Digital Artist Exhibiting at Ft Lauderdale Art Fair 3

Artist William Montgomery will be exhibiting again this year, and sent this invitation along for me to share.

Hello All,  

I look forward to meeting you at the Art Fair this coming Thursday through Sunday in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. 1/24-27/2019.

Thursday   12-6 PM

Friday  12-8PM

Saturday  12-8PM

Sunday  12-6 PM

The address and parking with water taxi information is on the site here. 

There will be four incredible homes to visit with 150 artists exhibiting. This is the third year running and last year was an incredible experience for me. 

I look forward to seeing you there this week.


I am exhibiting in this first home shown below. 

William Phelps Montgomery 3 Archival Digital prints – 60” x 40”, laminated, Canvas and Print on Paper

Sleek, digital media / print, William Montgomery


Country Sunset, digital media / print, William Montgomery

Spatial Tapestry, digital media / print, William Montgomery


You’re invited to Ethos Gallery’s White Party – Saturday, Sept. 1st.

BertaArt Studio Gallery
White Party 
6-9 PM


3405 Newport Blvd.
Newport Beach, CA 92663

3405 Newport Blvd.
Newport Beach, CA 92663

We are across the street from the new Lido House Hotel
Copyright © 2018 BertaArt Studio Gallery, All rights reserved.

Special Fine Art Exhibit POP-UP@PASEO NUEVO

Congrats to Santa Barbara, California, USA fine artist, Metrov– and thanks to him for sending me this news on his latest exhibit—

Hi Marie,

I’ve organized and curated a fine art, pop-up exhibit in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. I sincerely hope you can check it out and share the invite with your art-loving friends! It’s going to be an historic and fun event:

POP-UP@PASEO NUEVO • A Fine Art Exhibition

Featuring some of Santa Barbara’s most accomplished artists including:

Peggy Ferris | Madeline Garrett | Michael Irwin | Metrov | Dug Uyesaka | Susan Venable

The old Big Dogs retail space #101 right next to
Nordstrom’s court entrance in the Paseo Nuevo Mall,
651 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

‾ Sept 6 thru Sept 30th ‾
Sneak Preview Opening
 – First Thursday Art Walk – Sept 6, 2018 — 5pm-9pm
Grand Opening
 – Saturday, Sept 15, 2018 — 5pm-9pm

Regular Gallery Hours: Fri-Sat 12-9, Sun 12-6

More info:


I will be exhibiting the following new portraits from my “Lantern Project” — people in the arts & media, plus other works:


Portrait: Academy Award Winning Writer, Director, Producer, Robert Zemeckis; 2017; mixed media; 72″ X 72″


“Portrait of Carrie White, Hairdresser to the Stars, Author of UPPER CUT.” 2017; Mixed Media; 72″ X 72.”


“Portrait of David Marciano, Actor; DUE SOUTH, HOMELAND, BOSCH.” 2018; Mixed Media; 72″ X 72.”


“Portrait: Michael Lantieri, Academy Award Winning Special FX Supervisor.” 2017; Mixed Media; 72″ X 72.”


Commissioned Portrait: “Grace Hunter, Actor, Model” 2017; Mixed Media; 36″ X 36.”


Portrait: “Heather Cass, Graphic Designer, Marketing Exec.” 2017; Mixed Media; 36″ X 36.”


Portrait: “Michael Bowker, Award-Winning Investigative Reporter.” 2017; Mixed Media; 36″ X 36.”


“3082: meadow rapers; A1; A2; A3″ Concrete, plastic, mesh wire, latex, acrylic, glass fibers, wood, steel, paper, ink, varnish, articulating heads. 60″ tall X 22″ wide X 19” deep.


“3082: Goddess |of the| TerribleMysteries; 1p” Concrete, concrete-dipped fabric, acrylic, glass fibers, steel, articulating heads. 44″ tall X 24″ wide X 20″ deep.


“Goddess of Small Meadows hidden-in-the Deep Forest” Polished concrete, glazed ceramic head, indigenous plants mixed with imported Chinese flowers, articulating head. 22″ high X 32″ wide X 8″ deep.


Hope to see you there. And let me know if you have any questions.

Warmest regards,

A. Metrov

Check out my NU Sustainability Project:

Artist Devin Fleenor to Debut His Psychedelic Interactive Artwork S.E.E.D.


Artist Devin Fleenor will début S.E.E.D., an artificially intelligent installation, in Mexico City in Fall 2017. The piece will be on view at Museo Franz Mayer at part of MUTEK.MX and Abierto Mexicano de Diseño in Mexico City from October 11 to 23, 2017.

S.E.E.D. offers its participants an algorithmic exploration of time and the physical senses. Through self-reflection, layers of consciousness are revealed and unlocked through mysterious mechanisms. Full-spectrum lasers and mirrors create three-dimensional geometric light structures reverberated by analog video feedback. The many reflections of the participants and synthesized, processed, and glitches, forming a perplexing, yet minimal psychedelic visual experience.

Housed in an eight-foot magnesium, acrylic, and glass cube, the piece is activated and modulated by human interaction. Participants do not control S.E.E.D.; rather they converse with an autonomous “machine entity” using motion sensors, infrared cameras equipped with facial recognition, and a hexagonal haptic pressure sensitive interface on the face of the cube.

The visual experience is integrated with an algorithmic, immersive quadrophonic sound field.  Both sonic effects and emotive musical landscapes are generated by the lasers themselves, which are in turn reacting to the environment.  S.E.E.D. has moods of its own, with matching behaviors, stories, reactions, and soundscapes. S.E.E.D. also understands the mood of the participant.   Positive emotion is monitored and remembered, allowing the installation to adapt its algorithms to give the user more of what they like.

S.E.E.D. is conceived of as an art form with research and therapeutic value: drawing from neuroscience research demonstrating that music, light, art, movement, and creativity can generate new neural pathways and enhance neuroplasticity.

Fleenor is partnering with Dr. Sri Krishnan, Professor and Dean of Biomedical Signal Analysis in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto.  Starting this fall semester, pending ethics review, Dr. Krishnan and his team of graduate students will be analyzing the biofeedback data generated by S.E.E.D. with the intention of demonstrating significant physiological changes and wellness improvements from interactive art therapy sessions. S.E.E.D. has potential as a tool for healing in those who suffer from brain trauma, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, PTSD, autism, and other neurological conditions.

Lead by Devin Fleenor and a team of designers, coders, artists, musicians, and academics, S.E.E.D. technology synthesizes advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence, high coherence laser projectors, LED video, proprietary robotic laser mirrors, motion sensor cameras, multi-site interconnectivity, live HD video processing, and generative sound. The brain of S.E.E.D. is programmed in and powered by openFrameworks, Max for Live, VDMX, Ableton and BEYOND.
About Devin Fleenor
Devin Fleenor is an interactive audio-visual artist based in Phoenix, AZ. He has toured the world with Mr. Meeble, and collaborated with Decibel Festival, Missy Elliott, Nosaj Thing, The Acid, ODESZA, Tycho, Mija, the Black Madonna and various other visionaries, artists and explorers. In 2017, he will partner with MUTEK, Nuit Blanche Toronto, and Abierto Mexicano de Diseño to feature S.E.E.D. Recognized for synthesizing mediums of sound, light, lasers, algorithms and robotics, Devin is creating artificially intelligent art to be discovered in unique spaces across the planet.  For more information, visit or follow him on Instagram @epicdevin

West Coast’s Wildest, Most-Accomplished, Under-Recognized Contemporary Artists

With the support of ArtShare LA, four seasoned visual artists will receive widespread exposure in the heart of the booming Downtown Los Angeles Arts District.

“We’ve been deeply devoted to the Arts our entire lives. I believe it’s because we’ve chosen unorthodox career paths that we’ve yet to receive significant recognition. We haven’t followed the rules. To a person, we’ve felt compelled, obligated really, to explore the fascinating new mediums / outlets / technologies available to artists today,” says Metrov, the exhibit’s curator and lead artist.

The exhibit title: “EARTH: as erotic energy (stop torturing my mother!)” references outrage at the tearing down of our cherished environmental protections; an absolute denunciation of unbridled corporate pollution of our air, water, and food; disregard for ecocentric values—all in the name of profit and greed. “The old system is dying. We are here to welcome a return to Matriarchal Principles and a harmonious relationship with Nature; to aid the transformation from a fear-based to a love-based civilization.”

The exhibit will feature: Artist Sara Lytle’s revelations from the alt dimension, Metrov’s large-format assemblage works depicting divine-feminine mutations, Henry Rasmussen’s haunting silent heads; hanging, organic mud paintings & sculpture by Mike Mollett, founder of the LA MUDPEOPLE.

Where: Angel City Brewery—Sponsored by ARTSHARE LA
When: June 8 thru July 5, 2017
Artists: Sara Lytle, Metrov, Mike Mollett, Henry Rasmussen
Opening Reception: June 8, 6-9pm

The art of Psychedelia and LOVE by Tammie LaMountain



The above LOVE painting is an example of text-based art by artist Tammie LaMountain.

American artist Tammie LaMountain creates mixed media artworks, paintings, photographs and drawings employing poetic and often metaphorical language. In her own artist statement, she tells us how she creates intense personal moments by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer around in circles. Her mixed media artworks appear as dreamlike images where fiction and reality meet, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, past and present fuse.


Simply Simple, Tammie LaMountain

Simply Simple, Tammie LaMountain


Time and memory always play a key role in her work. By applying abstraction, Tammie LaMountain finds that movement reveals an inherent awkwardness, a humor that echoes human vulnerabilities. The artist also considers movement as a metaphor for the ever-seeking human who experiences a continuous loss. Her works isolate the movements of humans and objects. By doing so, new sequences are created which reveal an inseparable relationship between motion and sound.


Liquid Dream, Tammy LaMountain

Liquid Dream, Tammie LaMountain


By experimenting with aleatoric processes, the artist formalizes the coincidental and emphasizes the conscious process of composition that is behind the seemingly random works.


Resurrection, Tammie La Mountain

Resurrection, Tammie La Mountain


The thought processes, which are supposedly private, highly subjective and unfiltered in their references to dream worlds, are frequently revealed as assemblages.


Behind Me, Tammie La Mountain

Behind Me, Tammie La Mountain


Her works are based on formal associations which open a unique poetic vein. Multilayered images arise in which the fragility and instability of seemingly certain reality is questioned.




By choosing mainly formal solutions, Tammie LaMountain wants to amplify the astonishment of the spectator by creating compositions or settings that generate tranquil poetic images that leave traces and balances on the edge of recognition and alienation.




Her works feature coincidental, accidental and unexpected connections, combining unrelated aspects that lead to surprising analogies. By questioning the concept of movement, she tries to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria, but are based only on subjective associations and formal parallels, which incite the viewer to make new personal associations. Her works doesn’t reference recognizable form. The results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted.

Tammie LaMountain currently lives and works in the US city of Los Angeles, California.


Gift Guide: Limited Edition Prints of City Landmarks, Florals, and Feng Shui Buddha Art


If you are on the look-out for unique gifts–nothing does it quite like real art!

UK artist Clare Haxby–with studios in both Singapore and London– offers her beautifully packaged (unframed) fine art prints for international delivery in 3-10 days. The artist offers custom framing and delivery of framed prints in Singapore (only) in 10 days from when you place your print order.


The artist’s feng shui Good Luck Buddha art prints could be the perfect gift for the home or office of your feng shui afficionado friend of family member. These feng shui Buddhas come in 4 styles–

Emerald Lotus Buddha represents enlightenment and self-acceptance, Scarlet Lotus Buddha enhances the feeling of being grounded and creative, the Emerald Mudra Buddha increases harmony and peace, Indigo Orchid Buddha awakens one’s intuition allowing in higher spiritual vibrations.

These Buddha art prints are not considered religious objects, but are viewed as images symbolizing good luck and well-being.


Other Clare Haxby limited edition fine art prints to consider for gifts, include 7 prints in her floral botanical series, 9 prints available in her Equestrian series, and 19 available prints in her Singapore Landmarks and Skylines series.

With so many colorful art prints to choose from, perhaps you’d like to give a Clare Haxby gift card instead. A gift card allows your business associate, family member, friend or loved one to choose their favorite print.

Clare Haxby gift card

Clare Haxby gift card


“I know how special it feels to open a beautifully wrapped gift and that is why I take such great care with the presentation and packaging of my Fine Art Prints, from the crisp wrapping tissue to the beautiful ribbon and cylinder packaging.Clare Haxby 



International Women Artists’ Salon and Exhibition

International Women Artists’ Salon is a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural global organization of women making art in the world today.
Music+Dance+Video+Film+Comedy+Theater+Writing+Visual Arts+Fashion+Architecture+Design+et al.
Facebook Fan Page: International Women Artists’ Salon here.
For more information about membership, collaborations, sponsorships contact:
  • International Women Artists’ Salon The Producers Club, 358 W. 44th Street, NYC

    Featuring an exhibition of paintings by Ildikó Kalapács until November 1st–details here.

    Ildiko Kalapacs

    Mixed media painting by Ildiko Kalapacs


International Women Artist Salon Radio here.

Fluid Paintings Chilean Artist Mauricio Paz Viola

Chilean artist Mauricio Paz Viola is seeking opportunities to show and sell his paintings internationally.
View more of his work on his website:


Visit our new Artist Marketing Resources Shopify store , our Webs store and our Selz store here to order e-postcard services.



Video: Frida Kahlo in Her Home and Studio

This is an amazing collection of vintage film clips of Frida Kahlo in her studio-home Casa Azul or Blue House. I visited Casa Azul in Mexico City, which is open to visitors as the Museo Frida Kahlo museum, and contains many of Frida Kahlo’s things, including her bed, easel, wheelchair, paintings, jewelry, clothing and many other items from her collections.


Artist Clare Haxby Celebrates the Singapore Formula Race With an Art Print GiveAway on Instagram!

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 3.52.54 PM

The Singapore F1 takes place this month from 18-20 September. Artist Clare Haxby is Celebrating Singapore’s Formula One Street Track Night Race With a Fine Art Print Give-Away on Instagram. Read more about the race and Clare’s art here  and here.

Participate in the Clare Haxby Instagram Giveaway here –>
-CH Singapore Skyline _nightscape studio portrait 72dpi


PLACE // functional design and photography Exhibition with Cyanotypes by Yves Wilson

Yves Wilson installing his Cyanotype in the exhibition gallery space of the "PLACE // functional design & photography" show

Yves Wilson installing his Cyanotype in the exhibition gallery space of the “PLACE // functional design & photography” show

PLACE // functional design & photography places art for a home in a home, aiming to bring a mix of people and ideas together in a peaceful living space that reflects powerfully felt encounters, perspectives and memories expressed by the 9 artists who have created this exhibit’s interior design.

22 Haviland Street Gallery, South Norwalk, CT, USA, presents “PLACE // functional design & photography” art for living by Joseph Dermody  furniture; Shiela Hale – furniture; Liz Pagano & Hayne Bayless – lamps; Hayne Bayless – functional ceramics; and photographers Dru Nadler, Yolanda Petrocelli, Andrew Sullivan, Yves Francois Wilson.

Of the 5 photographers in “PLACE”:

International Cinematographers Guild Member and photographer Yves François Wilson (Bridgeport, CT) combines technology, found objects and African-American visual traditions to create small dialogues. His cyanotypes (or “photograms”) trace found objects collected from various neighborhoods around the city and from his own family’s life, leaving an imprint on paper in various patterns and arrangements that turn these everyday household items into beautiful abstractions. Wilson says “I was influenced by Man Ray’s silhouettes but also by the large cyanotypes of Christian Marclay but i wanted to use the items found in my family’s dresser drawers and basements so that it would present our experience.”

22 Haviland Street Gallery, named for its 19th century address in historic downtown So. Norwalk, celebrates nine inspired artists in a new exhibition called “PLACE // functional design & photography”.  A free Opening Reception will take place at the Gallery on ThursdaySept.10,  from 6pm-9pmGallery hours for this show will be ThursdaySunday, 3-6pm, through Oct. 8.


Paintings of Things That Bug Artist Janette “JKay” Borland

Light Orchestra, Janette "JKay" Borland

Light Orchestra, Janette “JKay” Borland  (click image for details)

Flootie online gallery artist Janette “JKay” Borland describes her painting Light Orchestra as a “stylized beetle conducting the summer’s night light show of fireflies,” a painting and a title that reveal her humor, wit, and interest in the metaphorical and the surreal as subject matter for her art.  As JKay says, “I am a particular fan of Surrealism.”

Dinner Train, Janette "JKay" Borland

Dinner Train, Janette “JKay” Borland

JKay also admits to “dabbling in poetry,” and this is apparent in her written descriptions on each of her artworks found on Flootie–her words equally enjoyable as the stories she tells with her brush. In the artist’s words for another richly colorful work in her Beetle Series, titled Dinner Train, JKay writes that she is depicting “beetle, riding on beetle, with dinner available and about to be served.”

Guardians, Janette "JKay" Borland

Guardians, Janette “JKay” Borland

“Location does change ones inspirations a great deal,” says JKay. “Pine trees won’t be in many of my paintings anymore.” JKay relocated in May of 2014, moving from the Pacific Northwest to the deserts of Arizona in the South East. “Spokane was a wonderful place to live with wonderful people and the arts were truly alive. But I’ve always had the dream of living in the desert. It is lush with vegetation and gorgeous mountains and skies that speak. The wildlife and the cactus entertain me daily. I feel the desert in my very soul,” she said, describing how the textures of the desert allow her to “take a wonderful journey and let my mind flow.”

With her move to Tuscon, JKay now works on her art outdoors on her huge patio with Ramada, especially in the earlier, cooler part of the day until 11:00 a.m. From her patio she observes the birds, and cactus blooms. In a chat I had with the artist, she described the wildlife she sees in her yard, such as Gopher snakes and King snakes as “very lovely creatures. She watches the scorpions, coyotes, deer, owls, hawks and roaming Javelina, a type of wild pig. “Every day is full of wonder. And, there are some VERY interesting bugs here! I found that Sharpie pens attract bees,” she said. “I do grab my Nikon and head out to the edges of the wild. I’ve never been surrounded with so much subject matter…so beautiful everywhere I look. But, then again, beauty is in the eye of the holder. I have an eye for texture. This is why cactus totally appeals to me…and there are so many varieties. Rocks! Love rocks. Rusty things! Love rusty things.”

Helmet Head, Janette "JKay" Borland

Helmet Head, Janette “JKay” Borland

Now in Tuscon, in addition to painting on canvas, she paints murals indoors and has also “re-entered the world of clay,” saying that “it is a joy to have the clay center here.”

Same Old Sh*t, Janette "JKay" Borland

Same Old Sh*t, Different Day, Janette “JKay” Borland

More humor and insects in her painting Same Old Sh*t, Different Day, for which JKay wrote, “Just another one of my moments … In the work-a-day world on the east coast, we used to say this all the time. “Same old sh*t, different day.” I decided to use it visually and I laughed while I painted it. This is why art is NOT a job to me … 🙂 “

In Walks a Stinker, Janette "JKay" Borland

In Walks a Stinker, Janette “JKay” Borland

In her painting titled, In Walks a Stinker, JKay revealed that it “was a great source of fun and yes, the stinker represented someone I knew.”

“Every tavern has one … a loud-mouth Stinker. Ha, ha! But, he’s just part of the scene.”

“I felt a little prankish when I created this piece. Bugs and beetles were my entertainment for humorous art as I incorporated them into human settings… or sometimes into a totally human frustration we could all identify with.”

Over Achievers, JKay Borland

Over Achievers, JKay Borland

An ant carriers the earth on his back, in Over Achievers, for which JKay says, “I just had to say it … visually.”

“Overachievers. They are out there …out doing those around them. Yes, they are amazing. But, sometimes, they just make a spectacle of themselves in their efforts. Heh, heh!
Some see this painting more literally as “carrying the world on their shoulders.” That’s fine …if it makes you feel better. We all know that feeling as well. But, the concept of the Overachiever makes me giggle a bit more…”
JKay spoke optimistically of her new Tucson home, “There are many new incoming residents… With an era in common. They just may be looking for what I have to offer.”

Looking for More, Artworks by Yves Wilson in Exhibition Through Sept 17th


Looking for More

Opening Night Thursday, September 3rd  5:00 – 7:30

Featuring the works of Peter Konsterlie & Yves Francois Wilson.
The exhibition includes a collection of artworks, that explore images derived from found objects and appropriated images. In his latest investigation Mr. Wilson makes literal and abstract representations of the remains from America’s manufacturing past and the people who make up its landscapes.  Konsterlie uses both found objects as well as appropriated images to procure a kaleidoscope of imagery spanning abstraction to figuration.

The show features paintings, photos, sculpture, drawing, digital arts, and installation. The reception is free and open to the public.  Snacks and beverages will be provided. Off street parking is available.

New photo and sculpture works by Yves F. Wilson at UCONN’s Stamford campus gallery

New photo and sculpture works by Yves F. Wilson at UCONN’s Stamford campus gallery

Art exhibition will run from August 17 through September 17, 2015

Gallery hours are:
August 17th to 29th 
Monday – Friday 9 am – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm
August 31st to September 17th 
Monday – Thursday 9am – 7pm, Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm

Please call in advance for a visit

University of Connecticut – Stamford
One University Place
Stamford, CT 06901

Hildy Maze: Abstract Contemplative Drawing, Painting, Collage

as the earth is poisoned so am I, HILDY MAZE, 2015 oil painting and mixed media canvas, 72 x 84

as the earth is poisoned so am I, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil painting and mixed media on canvas, 72 x 84

“For me, abstract contemplative drawing is a way of navigating my mind and it remains the fundamental vehicle of my practice,” says Hildy Maze. Her latest work displays her physical process in clearly visible gestural line, brushstrokes, and oil stains. Her active process is even revealed in her title for the artwork folded & placed on top of each other (below) that describes the action involved in the manipulation and placement of the layered collage materials that form the piece.

folded & placed on top of each other, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper collage, 20 x 27

folded & placed on top of each other, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper collage, 20 x 27

Hildy’s contemplation appears in her painting titled, as the earth is poisoned so am I, a large 72 x 84 inch mixed media oil painting on canvas that came directly from the artist’s meditative practice. As Hildy stated, this painting is “based on the principles of heaven, earth and human. The first space is heaven, basic, complete space. Earth is in response to that and the human principle occupies this space. When relating to the earth principle as a response to vast space a sense of grief took over contemplating the ways humans have poisoned the earth.”

three roots that obscure - passion, aggrssion, ignornace, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil painting on paper, 24 x 30

three roots that obscure – passion, aggression, ignorance, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil painting on paper, 24 x 30

Although Hildy Maze was born in Brooklyn and educated at the Pratt Institute, she characterizes her “genuine education” as beginning with the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhist meditation, Shambhala art and culture, Dharma Art, brush stroke meditation practice, and Ikebana Japanese flower arranging.

is anyone listening?, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper collage 28 x 32

is anyone listening?, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper collage, 28 x 32

After 12 years of living in New York City and working in her studio, Hildy relocated to East Hampton, New York to live near the bay and Atlantic Ocean, where she feels very connected to the sand beaches and sea gulls.

folly of believing, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper, 15 x 22

folly of believing, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper, 15 x 22

It’s been during the last several years that Hildy Maze’s work has involved simple paper. She says, “paper has an organic environmental quality. It responds immediately to causes and conditions, is impermanent, meaning it ages, becomes fragile, is affected by light, yet will remain as those things we search for and cherish, possibly in the attic or basement, an archaeological site, or a memory. It is the nature of all things to decay yet remain.”

beneath the turbulance, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper, 30 x 36

beneath the turbulence, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper, 30 x 36

These new works on paper display Hildy’s subject and process as pathway to intellectual and contemplative work and artistic production.

acceptance of imperfection, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil paint on paper collage, 33 x 34

acceptance of imperfection, HILDY MAZE, oil paint on paper collage, 33 x 34

Hildy Maze has exhibited her work in galleries in New York City, in Europe, and in Beijing, China. Locally she has exhibited in Poughkeepsie and the eastern end of Long Island, including an invitational at Guild Hall. Her work is in several private collections in the U.S and Europe.

thoughts are blind but talkative, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper, 25 x 42

thoughts are blind but talkative, HILDY MAZE, oil paint on paper, 25 x 42

The artist Hildy Maze has a vast body of work that you may view on her website

like the ocean looking at it's own waves, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper collage, 25 x 27

like the ocean looking at it’s own waves, HILDY MAZE, 2015, oil on paper collage, 25 x 27


interrupting the continuity, HILDY MAZE, oil painting on paper collage, 2015, 28 x 29 inches

interrupting the continuity, HILDY MAZE, oil painting on paper collage, 2015, 28 x 29 inches

Metrov: POP Renaissance — New Look at an Old Master

Pop: People of Pax portrait of Marie Kazalia, Metrov

Pop: People of Pax portrait of Marie Kazalia, Metrov

A last spring we featured Metrov’s POP (People of Pax) Spring Goddess Portrait Series in an article on the Xposy magazine site here.  Now we are announcing Metrov’s the availability of a series printed on the highest quality archival mediums reproduced with archival, museum quality inks– NEW! “Renaissance POP” Limited Edition Print Series  jumbo format prints based on the great Leonardo!

SERIES #1: “Renaissance POP — New look at an old master.”  

Mona-tones 1, Metrov

Mona-tones 1, Metrov

These jumbo format prints are available in signed, limited editions of 100 each image (see specific prints for sizes). Each artwork is meticulously printed on the finest, acid-free, museum quality, archival paper with archival ink, and comes with a Certificate of Authentication.

Madonna 1, Metrov

Madonna 1, Metrov

Price: $2500.00 USD ea (+ $20 shipping & handling) contact the artist’s studio for more info. (NOTE: This series is also available IN A VARIETY OF SMALLER, OPEN EDITION SIZES for as little as $37.50 ea in Metrov’s PRINT STORE.) 

Madonna 2, Metrov

Madonna 2, Metrov

Here's Johnny 1 (John the Baptist), Metrov

Here’s Johnny 1 (John the Baptist), Metrov

The Fantastical Human Art Forms of Olga Zavershinskaya aka Armene

Drop, Olga Zavershinskaya

Drop, Olga Zavershinskaya

Russian fine art photographer and artist Olga Zavershinskaya aka Armene lives and works in the Czech Republic. Olga has exhibited internationally and is represented by the Art Gallery AFK in Lisbon, Portugal. Her work contains combinations and contrasts–the beautiful in conjunction with the unbeautiful–as in Drop, above, where the controlled perfection of the lovely neck, face and hair of the model unexpectedly expands into an erratic splash of wet black ink, and in Dark Thoughts, where the model falls forward streaming ink from her hair in impossibly suspended lines, runs and drizzles.

Dark Thoughts, Olga Z

Dark Thoughts, Olga Z

Jellyfish, Olga Zavershinskaya

Jellyfish, Olga Zavershinskaya

In Olga’s photographic image titled Jellyfish, the diaphanous fluther of seaforms float as a backdrop for a lavender colored corpse-like human figure, the combination in such a scene causes wonderment in the viewer at the possibilities of this visual narrative.

Angle VI, Olga Zavershunskaya

Angle VI, Olga Zavershinskaya

Olga Zavershinskaya, master of anatomy, photographs the human form in elegant nudes, solo and minimal, as in Angle VI. Or nudes with props, such as the texture of the sheer wet fabric simultaneously covering and revealing the figure in Transparency IV.

Transparency IV

Transparency IV

Fantastical works of fantasy, as in the lush Peacock with several cyclopic eyes that gaze back at the viewer while other orbs in the image stray off to one side or the other and up, in one of Olga’s most enigmatic and surrealistic scenes, recalling tales of fantastic Magic Realism in a puzzlement at how she could have created the image!

Peacock, Olga Zavershinskaya

Peacock, Olga Zavershinskaya

Olga’s visualizations start her off on her use of the model to realize her unusual ideas and creative concepts, that she completes with with skillful post-production processing methods to produce the final images.

Spots, Olga Z

Spots, Olga Zavershinskaya


Artists Featured in Magazines and Art News Feed


In the studio of contemporary African artist Benon Lutaaya, one of the subjeects of Lioda Conrad's portrait series

In the studio of contemporary African artist Benon Lutaaya, the contemporary African artist is one of the subjects of Lioda Conrad’s portrait series

Artist Marketing Resources does a lot of article marketing. This past week, we’ve written and published articles for artists Metrov, Clare Haxby, and Lioda Conrad, among others.

We featured Lioda Conrad’s series of portraits of contemporary African artists in an article on Xposy magazine–read it here.

We also published news of California artist Metrov newest portrait series, on the international Art News site–see it here. Look for more forthcoming on Metrov’s Renaissance POP limited edition print series.

One of Metrov's Renaissance Pop portraits of the Mona Lisa

One of Metrov’s Renaissance Pop portraits of the Mona Lisa

Artist and designer Clare Haxby’s Singapore waterfront paintings are more relevant than ever, as the international city of Singapore celebrates its 50th Birthday, and made it easier for us to promote her art on the Art News Portal here.

Clare Haxby's Lotus Flower Building is a painting of Singapore's Art & Science Museum

Clare Haxby’s Lotus Flower Building is a painting of Singapore’s Art & Science Museum

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Photos Show How 3 African Artists Start and Develop Their Portrait Artworks


Cyrus Nganga Kabiru and his eclectic eyewear, oil painting, Lioda Conrad

Cyrus Nganga Kabiru and his eclectic eyewear, oil painting, Lioda Conrad

South African artist Lioda Conrad’s expressive oil painting of Cyrus Nganga Kabiru, a Kenyan artist and his eclectic eyewear, began as a drawing–shown below–with the first oil paint and medium the artist added to start her painting.

Portrait of Cyrus Nganga Kabiru, Kenyan artist and his eclectic eyewearDETAIL

Ghana artist, Enam Bosokah uses his trademark blue ink ballpoint pen technique to systematically build up layers of line to develop a three-dimensionality in his portraits. It becomes easier to understand his technique by view images of various stages of completion, like in this early stage example–

Early stage of Enam Bosokah blue ballpoint ink pen portrait

Early stage of Enam Bosokah blue ballpoint ink pen portrait

Here is another stage in the development of his portrait–

Enam Bosokah portrait in progress

Enam Bosokah portrait in progress

Final stage in the development of the portrait–

Enam Bosokah portrait

Enam Bosokah portrait

Five stages of development in Cameroon artist Tangwan Elice’s portrait of a young woman–

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 1

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 1

Tangwan uses both graphite and charcoal in rendering the skin and hair textures in his portrait–

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 2

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 2

Here are three more stages of the portrait drawing–

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 3

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 3

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 4

Tangwan Elice portrait stage 4

Tangwan Elice portrait step 5

Tangwan Elice portrait step 5

Tangwan Elice, Enam Bosokah, and Lioda Conrad are three of nearly 30 Africa artists represented by the African Portraiture Service. This service connects you with portrait artists in Africa who are experts at creating original art working from your photo selfies. You can work directly with there artists who live in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, and South Africa, with the assistance and guarantees of the African Portraiture Service.