Send postcards…

I have a stack of 500 postcards on my desk–minus several I have mailed out so far, to mail artists and art lovers in the USA, UK, Italy and Germany. My 500 postcards each have a color image on the front, of  my painting titled Splash. I hand-write a note on the back below where my name and blog link are printed.

Postcards are back. Could this revival be a reaction to our prodigious emailing and txt msging? Very possibly. Postcards need to be chosen – a large part of the fun – handwritten and dropped into an old-fashioned letter box with a stamp in place. That itself demands a special trip to a Post Office. Postcards demand that bit more effort from the sender than texting, which is partly why they are fun to receive. They’re also one of the very few forms of handwritten correspondence put out in the mail these days.

It’s easy to have your own postcards printed, and use them to promote yourself as an artist. I used the Modern Postcard  company to print my 500 postcards. I emailed my image to Modern Postcard, paid my bill, and the cards were delivered to my door.

After researching local galleries, I selected a few to receive one of my postcards (with my link on the back). The reason? An email may easily be deleted, but a postcard in the hand is hard to ignore.