a unique vision of how to liberate colour to stimulate and energise the viewer” I wonder if I can discover in my short visit what it is that they are doing differently with colour. 

Installation view, with works from left to right by Bridget Riley, James Alec Hardy and Julian Wild. Image courtesy of Fold gallery Installation view, with works from left to right by Bridget Riley, James Alec Hardy and Julian Wild. Image courtesy of Fold gallery

I already know that in a work by Bridget Riley I will find a clear…

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This Coming Fall Season Are Artists Connecting With Art Consultants or Gallerists Most?



For the past several years, our extensive e-list of Art Galleries all over world has been our top resource that artists want most all year-long. As this Fall Season comes near, we’ve noticed that it’s our e-list of Art Consultants that artists and arts professionals seem to be getting most often. You can buy either the International Art Gallery e-list or Art Consultants Directory, or both, in our webstore here and Gumroad store here.

We received an unsolicited email from one of the recent buyers of the Art Consultants resource e-list that was sent to us less than 24 hours after she made her purchase.

After Raven Deel purchased the Directory of Art Consultants e-list she wrote to us in an email:

Hi Marie,

It did come through and I have already received 1 client in Texas from sending emails from this file. Thank you. You have done great work in the time and research in building this resource for artists. And you can quote me as saving that.

Best wishes, Raven

You can get ready for the Fall Season marketing and promotions of your art with the International Art Gallery e-list or Art Consultants Directory, or get both, in our webstore here and Gumroad store here.


If you’d like us to review of your work and make suggestions, send your goals and the link to your website in an email to:



Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Handmade Artisan Jewelry and Glass Beads by Kathy Bankston

Brown disc lampwork beads created by Kathy Bankston

Brown disc lampwork beads created by Kathy Bankston


Jewelry artist Kathy Bankston is a skilled metalsmith, weaver, and lampwork beadmaker. Lampworking is a technique that can be traced back to 14th Century Italy. Lampwork beads are created when glass is melted into a molten state using a torch and then the molten glass is shaped with tools into beads.  As well as creating these glass beads for her own jewelry designs, Kathy sells these beads in her Etsy shop Kathy’s Bead Shop as beadwork supplies for you to use in your own fine art and craft designs. Each bead is annealed in a kiln in Kathy’s studio to add strength and durability to the glass.




The white large hole lampwork beads above, available in Kathy Bankston’s Etsy shop are clear glass with a white frit on top that lend themselves to many possibilities for creating jewelry such as with silver metal or black leather creations.

Kathy Bankston is an artisan and lampwork bead maker from Hitchcock, Texas, USA.  She takes pride in hand-making the elements that go into her jewelry designs. Her metal jewelry is designed, sketched, sawed, shaped and soldered all by hand. Her weaving is done on a loom using only the finest silks, threads, and beads. She makes lampwork beads from Effetre and CiM soda glass and kiln anneals them in her glass studio.




Above are a pair of simple and elegant sterling silver and black onyx cabochon stud earrings from Kathy Bankston’s jewelry designs available on her website here. She makes rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets.



Kathy hand makes each copper wrap ring in her studio from recycled copper wire, wrapped to form a beautiful ring soldered together on the back side so that the individual bands will not move.


Purple lampwork bead and antique key necklace, Kathy Bankston

Purple lampwork bead and antique key necklace, Kathy Bankston


Kathy Bankston also incorporates found objects, such as an antique key, combined with her handmade purple and blue lampwork beads into the beautiful necklace above. Kathy says,  “I’ve strung the beads on a 35″ sterling silver cable chain. It is an endless chain that you simply slip over your head. There is no clasp. The necklace has an antique key that I found in a Galveston antique store. The bead cap is a hand wire wrapped bead cap in sterling silver. Romantic, and beautiful, you’re sure to get compliments every time you wear this beautiful necklace. All sterling has been oxidized for extra glamour.”

View many more of the wonderful creations by this artist on her website– Kathy Bankston where you will find lampwork pendants–such as this pink glass piece–and many enamel pendants such as those pictured below–

pink glass pendant, Kathy Bankston

pink glass pendant, Kathy Bankston


enamel pendants, Kathy Bankston

enamel pendants, Kathy Bankston



Call for Proposals to Participate in the Alternative Art School Fair in Nov


Organizers contacted me asking if I would share this opportunity and Call for Proposals with you my readers–

Dear Marie Kazalia,

We are organizing the first Alternative Art School Fair (AASF), from 17 to 19 of November at Pioneer Works in New York.

50 alternative art schools from all the world will be present at the fair.

The Alternative Art School Fair is open to people who run a school, program, or practice that engages arts pedagogy, or educational research and experimentation.

Participation is free for accepted proposals.

We would like to ask you if there is possible to distribute this information on your website.

Thank you very much for your attention and your time.

All Best,
Alexandre Gurita

PS: You can find here the Call and in attachment the logo of AASF.

Alternative Art School Fair

November 17-19, 2016

Pioneer Works, New York

The Alternative Art School Fair presents an introduction to alternative art schools from around the world.

Art education is a reflection of social and cultural evolution; it engages with structures of meaning-making and considers different frameworks for experience. The impetus to create an alternative art school is rooted not only in a desire to create “better” art, but to create the conditions for greater freedom of expression. Often run as free, artist-run initiatives, the values and visions of alternative art schools vary widely in methodology, mission and governance. But even when they are relatively small in scale they provide vital models of cultural critique and experimentation.

The Alternative Art School Fair recognizes that the act of school building is an effort to create institutional structures that are more responsive to cultural evolution. With this in mind the Fair invites the public to engage with these schools at interactive booths alongside a weekend program of presentations and discussions that examine the role of such alternatives.

The reasons for this fair are several
– To provide better visibility for alternative schools and improve access to their programming.
– To create opportunities for schools to share experiences and resources for mutual enrichment.
– To generate awareness and discussion of their methods among a broader public.
– To reflect on the structure and purpose of traditional institutions.
– To demystify the process of creating a school.

– Calls itself a school.
– Engages arts or creative practice education within their programming.
– Proposes something unique in terms of methodology, organization, mission, curriculum, final output.
– If the school does not call itself an art school, it should propose something that can impact or transform arts education.
– Is a space that generates alternative systems and new cultural models.

Open Call
Interested schools are invited to submit information through this form: click here

For general inquiries, please email

Organizers: Catherine Despont of Pioneer Works, Alexandre Gurita
Partners: Dylan Gauthier

Pioneer Works
159 Pioneer Street
Red Hook, Brooklyn
NY 11231
New York

Find them on Facebook here

Elation- 40x36"- Acrylic

Paintings of Louisiana-based Artist Francque Lynn

Photo of Francque Lynn

Photo of Francque Lynn


American artist Francque Lynn exhibits her paintings primarily in local Louisiana art galleries, including Pineapple Gallery and Pizzella Fine Art, as well as the home decor shops Rustic House LA, and Gild Home Decor.  You will find her work currently on display at the St. Tammany Art exhibition through the 20th of August. Find the full exhibition details here.


Francque Lynn recently exhibited at RAW

Francque Lynn recently exhibited at RAW Underground Exhibition


Above is an event photo at the RAW Underground exhibition where Francque Lynn recently exhibited her paintings.


Nautical, Franque Lynn painting with metallic hues, 40 x 16 inches.

Nautical, Franque Lynn painting with metallic hues, 40 x 16 inches.


One of Francque Lynn’s latest textural painting, available for purchase, Nautical (above) is a work that the artist created in a vertical format incorporating impasto depth and a mix of swirling paint in contrasting dark and light tones in her own controlled painting process. Another lovely, light and airy example of the artist’s use of a variation on this technique is the painting titled Elation, and Divinity with muted color tones.


Elation- 40x36"- Acrylic

Elation, Francque Lynn, acrylic painting 40 x 36 inches


Divinity, Francque Lynn

Divinity, Francque Lynn


Francque Lynn’s series of paintings with built-up impasto surfaces include the titles Vertigo and Roots.


Close up detail view of a thick textural impasto area of Franque Lynn's painting titled Vertigo

Close up detail view of a thick textural impasto area of Franque Lynn’s painting Vertigo


Above, is a close up detail photo that gives an idea of the three-dimensionality of the thick blue paint impasto area in Vertigo, and below, a photograph of Roots another of her highly textural paintings.


Roots, Francque Lynn

Roots, Francque Lynn


Francque Lynn is an autodidact painter, and although she has no art school education has gained extensive knowledge of the arts while working under apprenticeship to artist John Lambert. With Lambert, she primarily concentrated on mural painting and  currently has three standing murals in various parts of the state of Michigan. But Her abstract painting skills and process-based painting techniques Francque says she “learned through trial and error.”


Horizons, Francque Lynn

Horizons, Francque Lynn


Her love of art is like a deep tap-root directly to her painter Grandmother. Francque Lynn describes some of childhood memories of watching her Grandmother paint, and how she felt, “awestruck by her abilities.” Her Grandmother would hold Francque Lynn’s hand in hers guiding the brush and showing her how to produce various brushstrokes. “This was my defining moment, the moment I decided I wanted to paint,” says Francque Lynn– “Since that time I have grown into an artist.”


Wildfire, Francque Lynn

Wildfire, Francque Lynn

To this day Francque Lynn’s Grandmother Fran Burdo, keeps Francque Lynn’s very first painting on display in her home. Here is a sample painting by Fran Burdo that clearly shows the source for textural and other influences in Francque Lynn’s paintings.


Painting by Grandmother "name?"

Painting by Francque Lynn’s Grandmother Fran Burdo


Francque Lynn also says,  “I’m proud of where I have been, and have every intention of continuing to move forward. I take much of the inspiration for my artwork from memories and my surroundings.”

Across the Water, Francque Lynn

Across the Water, Francque Lynn


For those interested in purchasing painting from Francque Lynn, she would like you to contact her via her website here and feel free to follow her on Instagram here.


Francque Lynn

Francque Lynn



Artists United Call for Entry for Election Year Exhibition in Washington DC

Karen Gutfreund, Curator at Karen Gutfreund Art and Gutfreund Cornett Art sent us this Political call for art from Charles Krause, with whom she is working with and consulting. “Very big potential for this exhibition. Charles was a foreign correspondent, ” Karen wrote to us.
Charles Krause’s interest in the art of protest, propaganda and political change developed over the course of his career as a foreign correspondent for The Washington Post, CBS News and The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. On assignment in Latin America, Central Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East, he witnessed many of the wars and revolutions of his time. His reporting earned him an Emmy for his reports from Israel and the Middle Est (1997), the Latin American Studies Association Media Award for his Central America coverage (1987) and the Overseas Press Club’s Hal Boyle Award for his reporting from Jonestown, where he was shot and wounded while on assignment for The Washington Post (1978).

Artists United 2016 website here.

Metrov @ Barnsdall





Contemporary Arts

Santa Barbara, CA 93117



Feeling stressed? Smile. Inhale 1-2-3. Keep smiling. Exhale 1-2-3-4-5! (learn more)

Self-portrait, Amer D

Jordanian Conceptual Photographer and Digital Artist Amer Dababneh

A little bit of the surreal, by Amer D

A little bit of the surreal, by Amer Dababneh


Amer Dababneh lives in Amman, Jordan where he works as a conceptual photographer and digital artist specializing in creating composite imagery– such as the examples of his surreal work above and his highly original self-portraits below.

Self-portrait, Amer D

Self-portrait, Amer Dababneh


Self Portrait, Amer Dabaneh

Self Portrait, Amer Dababneh


Me Myself & !, Amer D

Me Myself & I, Amer Dababneh


You will find dozens of Amer’s images in his portfolio on the 500 Pixels site here and you can keep up with Amer’s amazing work on his facebook page here.


Orange Juice, Anyone? by Amer Dab

Orange Juice, Anyone? by Amer Dababneh


The Light of Freedom, Amer D

The Light of Freedom, Amer Dababneh


The digital camera and Photoshop mastery of the versatile Amer, cross over into portraiture, animals and birds, landscapes and seascapes, and urban explorations. The image titled Serenity Fisher (below) is one in a series of photographs the artist made in the coastal Jordanian city of Aqaba, located at the north-eastern tip of the Red Sea between the continents of Asia and Africa.


Serenity Fisher, Amer D Aqaba is the only coastal city in Jordan at the northeastern tip of the Red Sea between the continents of Asia and Africa.

Serenity Fisher, by Amer Dababneh


Amer Dababneh would like you to feel free to contact him about his artworks and professional services as Creative Director, photographer and digital art expert, via both Facebook here and on 500px here.

Amer uses the Canon 5D Mark II digital camera and the Canon 7D with Canon 24-70 mm zoom lens, the Canon 70-300 mm zoom lens, and the Canon 85mm prime lens.


USA Artist Accepted into UK Exhibition After Submitting Via Our Posted Call To Artists

artwork by Alan Singer

artwork by Alan Singer


On June 4th, Artist Marketing Resources published a call for artists to submit here. One of our regular readers , artist Alan Singer, let us know that he made his submission to this opportunity after reading our blog post and his submission was accepted!


Artist Alan Singer wrote:

Hello Marie,

Once again, one of your news updates worked for me – the opportunity to show a work in London,UK through the listing you published for
Ice-Tuxedo  a group show called Random Orange, at  the Schwartz Gallery.  Thanks once again, enjoy the rest of the summer!

Alan Singer


Artist Marketing Resources #artists Discount on 30 Day Artist Jumpstart Challenge



For Artist Marketing Resources readers–Here’s a new opportunity for artists sent to us from Andy Derrick, Head of Artist Community at artsquare–

Hey Marie,

Hope all is well! I wanted to let you know I’m hosting a 30 Day Artist Jumpstart Challenge with a teammate of mine…participants will get daily lessons and practical directives all geared towards helping them get sales traction. They’ll also get access to a private chat group where we’ll all chat through progress, answer questions, share successes, etc.
It’s $15 to join, but I’d love to offer your readership $5 off. They just have to click through this special link.
Let me know what you think!


Call for Artists: Outdoor Art Exhibition, pays a stipend, no entry fee

formal gardens image


Education Director and Curator of the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, Alyssa Fridgen, asked us to post this here–It’s a great opportunity for artists that pays a stipend, and there is no entry fee to apply.


Call for Artists: Outdoor Art Exhibition

Submission Deadline: July 24, 2016

Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum invites artists to submit their work for an outdoor, temporary group exhibition to celebrate the centennial of its formal gardens (September 2–October 23, 2016). Artworks that complement the formal gardens and surrounding natural environment, draw on the history of the site, or inspire dialogue, are encouraged. Possible themes may include, but are not limited to, kinetic art incorporating elements in nature; history of gardens and their uses, such as food, medicine, or pleasure; the local ecosystem; or how the built environment co-exists with nature. Artworks must be capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions and high-traffic areas, suitable for family viewing, and safe for children. All media will be considered, but electrical access is not guaranteed.  Artists will be responsible for fabrication, transportation, installation, maintenance, deinstallation, and site restoration, including providing tools, materials, and equipment. Selected artists will receive a $200 stipend to help cover materials, transportation, or installation. There is no entry fee to apply. Proposals must include: Description of proposed artwork (title, medium, dimensions, weight, anchoring procedure); Artist’s statement describing the relevance of the proposed work to the site; 3-10 images of work samples labeled with artist name and artwork title (photographs of existing work and/or working drawings of proposed new work); Artist’s resume or CV. EMAIL PROPOSALS BY JULY 24, 2016 TO: For more information: Bartow-Pell Garden Exhibition_Call for Artists_2016 

Featured Image -- 32342

We’re Sending A Nikon Camera to African Artists Group

Portraits Africa

Portraits Africa and Artist Marketing Resources are working together on a project to send a Nikon DSLR camera with zoom lens to a group of artists in Africa. The camera will be used by the artist group to document their events and artworks. One use of their photos will be for a new website they are building. We will share further details and photos later this summer!


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#Artists #Submit Portfolio For Online Gallery Exhibit

Pivot Art Gallery has a new call to artists. It’s easy –just submit the link to your site below.

Pivot is seeking artists who would like to present a portfolio of their work in the online Pivot gallery. Generally, a portfolio is up for a month or 2, and a condensed version stays in the pivot art gallery accessible archives.

What is Pivot looking for?
— emerging aesthetics viewed through various media, avenues of expression, and the intersection of media that reveals a unique contemporary perspective

— edgy, conceptual, and challenging work

— artists/writers who write about art and would like to publish art related essays on pivot art gallery

— there are no fees

— Artists submit link to your site/portfolio | bio | artist statement | other relevant info– submit here by July 1st


Free to Submit to Greenpoint Gallery Drawing Salon Show Deadline June 24th 2016

Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, New York is now accepting submissions for their Annual Drawing Salon Show!  Submit to exhibit your best works in pencil, charcoal, pastel, etc.

It’s Free To Submit by the deadline of FRIDAY, June 24th 2016 @ 8pm
Size Limit is 36 x 48 inches

Submit jpegs or a link to your website to:

Best in Show will receive $200 and a solo show. Runner Ups will receive a slot in a group show showcasing other runner-up winners!


The show is for one night only. Artists must deliver the work to the Gallery IN PERSON and the work must arrive READY TO HANG.

Though it is free to submit, there is a $5 registration fee per piece for works accepted into the show. Registration fees go directly toward furnishing the cash prize and expenses of the reception.

Artworks sell at EVERY SHOW! Greenpoint Gallery has sold hundreds of pieces in the $150-$500 range and NEVER take a percentage of any works sold in their dedication to support the artistic community.

Curator Shawn James personally reviews each submission and everyone who enters will receive a personal email notifying them if they are accepted or not.

Taking Time Off for Some Summer Relaxation

picnic under the shade tree, photo by Marie Kazalia

picnic under the shade tree, photo by Marie Kazalia


Sometimes it is productive to take time off to relax. We’ve been blogging here, providing resources for artists, continually since our start in 2008!

This is the first summer that we plan to slow down a bit. So we wanted to let you know that you probably won’t be seeing as many posts here during the month of July. But we will keep you informed of any great opportunities that are sent our way.


Now is a good time for you to get the artist resources e-lists in our online store here.  Out of consideration for artists in countries with currencies that do not match US dollars well, we’ve offered “Pay What You Wish” options here.


Secret Life of Colors at Carter Burden Gallery, New York City


'Kiss of the Spider Woman' one of 15 paintings Blossom Verlanski will be showing a

‘Kiss of the Spider Woman’ one of 15 paintings Blossom Verlinsky will be showing at Carter Burden Gallery


Artist Blossom Verlinsky invites you to the opening of Secret Life of Colors, an exhibition at Carter Burden Gallery, 548 W 28 St, New York City, on June 30th 6-8pm.

Blossom Verlinsky’s Artist’s Statement

Secret Life of Colors

All that I have experienced, dreamt and digested has been synthesized through color and is the subject of my paintings. My interest in the natural world and geology has a profound effect on my art. My love of Asian Art, Medieval Illumination, Bonnard, Klimt, Matisse and Picasso have also found their way into my art. In addition, I have been deeply inspired by my studies with Ad Reinhardt, Mark Rothko, Kurt Seligmann, Burgoyne Diller, Alfred Russell and Jimmy Ernst and other giants of Abstract Art and continue the traditions of their teachings.

I begin a painting using a large brush, quickly and spontaneously putting down large strokes. I then place layer upon layer of paint. This glazing produces a magical effect…a richness and depth of color. I experiment with a variety of mixed colors and emphasize these colors purposely, using decoration and pattern to create a beautiful painting. The glint of sunlight on the threads of a spider’s web or edge of a plane are accented with gold paint using tiny brushes. I then fold the linen I paint on. Further emphasizing a sense of memory and recollection. Deeply personal myths emerge from my subconscious as I continue to explore my relationship with my inner self.

June Design Challenge: new call to artists, textile designers, and painters


The Front Row Society has a new call to artists, textile designers, and painters to take part in their June design challenge.

They’re interested in Primitive Flowers and all the beautiful paintings the expressionists created in the beginning of the 20th century, visual and lyrical abstraction, distorted imagery, and vivid colors and shapes. Art based on experiences and emotions rather than physical reality. Work that seeks to express perceptions of nature rather than exact representations. They are looking for a naïve approaches using bold lines, clear layers, impasto, wild brush work, simplification and abstraction that transcends representational and realistic aesthetics.


As their new website is under development, at this time they are taking submissions via email. Please send an email to to receive the submission package.,

Submissions end 29/06/16

All Artist Submissions Accepted to Annual Postcard Exhibit New York

We’ve participated in this annual event previous years. Stamps go on the outside envelope. Be sure that you send your post card art inside an envelope so you postal service doesn’t stamp it with cancellation marks and ruin the small work.




Each year hundreds of artists come together in support of A.I.R. Gallery by donating a small work for the annual postcard show. Past exhibitions have included work by notable artists, including Mary Beth Edelson, Dottie Attie, Mary Grigoriadis, Barbara Zucker and many more.

We invite all artists – male / female / trans –  to participate by donating a postcard-size work (6×4 inches) in any medium. Each original work is sold for $45 and all proceeds go to benefit A.I.R. Gallery programs.
Interstate Projects
66 Knickerbocker Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Opening Night Party & Sale: Friday August 12th 6-9pm
Final Sale: Saturday August 13th and Sunday August 14th from 12-4pm