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African Fine-Art Prints Exclusively From EN1

APSENiprintlaunchPortraits Africa and EN1 PRINTS offer exclusive access to limited-edition fine-art prints from some of Africa’s best young and emerging artists.

EN1printcatalogpagesampleAfrica was chosen for the opportunity it offers to lower the cost of ownership of original art, and to help significantly with the financial position of these individual artists. This dual benefit is only possible because a Dollar or Euro is worth far more, in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria or South Africa, than anywhere in Europe, Canada or the United States.


AfricaEN1 promophoto
Keith McFarlane, Founder, Artworld, Portraits Africa,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Ceri Thomas, Founder, EN1 PRINTS,
London, United Kingdom
James Matty, Founder, EN1 PRINTS,
London, United Kingdom


Artists Sell Art Prints and Printed Products Online

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.08.38 PM sells art–in collector editions, art prints, photography, and originals here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.09.33 PM

Not simply paper prints, but limited edition folding beach chairs(above) and art printed on soft accessories–pillow and cushions and kitchen accessories such as oven mitts and tea towels.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.09.22 PM


Other housewares include such things as limited edition dinner plates and coffee cups, lighting and garden accessories.

Culture Label also offers art printed on personal accessories, such as on silk scarves, silk neckties, and pants!

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.07.41 PM

If you are an artist, you will find many other sites to sell your art prints on our e-list available here and here.

Artists Wanted for Art Rookie Online UK Store


Art Rookie, a London-based online sales platform, wants artists and designers to sign-up and sell their art and designs as framed prints, prints, canvas art, as well as, art and designs on greeting cards, on phone cases, on homeware—dinner plates, mugs, cups and saucers, clocks and cushions, and on fashion accessories—t-shirts, tote bags, beach bags.

If you are gearing-up for spring sales of your art, and the warmer temps have made you more active, we want to help you get out there! We’re launching our spring #artistresources sale!

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Artist Agent X *Golden Girlz* Promo Pics via ArtistSpot

Mixed media collage artist Agent X submitted his art images to ArtistSpot on recommendation of Artist Marketing Resources. ArtistSpot now features the Art of Agent X on their site.

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 6.38.50 AM


ArtistSpot created these promotional images and sent the images to the artist to use to promote his ArtistSpot prints and t-shirts.


View the entire Agent X collection available on ArtistSpot.

Creating Multiple Points of Sale and Art Products

I’ve set up unique buy options for my art and shared my images on Pinterest. The latest research reveals that about 28% of Pinterest users earn 6 figure incomes and use Pinterest to shop for home decor and other products.

My painting, Blue Rice Cracker, is one of 7 paintings selected by an art licensing company for limited edition canvas prints. (I will share that site in future). An art licensing contract will, of course, allow me to sell the original paintings, and so I have Blue Rice Cracker listed for sale on both Artsia and Zatista, since I’ve had painting sale on both sites before.

I am also free to sell paper prints, such as on the Society6 site, and textile prints on the Spoonflower site. On Society6 there is a buy option for my painting printed on this decorative pillow home decor item, which I promote to urban apartment dwellers, home owners, and Interior Designers alike.

Marie Kazalia's painting Blue Rice Cracker available as a pillow print on Society6.

Marie Kazalia’s painting Blue Rice Cracker available as a pillow print on Society6.

Blue Rice Cracker, oil painting on panel, Marie Kazalia, 2012

Blue Rice Cracker, oil painting on panel, Marie Kazalia, 2012


The Print-A-Day Project of NYC Artist Michael Krasowitz

Michael Krasowitz print

Michael Krasowitz print

About 6 weeks ago, Michael Krasowitz started his blog The Daily Krasowitz where he posts a new fine art print each day. As Michael said,

“The goal is to create a print a day for the year ahead and write a bit about the experience.”

The artist also reports that he has had over one thousand blog views so far, already exceeding his expectation.

His fine art prints are really quite amazing, as you can see by the two examples here. View many more images of his work on the Daily Krasowitz.

Michael Krasowitz print

Michael Krasowitz print


Image via

BUY SOME DAMN ART was founded by Kate Singleton of Art Hound in 2011. The up-and-coming artists of  BUY SOME DAMN ART  often create brand new work just for the site– making each of their online shows an unveiling of the artist’s latest and most exciting work.

Buy Some Damn Art accepts submissions. They are particularly drawn to work that is influenced by folk art, and modern and vintage illustration, as well as to work by self-taught artists and those who work in that style.

Spend some time on their site and if you feel that your work is a good fit for Buy Some Damn Art, then by all means get in touch. They love hearing from artists.

If your work is very different stylistically or thematically than what you see on Buy Some Damn Art then please think twice before submitting your work. They receive a lot of submissions (for very few open spaces) and take the time to look through each one.

The best way to submit your work is to send an email to with a link to your portfolio and a quick intro. If you don’t have a website you can attach 3-5 images of your work.

For more place to sell and submit your art, Artist Marketing Resources provides extensive resources for artists in the  900+ Places to Sell your Art PDF list  —

Art Sales on — Going Global

Below is the official press release–but I’m adding a bit of insider news first, not included in the press release: sales will be in USD and focus on the US market, according to CEO Colin Mansell who also bought the domains and (Canada) plus several others. In the next 6 months Artsia plans to launch localized sites offering originals by artists in or near that country, and fine art prints from all the Artsia site artists will be available for sale on all localized sites. Visitors will be able to select the relevant country from the top navigation to toggle between the different Artsia sites and have the option to add all into one shopping cart for a single checkout process.

Global Art Gallery opens its doors!

A new global fine art platform has launched, exhibiting selected works by some of the world’s most respected artists. 

New York – Newly launched online art gallery is set to radically shake up the art industry, offering art buyers a curated selection of work by 500 carefully selected artists from around the world.

Since the arrival of the Internet, there has been a paradigm shift happening in how buyers interact with art. Instead of going from gallery to gallery, we now have access to a vast selection of art online.

Until now, several massive art websites have dominated online, offering an overwhelming mountain of art with little distinction between amateur work and that of contemporary masters. Traditional galleries have also failed to really engage their audiences online, if at all, usually offering only small selections of work online that match the limited scale of their physical ‘real-world’ spaces. represents a radical change, harnessing the best of both the real and online worlds. Artsia houses several thousands of art works on unlimited ‘virtual wall space’, while making sure that only the very best work is included in the collection.

The work represented on the site is by member artists of the Society of International Artists. All artists must first go through a selection process that is carefully checked by the site’s international curatorial team.

Artsia is a truly global organization. The curatorial team is led by Catherine Higgs in London UK, (whose fine art pedigree includes Christie’s and Philips De Pury). Colin Mansell, Artsia’s CEO is originally from the UK, is now based in Vancouver, BC, while Artsia’s Editor, Lindsey Davis, is based out of New York.

The Artsia site is organized by individual artist profile pages, uniquely offering buyers direct contact with artists, and showcasing individual artist blogs that give a unique and highly personal insight into how each artist creates their work. The site also offers a unique set of online tools to bring the work into the real world, including ‘zoom in’ functions, and a ‘view to scale’ window, which allows you to view each piece to scale and see its approximate size hung on a virtual gallery wall.

The artist-buyer relationship is set to change in a big way, and Artsia is leading the way: showing how the internet can showcase great contemporary art while engaging with buyers online in a meaningful way.

Prices of original work start at around $100, and Artsia also offers a Fine Art Prints program, which offers open edition fine art prints, starting from as little as $18.

Shipping is available worldwide and all work bought on the site is guaranteed with a 7 day home trial period.

For further information, please visit
Or join our Facebook Community:

Colin Mansell, CEO. 778 885 7002
Lindsey Davis, Editor.

About Artsia

Artsia is an international online art platform, representing work by the Society of International Artists.

Artsia is a highly international organization. The curatorial team is led by Catherine Higgs in London UK, whose fine art pedigree includes working for Christie’s and Philips De Pury. Colin Mansell, Artsia’s CEO is originally from the UK but is now based in Vancouver, BC, while our Editor, Lindsey Davis is based out of New York.

Our sole purpose is to seek out, support and promote great contemporary art, and make this available online to the international art-buying public. Please visit our site or drop us a line for more information.

Innovative Idea For Presenting Art Images and Generating Sales

This is an innovative and clever way of presenting art images in an interactive art exhibition and generating print sales!

  • TWIN INFINITIVES IS an interactive photography installation.
  • A special library of images created by the artist are combined and recombined by an application built into a computerized display, to present randomly generated ‘twins’ of images, each lasting only a few moments.
  • Thousands of combinations will appear over the course of the exhibition, with each pair appearing only one time. If a viewer likes a particular pair, they can press a button built into the display to ‘capture’ the current pair and a print will be generated. Each print will be one of a kind, unique to that particular chosen moment, and titled with its own unique time code.
  • Once all combinations are generated, the application shuts down and the display is destroyed, leaving only the collection of prints VIEWERS have purchased as the record of the exhibition.

Feroz Gallery  Prinz-Albert-Str. 12, 53113 Bonn, Germany

  • Feroz Gallery
  • Burbacher Str. 58
  • Bonn, Germany, 53129
  • Phone: +49 228 24 27 413
  • Website:Official Website

Electric Works Gallery and Print Publisher

Electric Works

Electric Works (Photo credit: D.C.Atty)

Electric Works Gallery is a gallery and print publisher. They’re holding an open house this evening from 7 – 8 p.m. in their new gallery location, that houses new workspace and a bookstore, at

1360 Mission Street (between 9th and 10th) San Francisco, California. Visit their website and check the artists they publish, here:

Electric Works began printmaking in 1981, working with artists who are masters of strong visual content and with each printmaking project they have combined traditional techniques with new contemporary art challenges in an attempt to reinvent just what a print is, making the most ambitious projects possible.

In the Electric Works online bookstore you will find several prints in limited editions of 100 selling for only $40.00 each.

I enjoy reviewing small art publishing companies such as Electric Works, though hard to categorize for our PDF resource lists–are they an art licensing company, a gallery or a store?

You’ll find thousands of more links to art sales sites, art galleries and art licensing companies on our Artist Marketing Resources share lists. We’ve noticed an increase of sales of our PDF resources lists that sell for just $18.95. You can pay with PayPal or buy with Google Checkout** via the links below. Artists are gearing up for autumn submissions and using our resources, so I wanted to be sure to share these access links again:

International Art Gallery list:

 Art Licensing Companies, Agents and Reps list:

 900+ Places to Sell your Art PDF list:

I’ve added many more links to the 900+ Places to Sell Your Art list, and there are probably well over one thousand now, but I have not had time to count!

Our ebook guide helps you craft your professional art submissions–the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook is available as a PDF here: 


**Google Checkout buttons are now fully functioning and tested.

Juicy Canvas is seeking +Artists +Designers +Illustrators to be part of their beta launch!

Yes, that’s right–Juicy Canvas is seeking +Artists +Designers +Illustrators to be part of their beta launch!

For Artists, Juicy Canvas offers–
+ Greater Marketing Reach
+ Increased Monthly Revenue
+ Potential for Commissioned Work

Want to be part of the Juicy Canvas collection? Send in your portfolio! Use this link to the Juicy Canvas site and submit your art by Friday Nov 30th, 2012

What is the Juicy canvas market?
Juicy canvas allows art-lovers  to discover and customize ( just a little ) emerging art that is rendered on a high-quality canvas or archival paper.

1st To Add My Art To New Artsia Site

What a surprise when the owner of the new Artsia fine art print site contacted me to tell that I was the very first artist to upload one of my artworks! He wanted my feedback on how easy it was to use the site features. Well, I had no issues. Artsia seemed super-power driven and so easy to use. just went live a few days ago. My Artsia page was created for me from my account, since Artsia offers prints of my art on  and is an extension of that site. My Artsia page should be visible at

Artsia is officially launching at the end of this month with a big PR push planned for the start of September.

Follow Artsia on Facebook:

Follow Artsia on Twitter:

Colin Mansell

Emily Peterson
Lead Curator,