Online Gallery Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments, a self-proclaimed “Artist Marketing Toolbox,” has begun accepting Bitcoin for subscriber Registration Fees.

To coin an old phrase “In today’s world you lead, follow or get out of the way” says site owner and founder of’s Dean Cameron.

“Our goal is to create options and tools for Artists and Art Galleries to successfully market their artwork,” says Cameron. Bitcoin is yet another tool in that toolbox. Artists are starting to really adopt Bitcoin as it gives them another way to sell their artwork.

More mainstream companies are beginning to accept Bitcoin as well, “so artists can use it to buy art supplies, personal items and now even their art marketing platform,” says Cameron.

Flootie has created a separate registration sign up-page for Bitcoin users that allows for an annual membership to be purchased in one of three levels available. These prices offer a discount from the standard credit card monthly option, due to the annual nature of a Bitcoin subscription. continues to add new features and options for our current as well as future subscribers. ” We are thrilled to bring the Bitcoin option to our platform,” say Cameron.


Artists Uncovered: #submit to this New Curated Site




If you sometimes feel that your art gets lost on overcrowded online gallery sites, and wonder how often your work actual gets viewed or considered for purchase. Try submitting to a new site which has few artworks. New as of February 2015, Artists Uncovered, has plenty of room for you art. It is a curated site and they are accepting submissions. Register for a free account then submit using their online submission form. Artists Uncovered is accepting work from artists worldwide!

Artist Marketing Resources is always on the look-out for new online art galleries and art sales venues. For the past 6 years we’ve been adding to and updating our e-list of art sales sites, art print sales sites, photographer sales sites and photographer agents hereart galleries, and art consultants.

Find these and more artist resources in our newest store with more purchase options here.

bright stupid confetti – Online Gallery of Contemporary Art

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 9.47.07 AM

Michael Jacobson, founder of The New Post-Literate: Gallery of Asemic Writing, a wonderful site that features artists’ work, contacted me on Facebook a couple of days ago. He wrote on my page, in part–

“Hi Marie, Here is a show I put together…. I’d like to show some more of your work at The New Post-Literate. Best, MJ”

Michael featured several of my paintings a few years ago on his The New post-Literate site, and I must admit I had not kept up with his site of late. So I was glad that he re-connected with me and doubly excited to learn that he had curated a show in the online gallery called bright stupid confetti.

Art in America, in a review of top online contemporary art sites, included bright stupid confetti–

Art In America calls Bright Stupid Confetti “…one of the more innovative and quixotic curated art websites in the blogosphere…”

Christopher Higgs the curator of bright stupid confetti, brings in guest curators each month.

Here is the link to view the Asemic art online exhibit curated by Michael Jacobson and featured on bright stupid confetti.

Colour In Your Life- Australian Art TV Show, Art Shop and Artist Community

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Colour In Your Life– Australian TV Show, Art Shop & Artist Community

Colour In Your Life is a web site that is run by Artists for the purpose of building a ‘Library of the minds of Artists’. The site enables investors, educators, students, teachers and people all over the world to have access to the enormous creative energy that is part of the minds of right-brained people.

Art and what it does for our society is incredibly important to the spirit and the souls of all that see it. Forty percent of the people on this planet are supposedly right-brained. Unfortunately we all live in a left-brain world; a cradle to grave mentality. We will only be able to change this if we can find a place where we can get in touch with the right brain of our species.

The TV show has been a wonderful tool for all the Artists that have been involved. With over forty percent of galleries across Australia closing in recent years, Artists have been struggling to make themselves seen and heard. Colour In Your Life can change that.

Graeme Stevenson, CEO of Colour In Your Life, has been a practicing professional Artist for 30 years. He currently works with the TV show ‘Fine Art Showcase‘ based in Los Angeles, and also a number of large corporate clients and many of the worlds leading Fine Art Licensing agents. As a long time professional artist, Graeme understands the many battles and trials that Artists go through to make a living out of their craft.

Colour In Your Life is a web site that, through the TV series ‘Put Some Colour in Your Life‘, will enable many Artists and viewers to better interact with each other; to be able to exchange information and ideas.

How the Web Site works

The Colour In Your Life Gallery is for all artworks – whether they have sold or are for sale. The Gallery is simply for showing the world what an artist can do.

The gallery plays host to many artistic talents, delving into abstract, impressionism, all the way to super-realism. Anything is welcome, from photography, calligraphy, water-colour and sculpture, to animals, landscapes, portraits and web design.

With thousands of images having already been uploaded in the last few months, the Colour In Your Life Gallery will soon become one the biggest Art Hubs on the web.

Listing images in the Gallery is free, and is the best way to start promoting your work. Thousands of people come looking for artwork everyday, and if it’s not there to see, how will people find you?

The Colour In Your Life Shop is for those artists that wish to sell their artwork online. The artwork must be registered with Colour In Your Life, and while it does not cost anything to list the work, a commission rate is taken upon sale of the work. The seller must also be the owner/creator of the work and be legally allowed to sell the piece.

Copyright: Colour In Your Life will take all measure to protect the copyright of artist’s work registered with the site.

About Graeme Stevenson

Graeme Stevenson was born June 29th, 1958, in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. From a young age Graeme was fascinated with the world, beginning his career by painting and studying animals, including the Australian parrots he bred.

His reputation as an artist started to grow after he obtained his pilot’s license and began exploring the vast areas of Australia, photographing, sketching and painting the animals he studied.  He then began travelling across the world to study animals, painting and becoming published – in 1988 he was commissioned to produce ‘The Atlas of Parrots’, displayed in New York, Paris, and the London Natural History Museum.*

*for a more extensive history, please head to the Colour In Your Life website.

Graeme is working with ‘The Celebrity Shopping Network‘ in Los Angeles, and  is on the show about three times a year selling his work to a potential audience of 70 million viewers. His work hangs in galleries and private collections throughout the world.


The Colour In Your Life Community is the home for all Artists. With it’s own chat boxes, chat rooms and groups, it’s just like Facebook for Artists.


The Colour In Your Life TV show airs on channel 4Me nationally  (in Australia). Since going to air, late March 2012, artists that have been involved with Colour In Your Life have confirmed that the interest in their work has accelerated, with some even selling out of their stock due to demand.


The Colour In Your Life website also has a ‘Tips & Articles’ for artists section, a Colour In Your Life blog, and a competitions page. Colour In Your Life hosts competitions from its major sponsors such as Chroma, all of which can be found on the website. Some of our art prizes have included a $5000 art set from Canson and monthly vouchers from Chroma.


If you’d like to know more, or have any questions about the website, television show, or other Colour In Your Life queries, please contact .

Artolo Now Open To All Artists–Sign-up Free

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 8.41.17 AM

Hi Marie,

Just to let you know, Artolo is now open to all… although still in a Beta testing phase.
People can now sign up and browse from

We’re keen to get a diversity of artists loading up their profiles so we can best design the navigation for potential buyers and people who want to engage with art. As ever, our focus will be on attracting new people to the wonderful world of original art.

We’ll be launching a bunch of features in the new year:
Commerce including Make An Offer (in January)
Manage commissions
Create Group homepages (for arts organisations, interest groups, collectives etc.)
Internationalization (Multilingual, multi-currency)

Anyway, do let me know if you have any more questions.

Best wishes for the festive season and may 2013 be a lucky and fulfilling year.


Tom Brereton Downs at Artolo


Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 8.41.00 AM

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 8.41.17 AM

Just two days ago, I received an invitation to do early Beta-testing of the new Artolo fine art sales site. Although the Artolo site owner Tom Brereton Downs said I would likely find bugs at this first new stage of site access, I encountered no problems when I created my portfolio, entered the dimensions of my artwork, and the sales prices. I did note that all dimensions are in centimeters and I could only input my prices in British pounds. I do not yet know if these features will expand in future, but I do like Tom’s art sales philosophy.

Tom sent me lots of materials, including logos and a brochure, and wrote, in part:


You have a great blog going there. Very useful for artists. We’d love you to tell your followers about Artolo.

We’re not entirely prepped for pushing out as we’re very much in the phase of developing the platform in partnership with a small group of users (including you!).

Essentially we’re on a mission to disrupt the art market and make it far more accessible to the average person. Most people find galleries, artspeak and the whole process of engaging with work pretty terrifying… Artolo is our attempt to address this. We would like to see a world where most people are comfortable buying original art (just as they are buying cars, furniture, music etc.) and, as such, a world in which artists can quite easily sustain their practice and not constantly worrying whether they will make another sale.

Core to Artolo are relationships and location. Relationships, in that we believe success for artists will come through building meaningful/authentic connections to people (not hiding behind galleries, obtuse language etc.). And locations, in that, we think seeing art for real and meeting artists for real is core to building these connections.

The Artolo platform will be changing and developing considerably over the coming weeks as we add new features and take feedback along the way. It would be great to hear your ideas and thoughts. We really want to make Artolo something that can make a real difference to artists and not be yet another vanity platform.

Artist Marketing Resources blog will be one of the first to inform you when Artolo opens to all artists.

Artist accounts on Artolo are free.

Tom Brereton Down’s brochure asks, Where do you go if you want to buy art?  For many, even those with a reasonable disposable income, prints from the likes of Ikea(probably the world’s largest art supplier) is a safe, if unadventurous, option. Others might be lucky and find a piece of art whilst on summer holiday. Even luckier are those who have friends or family who are artists. Only the relatively sophisticated art-buyer can claim to not to be, at least a little, intimidated by galleries.

Artolo proposes some interesting solutions, that include:

Allowing Amateur dealing: buyers and collectors will *refresh* their collections by reselling work via Artolo, and then purchasing new work (at lower than gallery prices) from emerging artists on Artolo.

Unlike the current range of sites(which expect buyers to purchase work by only seeing a photograph). Artolo encourages the buyer to see the work in a real location and then make a purchase through the Artolo payment system.

Artolo wants to become a ‘game-changer’ in the multi-billion pound art market. Using web, location and social marketing technology Artolo will revolutionize the art market in the way that iTunes has revolutionized music, Amazon has books and YouTube has video…

EVERYWHERE IS A GALLERY–core to their proposition is to make it easy for any location to be a site for selling artwork.

ARTOLO IS FOREVER–A piece of work need never leave the Artolo site…it will just exchange hands. The new owner can choose to have the work remain listed for offer. In time we expect Artolo to become a registration base for all art around the world.

Below: Art-buyer, collector, or seller?


Artists Wanted Becomes See.Me

At some point in the past few years, you may have participated in one of the many Artists Wanted projects to promote emerging artists and photographers and award the selected winners a prize. Artists Wanted has now made a major change in name becoming See.Me. Their new name includes a major site upgrade. I just added new work to my former Artists Wanted account, which in now my See.Me profile. It was super fast and easy and I really appreciate this new time-saving site.To celebrate the launch of See.Me, the site is offering over $125,000 in grants and prizes, including their second annual Takeover of Times Square.It’s free to participate. Just start by talking about what you’re most passionate about in the *Your Passions* section. If you upgrade to a pro account you are eligible for more prizes.Every day, See.Me will feature members on their new website to thousands of daily visitors.William Etundi Jr. is the Founder of www.See.Me.

He tells More About “See | Me” : What started as a side project between a few Brooklyn artists has grown into a global phenomenon. Our goal is simple: to support creative people (like you!)

We do this by providing an online space for creatives to show and share their work, by awarding over $1.2 million in awards and grants (with much more to come) and early next year we are opening up our grant making platform so anyone can give and accept grants for the creative work you do.

So far 526,177 people have joined. We’d love for you to be part of the

Submit to World Art

This interesting new site allows you to submit your artist exhibition news as well as your portfolio.
Gopan, of World Art, wrote:

If you like “World Art” then be a part of it. Here’s what you need to do:


The following details required.
1. Bio-Data / CV
2. Artist Statement
3. Photograph of  Artist
4. Four works of art images (1200px width, 72dpi), Details

Submission eMail:

Submission cost is Free


World Art on Facebook:
World Art LinkedIN group:

EBSQ Self Representing Artists

EBSQ Self Representing Artists is an online community for artists who want to take control of their own art careers. They describe their site as a hub where you can house your full portfolio, link to all of your online venues, easily establish the provenance of your work with their Digital Certificate of Authenticity tools, and connect with a global art community of artists, artisans, book artists and photographers.

There is a membership fee for artists. I did email to enquire about how much their membership fees are, but have not heard back as yet. Here is the email address for EBSQ–