Unbound: World’s 1st Crowdfunding Publisher


In 2015, we published  our article 50 Crowdfunding Platforms for Artists  which our readers shared to Facebook 89 times and also shared and discussed in several LinkedIn groups. Since then, some of those crowdfunding sites have disappeared and others launched.

A new crowdfunder that may be of interest to artists seeking new ways to fund their practice is called Unbound– the world’s first crowdfunding publisher. They turn your great ideas into books and you can use their platform to fund and publish your print or digital book.

Unbound books is based in London, England, and as they describe on their site– “114,635 people from 170 countries have pledged £3,754,962 to fund 220 projects – and counting – from bestsellers to award-winners.”

Unbound seems to like the fresh new idea, the unconventional–from the successfully funded and published Empire of Booze by Henry Jeffreys, to an anthology on race and identity in contemporary Britain, to a compilation of terrible old video games you’ve never heard of, to the art and artful idea. Perhaps your’s is their next big one.
Find out how Unbound crowdfunding works here.

2 Web Platforms For Artists to Set Up Monthly Funding From Supporters


Patreon, which is based in San Francisco, is a crowdfunding platform that allows artists to obtain funding from patrons on a recurring basis or per artwork. It is popular with YouTube content creators, musicians, and web comic artists and has been featured in Forbes, Time, and Billboard magazines.

Ratafire is free for artists, creative writers, filmmakers, and others to set up an account to gain exposure for their creativity and get funded by both one time and monthly recurring pledges, so you can find long-term backers.


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