Artists, Designers, Gallerists Call to Submit to Apollo Art TV

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Apollo TV which is based in Berlin, Germany and has dynamic art videos from art fairs, exhibitions and visual artists in their studios, is actively inviting international artists to become contributors! Submit to Apollo TV!

Apollo TV is actively seeking collaborators to feature. Just submit your work – whether it’s photos, raw video footage or ready-made content, their creative post-production team will package it up to make into artful television.

Apollo TV has millions of viewers and works Artists, Designers, Curators, Architects, Innovators, Gallerists, Museums and more.

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Innovative Idea For Presenting Art Images and Generating Sales

This is an innovative and clever way of presenting art images in an interactive art exhibition and generating print sales!

  • TWIN INFINITIVES IS an interactive photography installation.
  • A special library of images created by the artist are combined and recombined by an application built into a computerized display, to present randomly generated ‘twins’ of images, each lasting only a few moments.
  • Thousands of combinations will appear over the course of the exhibition, with each pair appearing only one time. If a viewer likes a particular pair, they can press a button built into the display to ‘capture’ the current pair and a print will be generated. Each print will be one of a kind, unique to that particular chosen moment, and titled with its own unique time code.
  • Once all combinations are generated, the application shuts down and the display is destroyed, leaving only the collection of prints VIEWERS have purchased as the record of the exhibition.

Feroz Gallery  Prinz-Albert-Str. 12, 53113 Bonn, Germany

  • Feroz Gallery
  • Burbacher Str. 58
  • Bonn, Germany, 53129
  • Phone: +49 228 24 27 413
  • Website:Official Website

Art/Trek: Docu-Reality Series About Emerging Artists

I viewed some videos on the selection process for this, and video on artist studio visits for this NYC show. Now it seems that they are going national–if they can get the funding.

Art/Trek USA
Click HERE to be a backer!

Help Kick Start A Career!: Art/Trek USA
Art/Trek is going national with your help via Kickstarter!

Art/Trek NYC premiered January 9th 2012 on NYClife Channel 25 and now thry want to take it nation wide! In Season 1, one of the five artists won their first ever solo show as voted on by the audience via Twitter and Facebook.

Now for Season 2 Art/Trek is scouring the entire USA to give an emerging artist their big break.  And get this – the show was just accepted to the Ovation Channel VOD!

But to get there they need your help! – Click Here

Need more incentive? They are doing this in cooperation with the amazing non-profit – chashama.

 So please, help them help artists and be sure to tune in!


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