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I finally read my signed copy of artist Shepard Fairy’s 20 Year Edition of Supply & Demand. I’ve had the book since 2009. Mainly I purchased it to review the images of the artists large body of work, and with the idea that the book could be collectible and more valuable in the future. I had in mind to read it some day, not thinking that three years would slip by before I’d get to it. But once I started reading the first essay I was intrigued with the artists’ story and read the 450+ page book in a day and a half.

In the Supply & Demand articles, written by Shepard Fairy as well as others, I learned how, with very little money and using low-tech images such as lots made with photocopy machines and some silkscreened, and wheat-pasting these images publicly, Fairy was able to market himself and his OBEY art brand into an international phenomenon. (Since the publication of the book, the artist has had large museum exhibitions and recently completed print editions with a top New York City gallery press.)

Ironically, several of the large corporations –whose billboard ads Fairy had altered with his own additions– have hired the artist to create logos and other designs for their companies.

Fairy, and others in the book, describe how the artist is able to navigate these different worlds and continue to grow as an artist and become increasingly successful.

You can buy the book on the artist’s OBEY GIANT website:

Also in his site store is a book Fairy recommends, titled The Fine Art of Corporate Sponsorship & the Corporate Sponsorship of Fine Art by Ryan McGinness

E-book Guide Helped Artist Get Her Art Into Magazine

A Picture of a eBook Español: Foto de eBook Бе...

A Picture of a eBook Español: Foto de eBook Беларуская: Фотаздымак электроннай кнігі Русский: Фотография электронной книги (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I forget to ask artists for testimonials. So, I am always pleased when an artist spontaneously decides to send one. Yesterday, I received this unsolicited testimonial–just sharing an excerpt here:

hi marie…i read your e-book and thus far it has helped me tremendously. (just recently got my work in an online magazine after YEARS of no publicity) I believe the issue will be released to the public and when it does, i’ll be sure to alert you. Thanks so much!  now, I’m hoping to connect with curators in my area and ask that you “introduce” me to (name omitted) etc…  artist, candace pryor

The ebook, the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions, by Marie Kazalia is available on Amazon Kindle:

and  on the Smashwords site downloadable to Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and in other formats such as Text file, Word, PDF: 

and as a PDF directly from the author, here.

Read an Ebook Week kicks off @ Midnight! 25% 50% 75% Off or Free ebooks

Read an Ebook Week kicks off today.  The Smashwords site ebook sale runs for one week March 4-10–starting Sunday at midnight and ending at the 11:50pm next Saturday evening, pacific time.

For one week only, thousands of Smashwords authors and publishers will provide readers deep discounts on ebooks, with coupon code levels for 25%-off, 50%-off, 75%-off and FREE.

At one minute past midnight Pacific time today, a special Read an Ebook Week promotion catalog will appear on the Smashwords home page.  Readers can browse the catalog and search by coupon code levels and categories.  At the stoke of midnight Pacific time on March 10, the catalog disappears.

The coupon codes only work at Smashwords, not at retailers served by Smashwords.  In the future Smashwords would like to find a method of including their retail partners, but unfortunately the logistics preclude that as an option for this promotion.

My ebook, The Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions is 25% off on the Smashwords site during this promotional week. View a sample or buy it here:

Smashword ebooks are downloadable to Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and in other formats such as Text file, Word.

If you have thought of writing an ebook and publishing online, consider the Smashwords site. Smashwords just signed a distribution agreement with Baker & Taylor for distribution to public libraries and the Blio e-reading app. Baker & Taylor is one of the world’s largest distributors of print books and ebooks, and a major supplier to libraries. Smashwords books gain distribution to the Blio e-reading app which comes pre-installed on millions of personal computers, laptops and tablets manufactured by companies such as Dell, HP and Toshiba. They also operate their own retail site at  Smashwords books gain distribution to public libraries that subscribe to Baker & Taylor’s Access360 service, which they launched last year.

Art Marketing Basics–New Ebook Guide For Beginners

Released this month, Art Marketing Basics is an e-book guide for visual artists new to the idea of showing and selling their art online. In ten steps, this 44 page downloadable e-book will help artists get started sharing their art and building an online presence.

As the author Linda Rosso says in her introduction —
“…this e-book will show you how to treat art as a business and still stay creative!”

From hobbyists and genre painters reiterating past isms, to more professional and contemporary practitioners, the first steps for any artist is to create quality photographs of their artwork. This e-book covers the basics of set-up, shooting, cropping and sizing images, and labeling and filing jpegs for easy retrieval.

Once you have your images, go to Step #2: Create an online gallery.
One of the advantages of any e-book is the ease of linking. The author of this e-book, who is also a landscape painter, provides clickable links to three free online portfolio sites where artists can gain visibility and make sales.

In Step #3 she recommends several companies that specialize in providing websites for artists. In Step #4 she tells you how to add more advanced features to your site, such as automated phone calling and buy buttons, ways to accept credit card payments from buyers, as well as and how-to make your website Smartphone and iPad accessible.

Once you have your free or paid portfolio site set up you are ready to advance to Step #4— using social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIN and Google+ to bring visitors to your website.

The author also covers building an email contact list, creating and sending newsletters, and the importance of blogging and micro-blogging (on Twitter and Tumblr) to increase traffic to your site. Plus, how to use videos and animations to capture attention in your newsletter and on social media.

In the section headed Step #6: Get Found, the author explains the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to make your website “search-engine friendly.” In Step #7: Don’t Forget the Power of Print Promotion and Publicity she covers business cards, post cards—what to include on them and where to get them printed–plus, how to write a press release that will get your local newspaper to feature your artwork.

The final section, which focuses on sales in online marketplaces, provides links to a variety of print-on-demand art sales communities.

Ebook for Artists Now Available on Amazon USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy

The Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions by Marie Kazalia is now available on Amazon dot com in the USA –here is the link to get a copy for your Kindle reader. By tomorrow, this ebook title will also be available on Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Spain and Amazon Italy, in an English language version only.

If you don’t own an Amazon Kindle device the Smashwords site has the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Submissions downloadable to Sony Reader and  as Text file, Word, PDF and other formats:

I Uploaded My E-book to Amazon Kindle This Morning!

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

Cover via Amazon

Have you been wanting to add an ebook to Amazon so you can tap into the Kindle market to create an additional income stream that will generate additional cash flow?

OK, I have delayed uploading my 90 page ebook manuscript to Amazon Kindle, but finally decided to give it a try this morning. If you have ever tried to upload your ebook to Amazon, or other ebook sales site such as Smashwords or Create Space,  you know there can be frustrating formatting requirements and issues. Like CreateSpace and Smashwords, Amazon also had its own unique manuscript format requires. It was a bit of a nightmare for a while. I spent hours formatting my manuscript to get it just right for acceptance to each site. But now, at last, Amazon has gotten around those problems! Amazon no longer requires specific formatting exclusively but accepts a variety of manuscript formats! I uploaded my ebook, The Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions, this morning in less than 15 minutes! My ebook will be available to buyers in 12-24 hours.

Image above right: an Amazon Kindle Reader

Ebook Featured on Spotlight Gallery News

Contemporary art

Image via Wikipedia

My ebook, the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions has just been featured on the Spotlight Gallery News blog–here is the link:

My Spotlight Gallery is a great site. I’ve watched Sylvia P. grow and develop her site over the past few years. It’s amazing what she’s done! Stop in for a look, and if you are an artist perhaps your work is right for her gallery.

Making It In the Art World, Brainard Carey’s New Book Published by Allworth Press

Making It In the Art World, New Approaches to Galleries, Shows, and Raising Money, a new book by Brainard Carey, was released last week by Allworth Press in both paperback and Kindle editions.

“This book is for the professional artist or the artist who wants to learn to be a professional,” Brainard Carey states in his introduction. Although that may sound like the beginning of a conventional how to book, just a few sentences further on Carey congratulates artists for being innovators in a world that values creativity, urging artist to bypass the traditional gallery system for more unconventional methods of getting their art to market. According to Carey, there is a burgeoning DIY movement going on that also pertains to visual artists doing it all themselves–their own marketing, promoting, and selling directly to the public.

Carey asks the question, “what if you could create a way of working with money that was as creative as making art? “

He then examines some of the creative ways that artists have sold their work and managed their art careers on their on terms.

Carey’s paradigm shift infuses his own brand of enthusiasm and methods of idea development with a tone that challenges artists to come up with their own new ways of earning money from their creativity. For artists already working outside the system and engaged in self-promotion and marketing, Carey presents “tools to pursue your dreams” — several chapters of practicable ideas containing real life steps to finding a patron, proposing an exhibit to a curator, and how the right winning attitude can make things happen.

Other “tools” contained in the 217 pages of Making It In the Art World include sample letters, a “workbook” portions of each chapter, and techniques on time management that Carey refers to as “the golden key” that will unlock possibilities.

This book is for artists looking for “ways to become more energized, more focused, and more productive,” Carey stated.

Brainard Carey

Brainard Carey and his wife Delia were included in the 2002 Whitney Biennial– a turning point in both of their art careers. Later, they jointly designed and continue to run their consulting business The Art World Demystified—providing mentoring services for creative artists. Brainard Carey personally coaches and advises artists on developing a professional art career. Yale University radio WYBCX hosts Brainard Carey’s show, The Art World Demystified, on which Carey has interviewed such art world luminaries as the art critic Arthur Danto.

Article first published as Making It In the Art World on Technorati.

Learn the Art of Selling Art in New *How To* Book for Artists

A few months ago, I pre-ordered the book How To Sell Art by J. Jason Horejs, at a special discount price. The book arrived in the mail yesterday. The cover price is $24.95

I pulled the book from the envelope and snapped this pic of the book cover. The upper left edge is a little ragged. The book was sent in a padded envelope that showed no sign of damage so I am certain that this book was not damaged in transit.

In the introduction, the author makes important points on how all artists must also wear the hat of a salesperson and that one of the most common errors is “misprioritizing”–attending to some other task while ignoring interaction with a possible buyer.

The author’s Red Dot Blog has more art sales advice.

My poem *That Moment* in new book of poetry

Dear Marie
That Moment
It seems a long time ago that we exchanged emails but I am delighted to let you know that copies of our book are now available for purchase.  We are so happy with the way it looks and feels -and the poems and wood engravings are just wonderful, so I first of all want to thank you again for granting us permission to use your poem in the book.   We would obviously be really grateful if you would promote it on your website and I am attaching a title information sheet which will, I hope, give you all the information you need.  It is available for purchase through our website .
Do please come back to me if you have any queries
With best wishes
Janie Hextall and Barbara McNaught
Lautus Press


A collection of poems

Selected by Janie Hextall and Barbara McNaught

Lautus Press

ISBN: 978 0956826503             Price: £10               Publication: 12 September 2011

 Born of a shared love of washing lines and poetry, the subject of this anthology is laundry and washing, reflecting many human emotions to do with family, relationships and memory.

It is a collection of over 50 poems ranging from folk songs such as  ‘Dashing away with the smoothing iron’ to contemporary poems by renowned poets including Seamus Heaney, Gillian Clarke, Tess Gallagher and Pablo Neruda.  There are also over a dozen beautiful wood engravings by artists as diverse as Clare Leighton and Clifford Harper.

Alexander Lee (who has written the Afterword) has suggested that we are tapping into something far more exciting than a simple love of washing lines – the current environmental and economic issues.  He started Project Laundry List to campaign in America for the ‘right to dry’ when he realised that 6-10% of US domestic electricity is consumed by tumble driers.

So whether it is the joy of washing blowing on the line, the smell of clean linen or the rhythmic dance of two people folding sheets together, this collection is a celebration.

Washing Lines will be launched at The Independent Woodstock Literary Festival in September when Gillian Clarke will be reading a selection of poems from the book.

Lautus Press, Ryton House, Lechlade, GL7 3AR

01367 252286 (Barbara) or 01608 658278 (Janie) or

Artists, Do You Need a *How To* Guide for Making Submissions?

There are a lot of *How To* titles around, and more and more for visual artists. From the unrealistically comprehensive How to Make A Living As an Artist –such titles tend to be autobiographical but marketed as a How To guide– to the more specific niche market selling guides, such as, How To Make Money Selling At Art Fairs How to Make Money Selling Your Art on Ebay , and Digicamcash–Use Your Camera and submit your photos online for money.

Hobbyists may gain insights from reading such publications. But usually the titles are deceptively simple and many, many hours of effort and cash expenditures are required to succeed at selling on ebay, selling your photos online for money, selling at art fairs, and making a living as an artist.

Then there are print books and ebooks that are purely theoretical (no dirty money talk) containing advice from art professionals on how to set up blogs, and how to write artist statements, and how to buyer a printer and print your own giclees, and how not to approach galleries, also containing some good, if broad, advice. (You can sit around and talk about this sort of stuff for ever, but unless action is taken it all just remains in your head unproven/ untested by you).

My ebook, the  Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions, includes cover letters that artists can adapt for their own use, and lots of specific tips and how to advice on such things as, *must use words*, when taking action and making art submissions to museum curators, gallerists, art licensing companies, potential art sponsors, corporate art consultants, interior designers, art magazine editors, art poster companies, book jacket publishers.

Many artists lack the confidence to write letters and make submissions to key people in positions to help them in taking the next step up in their art careers. Get started with my proven letter layouts and wording and adapt them to your own use to gain experience making submissions. I include a letter I used (real names removed) to obtain a contract for an artist with a top art licensing company, a letter I used to obtain overseas contracts with art consultants for international giclee sales, and letters I used to obtain solo exhibitions and gallery representation for artists, letters requesting sponsorship and in-kind donations of materials and services for art exhibitions. From working with artists I know that letter writing is one of the big stops when it comes to moving forward. So let me provide the letters for you to use in my forthcoming ebook.

My ebook, the Transmedia Guide to Making Artist Submissions will be available in two weeks.

Marie Kazalia

A Complete Waste of Time

I received a spam  email asking if I would like a FREE  listing in an artist dictionary. It’s spam because I never opted into their mailing list. Spamming is illegal.  Another artist I know received the email offer as well and forwarded it to me to ask me what I knew about it.
“I’ll find out where they distribute the publication,” I replied. Knowing that would be the most telling aspect of this project.
I found their email addresses on their website and sent an email asking these questions:
I’d like to learn more about your dictionary, how it is distributed and where. Is it sold to libraries?
Is volume one available in bookstores? Or will it be? What stores? What is the retail price?
I represent several artists and more than one has received your offer via email.
Marie Kazalia
Transmedia Artist Marketing

This is the reply I received:

Dear Marie,
The Dictionary is a book where you are offered to  appear for free.
I don’t know why you are asking all these questions and I don’t know why we should anser them.
You want to be in it? Just send the application.
All the best

Judy Adams
Lots of red flags, IMO. Typos happen. Overall does this sound like a person who understands the complexity of dealing with art world professionals? Someone you would want representing your work in their book to galleries and art dealers, or even libraries? Note: She asked why they should answer my questions.

So I replied:
That is an amazing answer. If you are proud of your publication you will want others to talk about it. I write blog articles and review books.
I have been asked by artists what I know about this opportunity. If you refuse to be even the least bit transparent or forthcoming with
important criteria for participation, I will pass this on to those who seek my opinion–which happens to be over one thousand artist and art professionals via my blog, website as well as my LinkedIN group which has over 450 members alone.

Marie Kazalia

Judy replied:

I think this is unbelievable! We offer something to you for free and instead of appreciating it you are threatening us???? Thanks a lot!

I replied:

“threatening!?”         (Note: If someone told me that they could present details of my project to 1K artists, I’d would be eager to share the details).

Judy replied:


My reply:
You spammed me with your original dictionary offer since I never opted-in to your mailing list. Spamming is illegal. I want nothing to do with your dictionary project.


She Replied:


Dear Artist, if you do not understand why these sorts of free offers are to be avoided, then please leave a comment. Your career, your brand is you and who you associate with.

Artists, Do You Know How To Sell Your Art To Interior Designers?

How to Sell Art to Interior Designers:

For Twitter users, I started a new list on Twitter: #ArtistsWhoSell

Readers and subscribers please feel free to contact me for more information: email:

Skype: MarieKazalia

Marie Kazalia:  Business phone: (216) 452-2330