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#artists New Company Launches Site Spring 2015: Art Murals, Art Posters, Art On Canvas

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 3.26.00 PM
Cannonwalls, a Canada based company, has a website in beta phase where artists can register now here:

Once you register, you will be able to submit thumbnail images of your art and designs. Upon acceptance you will then upload your large files of your images for both high quality poster art and mural size reproduction.

The official launch of Cannonwalls is a few days away. Cannonwalls will be moving their site to upon launch, and they are also working on a mobile friendly version of their site.

If you’re an artist or know of any great designers please send them to the Cannonwalls site and have then throw up as many designs as they want, the more the better, monopolize the site…I would. The more designs thrown on Cannonwalls, the better.

The new site will be focusing on peel and stick vinyl decal posters, high quality 2″ thick wrapped canvas prints and huge vinyl peel and stick wall murals to start, (they say they use the same vinyl material as FatHeads ).  Cannonwalls prints on the latest digital presses and literally sell thousands of units on,,,, etsy…under their J.P. London brand.

They want this to be a fun and lucrative project for artists and hassle free. They recently put a sales module in place so you can follow sales by design including the payment building. That’s key. It’s fully transparent. All sales numbers by type, money and date will be available to artists on their profile 24-7.

Register now at     On Facebook:


For artists seeking Art Licensing opportunities click here and here. Artists wishing to find Art Print Sales Sites to sell your art as prints and printed on products–click  here and here. Find the 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art e-list of #artistresources — here and here.

New Art Licensing Show Site Launches June 2nd–Today!–Artists Sign Up To Share Portfolio W/ Art Manufacturers

To become a founding member sign up today.

Art Licensing Show dot com is a place for artists to share their art portfolio with art directors, manufacturers, licensees.

The site is scheduled to launch on June 2nd—


Bridgeman Art Library International Soon to Launch Online Platform for Artists Interested in Licensing Images


Bridgeman Art Library International, headquartered in New York, New York, United States and 
United Kingdom, partners with a carefully selected portfolio of collections and artists. Every month a new collection or artist is profiled on their website in various categories such as in their contemporary artists category.

This Spring 2014, they will launch their new online platform for emerging artists, illustrators, and designers with direct access to more than 30,000 clients and a community of creatives interested in image licensing.

The news of this new online platform was announced in Art Buyer magazine with no date given for the launch and no further details.

If you would like to add art work to Bridgeman Art Library, there is a Register Interest link on each page of their website as well as on their Homepage. Or click *Studio* in the top menu bar. To pre-register you will need to upload a selection of low-res images. The Bridgeman Studio team will review the images you submit, as well as review your online presence (ie. websites, online galleries) for further evidence of your work.

Bridgeman Studio exists on an annual subscription basis. The cost for an artist to join is GBP £100 (ex. VAT) / €125 (ex. VAT) / US$150. For countries outside the Euro zone or the United States of America artists will be billed in GBP.

What does the Bridgeman team look for in your work?

The Bridgeman Studio team evaluates art work from a commercial licensing perspective, aimed squarely at curating the best creative content for image licensing. If invited to join, you will be asked to complete your registration, following which your images will be featured on the site.

Artists are also invited to join their Print-on-demand opportunities to earn income via the Bridgeman store.

As outlined above, artists will note that in addition to making submissions of their work, that it is important that artists maintain an online presence.  In that regard, Artist Marketing Resources democratically offers any artist an opportunity for a feature article that will increase online visibility for the artist, remain up permanently, and become part of Google search engine results–for details click here.

Artists, for hundreds more resource links to art licensing opportunities, Artist Marketing Resources provides a PDF of clickable links to companies licensing art from artists. This PDF also includes artist agents and artist representatives internationally–gain access to the PDF here.

Artists To Watch Submissions


Would you like to submit your artwork to Artist to Watch?

Ceci Butler and all the wonderful folks at Artists to Watch look forward to reviewing your work for possible inclusion in their award-winning stationery line which includes greeting cards created by awesome artists. They are always on the lookout for wonderful, fresh artistic talent in every media. If you would like to submit your work please follow these guidelines:


You may e-mail images for consideration or you may send your website address for review. Please no Facebook or Flickr accounts. (They say: Keep us in a good mood, please make it quick and easy for us! )
If you send images, please do not send more than 10 and make them as small as possible (jpegs, pdfs or tifs, please!)

Email to:


Include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want the submission returned.
Send 10-12 reproductions of your work to:

Artists to Watch
Studio B
1766 East Highway 36
Maplewood, MN 55109

Artists to Watch reviews all submissions quarterly. Please be patient.

If they feel that your style compliments the philosophy and creative direction of Artists to Watch, they will contact you for further conversation about working together and creating greeting cards for all occasions.

(The also say: Remember to always pursue your passion with your artwork, no matter what anyone says!  That is especially true of publishers’ and manufacturers’ opinions…if they were artists, they’d be making artwork instead of cards or widgets.)

Review examples of their cards here, and their artists here.


The Artist Marketing Resources PDF of  Art Licensing companies, artist agents and reps consists of over 160 pages of art licensing opportunities such as the one above:

Artist Agents and Reps List–US, UK, Asia

Thank You for Your Visit, Have a Nice Day (Wea...

Thank You for Your Visit, Have a Nice Day (Wearable Sculpture) by Agata Olek / Art in Odd Places 2009: SIGN, New York City / 20091010.10D.55121.P1.L1 / SML (Photo credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)

Bernstein & Andriulli  is a premier creative artist management agency and media consultancy that represents photographers, illustrators, stylists, hair and makeup artists, interactive artists and producers. They scout the globe looking for burgeoning hot new talent. This agency reps artists out of their offices in New York and Shanghai, China
Visit their website to find out more. This agency also manages Gallery Stock An image library founded in 2005 as a showcase for the archives of the world’s leading museum and commercial photographers. Many of these photographers have never been represented by a stock agency. The concept is unprecedented yet simple: to license only the highest-quality photography in a premium environment. Gallery Stock connects art buyers, photo editors, art directors, and designers with the photographers they know by name from the fine art world and the commercial assignment industry. The archive also houses photographs by very promising and gifted younger artists and grows each month as more images are submitted.

Your success could begin by submitting your images to some of the dozens of agencies that represent artist working across the traditional media and new media platforms, and to assist you the Artist Marketing Resources Art Licensing list provides the contact information you need in an extensive list of USA, UK, Japan, and China based artist agents and artist reps. Many artists ask about agents–and this is your chance to get an extensive contact list of artist agents and reps here.

One Digital Artist and His Art Licensing Success Story

Fine Art Print

Fine Art Print (Photo credit: Dan Braun)

One of my clients is a prolific digital fine artist with a large body of work, most of it unseen–that is unexhibited and unsold.  I found many opportunities for him, including an art licensing contract that initially began with the licensing of 12 of his image for fine art prints. Right away the artist had several sales from that contract. Just two months after signing his first ever art licensing contract with this fine art publisher, the artist wrote to me:

“G. just called. He wants to license approximately 50-60 images from me now. He is working with about 5-6 other companies including He is going to print on bamboo and aluminum too. You did it!”

And you can set up income streams from sales of art prints via art licensing contracts too. It will take some effort on your part. The good news is that it is easy to submit your art to these companies via email, and Artist Marketing Resources saves you time and removes the shroud of mystery around making submissions to get these print contracts, in our ebook How-To guide and our contact list.

From Outsider Artist to Blue Chip: Stores / Boutiques That Sell Art

follow me on society6!

On the ArtSpace follow me on society6! (Photo credit: stallio)

For outsider artists, The Outsiders  a UK speciality art shop accepts submissions from artists.

On the Art Space site you will find the blue chip name artists as well as some less knowns, If your art is of that caliber then don’t hesitate to contact their team.

If you’d like about a thousand more links to sales venues ranging from outsider to art world insider, click here.

If all you want to do is upload your jpeg art images and let someone else do all the rest–from printing, packaging and shipping–then try Society6. On this simple and basic art licensing site you upload your art for sale as framed prints and prints on canvas, and if you size your jpegs to their specs you can sell your art as Laptop & iPod skins, iPhone cases, cards, and on T-shirts and Hoodies.

If you’d like about one thousand more art licensing sites–from simple art licensing such as Society6 and art licensing contract opportunities with companies that print art on products, and art licensing agents and artist reps internationally– then click here.

Art Galleries In Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya at dusk - Tokyo - Japan

Shibuya at dusk – Tokyo – Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many American and European artists would like to tap into the Asian art market.

UK, German and American artists exhibit in Japan and several are represented by the Tokyo art gallery Tomio Koyama Gallery

located in the popular Shibuya district of Tokyo. View the Tomio Koyama Gallery print editions, here:

To help artists with their research, we’ve put together an extensive list of international art galleries that current includes over 40 art galleries in Tokyo, Japan, with more researched and added continually.

Plus, we have over 40 Art Licensing Agents, Artist Reps, and Art Licensing Companies in Asia–in Japan, China/Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand–listed in our 150+ page Art Licensing PDF.

Wrappz: Your Art on iPods, Phones, Laptops, Game Consoles

Call for Visual Artists and Graphic Designers: Wrappz
Deadline: Open Call, London

Wrappz produces premium vinyl covers for electronic devices such as ipods, laptops, phones and games consoles. They are looking to source work/designs from artists to offer their customers and create a new section on their website ‘Artists Corner’.

They are offering to pay a royalty on all units sold through the site. The Wrappz customer database is increasing weekly and through other mediums and will shortly have access to over 20 million customers. They can provide all templates to set your designs to and monthly reports to track all your sales.

If interested please contact Ben at or phone 020 8462 5764. For more information visit their website

Artists–if you are interested in making royalty payments from images of your art printed on various products (such as the opportunity above), are you submitting your work regularly, on a weekly basis? There are thousands of opportunities out there! Our Art Licensing list for artists gives you the contact information you need submit your work regularly to opportunities you don’t even know exist! Get the list!

Artists Can Register Now For *Free Friday* To Get Your Art Licensing Questions Answered

Next Free Friday Ask J’net Q&A is May 18th

Art Licensing and character licensing expert J’Net has her next Free Friday Q&A coming up on May 18th from 9-10:00 AM PDT / Noon-1:00 PM EDT. She will be answering all of the questions you send to her!

If you have never joined her for one of these lively hour-long sessions, I am quite sure you will be pleasantly surprised at how much detailed information J’net can cram into an hour. Just to give you a better idea of what to expect, you can click here and see the valuable questions that have been answered in one of my prior Free Friday Ask J’net Q&A’s. So be ready to take notes and listen for your question(s) to be answered, as well as benefit from the questions of others.

Spread the word, so that those exploring the industry and just starting out can learn more. As many of you have learned, art licensing is a challenging choice and it’s not for all artists. So let’s help each and everyone learn about what it takes, the real deal, and so they can decide for themselves.

Event: Free Friday Ask J’net Q&A (A live teleconference—where you supply the questions & I supply the answers)

Date: Friday, May 18th, 2012

Time: 9:00-10:00 a.m. PDT / Noon-1:00 p.m. EDT

Details: —Write your question(s) on the form at the bottom when you register. You will automatically be signed up to receive her free newsletter when you register. The class is completely free. Need more information

Register Now here:

New Artists Added to ArtRegards: Contemporary Art On E-cards

Perhaps ArtRegards is adding artists to their site slowly. I submitted my art a couple weeks ago. Yesterday, ArtRegards, which is a site based in Switzerland, curated me in. I posted several images of my art for anyone using the site to send out on e-cards. Each time someone uses my art on an e-card, I receive a royalty payment. Several of my art images are now available to send on an e-card on ArtRegards.

I noticed a few artists I know on the ArtRegards site as well. It is a fairly new site, and they are accepting artist submissions. ArtRegards, and the site I posted about yesterday, Sandalista, are both simple types of art licensing for artists to do. If you think you might want to try submitting to larger manufacturers who print art on products, Artist Marketing Resources offers an extensive list of art licensing companies –you will find the list here.

Calling All Artists: Submit Your Art To Print on Flip-Flop Sandals for Summer Earnings

Feet wearing "flip flop" style sandals

Feet wearing "flip flop" style sandals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Create an account on the Sandalista site and upload your art for approval. Sandalista prints high resolution graphics of your art onto the footbeds of high quality, comfy sandals. They print only one pair at a time, to ensure every pair of Sandalista sandals is completely unique. Every time Sandalista sells a pair of sandals you designed, you get money.

American Flat Announces Marie Kazalia’s Paintings Available As Prints On Canvas

Introducing Abstract Art by Marie Kazalia

Americanflat is proud to introduce artwork by our newest artist Marie Kazalia.  Marie’s work engages with written aspects of world cultures such as combined, fragmented, enlarged and abstracted character forms. The techniques she uses involve paint layering, poured paints, stain painting and all the possibilities that these processes open up.  Major influences on Marie Kazalia’s art include four years as an expatriate in Asia (primarily Japan, India and China) and the formal language studies she undertook there, including writing Chinese and Japanese language characters.  Each of her paintings contains traces of what is significant to the artist — personal progress, growth, shifts, changes, expansions and forward motion.  All this accumulation of thought and work, day upon day, is contained within the layers of Marie’s paintings, as form, color and texture merge in the spirituality of her abstract paintings.

Marie’s work is in permanent collection of:
– Museum of Modern Art, NY
– Museum of Modern Art, Wales
– Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Rainbow X
Marie Kazalia
Edition of 100
36″ x 36″, $250
Nite Lite
Marie Kazalia
Edition of 100
36″ x 36″, $250

Vermont Artist Licenses Artwork on Maple Syrup Bottles

There is a new bottle for American maple syrup being manufactured, decorated with art by Kathleen Berry Bergeron. The bottles are printed with three of her painted art scenes: tapping the trees for maples syrup sap, gathering the buckets of sap, and boiling the sap to make syrup. The company producing the decorative bottles sells them to distributors across the USA and internationally who then fill them with syrup and sell them in stores.

Watch the video interview with the artist, who really gets it right when she puts in her pitch for more art licensing contracts!

Art Licensing Q and A With IP Lawyer Free Recording + Live Call Tonight

A free recording for you! Right now you can listen to this great interview with an Intellectual Property Lawyer, answering lots of artists questions about art licensing–


Tonight Maria Brophy and Tara Reed will be answering questions about art licensing.

Here are the call-in details if you want to listen live. (It’s free!)

Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Time: 5:30 Pacific / 8:30 Eastern
Dial in Number: 712-432-1680
Passcode: 813128#
Google Voice Users: dial in to 559-546-1400


Artists, Looking for an Agent to Rep You for Art Licensing?

Big Heart of Art - 1000 Visual Mashups

Big Heart of Art - 1000 Visual Mashups (Photo credit: qthomasbower)

Art licensing is a great way for artists to receive additional income beyond selling their original artworks or limited edition prints. mgl licensing is one of the worlds leading art licensing companies and they are always happy to receive new artwork submissions.

If this company is not right for your style of art, then there are hundreds more to submit your artwork to. Not sure how to make submissions to art licensing companies? Artist Marketing Resources provides resources that show artists how! Get our ebook how-to guide for making your submissions professional–find it here. Then get our list of hundreds of art licensing resources here and start making your submissions to art licensing companies, agents and reps.