Women Behind the Lens Competition Open to Women Worldwide

We recently published about the 50/50 initiatives toward male-female equality in the arts.

PicFair is also actively working toward a greater equality for women photographers with their Women Behind the Lens annual competitions.

PicFair launched the Women Behind the Lens competition in 2017 to highlight the gender imbalance in the commercial photography industries, where just 2% of photographers on the books at major commercial agencies are women, and only 5% of the images used by leading photography publishers are from the lenses of female photographers.

Women can submit to the 2018 Women Behind the Lens competition from August 1st to October 1st, 2018 in four categories: PORTRAIT, NATURE, ARCHITECTURE, STREET LEVEL

(You can also upload up to one thousand of your photographs for sale on the PicFair site at prices you set.)

For more information about this competition, please visit the Women Behind the Lens 2018 competition page, or email hello@picfair.com


This competition is open to women worldwide – to enter, sign-up to Picfair, agree to the terms and conditions and start uploading your images. During upload, you will set a price which allows publishers to license your images via Picfair. To choose a category, visit the pic page, select ‘Submit Image’ at the top of the page and choose a category from the pop up.

  1.  Sign up to Picfair (it’s Free) and proceed to the Upload page
  2.  Upload images to Picfair
  3.  Go to the image page and click the ‘Submit Image’ button and select a category.

Baja beach Zen Rocks, photograph by Marie Kazalia

How To Win #FreePaint in Spray Cans From Bombing Science: U Pick the Colors

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Artist Project: Get Your Gratis Portrait for the Spring Goddess Pax




The goddess Pax symbol of the Mother Bear is the focus of California artist Metrov’s  free portrait print offer (valued at $1000) that he will create from your photo sent to him.  Find out the how to get yours here.


Metrov portrait, Kevin

Metrov portrait, Kevin


Metrov portrait, Chien

Metrov portrait, Chien



Artist E-Postcard Marketing In September





Each year beginning in September, art galleries re-open and renew their activities after the summer months (June-July-August) when many galleries are closed or operating with reduced staff.

This summer, Artist Marketing Resources started sending-out e-postcards of artists work to select art galleries. Now we are gearing up to send out many more e-postcards in September.

Participating artists include: Karen Fitzgerald, Arthur Kvarnstrom, Jane Dell, dianne k. webb, Michael Krasowitz, Barbara Rachko, Irena Orlov, Alice Harrison, May Jones, Numbers Project, Michelle Benoit, and, Elinore Schnurr.

Plus, we are sharing artist e-postcards on Pinterest and tweeting individual e-postcards using hashtags such as #artcollectors and #buyartonline among others. We’ll be tweeting primarily from our @TransArtGuide and @Artozon Twitter accounts.



Feature Articles on Artists: How To Get Your Art Featured


Artist Marketing Resources announced the launch of the new ArtWorld Community magazine last week, with Marie Kazalia and Keith McFarlane as co-editors. The first week, both Keith and I have received requests from several artists wishing to be featured in articles.

With all the interest, I’ve begun looking at articles I’ve written on artists and published 3 and 4 years ago–many published in the Yahoo! contributor network, by Technorati News, and on the VASA New York blog, as well as this blog.  One of these early articles I wrote on  R. WEIS – titled Compositions of Manipulated Sound ( read it here) with the artist sending me his sound art CDs so that I could listen to his work. I don’t recall which came first, but I wrote a second article on a Cleveland based Artist Who Uses Sound Chris Kulcar here, with lots of videos of this young artist’s performances included in the article.

My article on painter Chris Osborne’s  Stars and Cars series, including Jimi Hendrix with His Corvette Stingray, Paul Newman with His Racing Datsun, Steve McQueen and the Bullit Mustang here, brought interest due to the subject matter of vintage cars and celebrities depicted in the paintings.

I also wrote a timely article on the efforts of the Artist Power Bank in Tokyo along with American artist Alicia Bay Laurel’s Fund-Raising for Japan’s earthquake disaster relief here. Alicia Bay Laurel’s success goes back to the 1960’s with the publication of her artist book still in print and available today and popular in Japan.

When I wrote my article on Canadian Artist in Scotland – Trevor Jones here, I learned about his research into color and sound theory and his use of music in his art. (Trevor also sent me two of his drawings as gifts!).

I wrote and published the first article on photographic artist Ventiko (here) who has since been feature in print in Interview Magazine!  Ventiko is an extraordinary photographic artist who creates images that look like Renaissance oil paintings.

These are just a select few early articles on artists featured on Artist Marketing Resources. At least one of these artists recently contacted me requesting that I write a new article on his latest work for the ArtWorld Community magazine.

As editor, I am seeking complete articles with images, ready to publish. As feature writer, I offer options to artists here.

More recently, Artist Marketing Resources has featured articles on a wide variety of painters, from Paul Rooms in New York, to Texas cowboy artist J.R. Smith, as well as Jay Burton’s sensual photographic art (here)– just to name a few.



Artists and Photographers Collaborate with Music Celebrities, Fashion Designers, Camera Companies and More


San Francisco based Talent House offers some amazing collaboration opportunities for artists, photographers and designers to work with famous music groups, fashion designers, camera companies, and on other projects to get their art on t-shirts, album covers, calendars and numerous other highly specific and individual projects.

Talent House describes itself as “a global creative platform for artists, providing opportunities for recognition, collaboration, and compensation by hosting open calls for submissions.” Their missions statement on their blog: Our mission is to liberate all artists. We are dedicated to helping them harness the power of their art to inspire, transform and illuminate.

Are you an artist with a project in mind? Are you broke? You qualify for the new Artpreneurs!

theArtpreneurs is a new crowd funding site for artists!

I love the graphic on the Artpreneurs site–Are you an artist? Do you have a new project in mind? Art you broke? You qualify!

Start your new campaign today.




Find many more crowd funding sites as an added feature on our list of 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art.

Free Drawing and Painting Lessons Site + Call for Artists Entries for Online Art Competition


I first connected with Edward Burke online several years ago, and was aware that he taught college art courses and museum art courses. These days all can access his knowledge and art lessons (at no charge) on his site Drawing and painting lessons with Edward A Burke.  The knowledgeable Burke attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City and his lessons offer up his knowledge incorporating a wide range of art historical styles.

The Call For Artists Entries for Mind, Spirit & Emotion online-juried international art competition helps support the drawing and painting lessons website and keep it free of advertisements.

Competition Entry DEADLINE: June 08, 2014 (Midnight EST)

Mind, Spirit & Emotion Art-Competition.net – has $7,635 in cash and prizes. The Competition is open to all artists 18 years of age or older working in any painting, digital or photo medium.

Theme: Mind, Spirit & Emotion

The visual narrative of the artist’s work should reveal their mind, spirit and emotion in the artwork. The work should express the subject through the artist’s emotions, whether it is bold energy, subtle expression, mystery deepened or revealed, inner beauty, or a unique vision. Entries must be two-dimensional artwork created in any medium (paint, drawing, digital, photo, collage, etc.) and expressed from realism to abstract images.

Cash Awards and Prizes:
First Place: $500 in cash and $5,200 in prizes.
Second Place: $125 in cash and $1,625 in prizes.
Third Place: $60 in cash and $125 prizes


Found on the Web: Save Your Stuff blog, Art Barter and Alteria Art Print Editions

We’ve found some interesting art sites on the web this week.

The latest articles on the Save Your Stuff blog caught our interest. The first, on how to protect your oil paintings from rips and tears  gave honest accounts of how such damage can occur and offered useful ways to prevent against damage. And a Second article on how to deal with pests that can damage your art is also recommended reading.


On Twitter this week, we encountered news from the co-founders of the not-for-profit Art Barter site , as they are embarking on a new commercial venture: Alteria Art.

 Alteria Art wishes to work closely with associated artists, commissions artists to produce handmade high quality limited edition prints, and offers the prints at affordable prices on their site to help support Art Barter projects.

On Art Barter, artists upload and list their artworks anonymously and the members of the public offer goods and services in exchange for the artworks. Art Barters artists have exchanged their works for such things as, 6 months of Italian lessons, 3 months of psychotherapy, 30 hours of reflexology, website design, a gallop on a white horse, gardening lessons, a poem for each month of a year and other creative offers ranging from a woman offering to bear the artist’s child to one promising a lifetime supply of cheese.

A Top 10 Chelsea New York Gallery Portfolio Review Opportunity

I received an invitation to submit an electronic portfolio or physical portfolio to an art gallery in the Chelsea district of New York City for possible long-term gallery representation.
The opportunity requirements:
Please include:
                6 to 10 Jpeg images no larger than 1-megabyte (1024 kb) each, 300 dpi
                Title, Medium, and Dimensions of the artwork
                Resume/ Curriculum Vitae
                Artist’s Statement
                Contact Information including Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail, and Website (optional)
Or, you are welcome to Mail your Portfolio:
                6 to 10 photographs, color copies, or CDs of your work
                Resume/Curriculum Vitae
                Artist’s Statement
                Large Self-Addressed U.S. STAMPED Envelope (for return of portfolio)
Please include all Contact Information: Address, Phone Number, and Email & Web Site.
Submit portfolio for curatorial review by: APRIL 1, 2014. The Gallery’s Curatorial Review Committee shall notify you within two weeks to inform you if you have been selected for Gallery Representation .
You will find the full details for this opportunity on the International Art Gallery list PDF 

Discovery Learning UK


Discovery Learning is a supporter of the Artist Marketing Resources blog.

Discovery Learning are a fitness education company based in London in the United Kingdom. They sell and teach fitness courses such as gym instructor courses and personal trainer courses. They run their courses out of a network of academies located across the UK in London, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Coventry and Ipswich.

In addition to the mainstream accredited fitness courses, they also provide a wide range of extra course modules and training that people can purchase as add-ons to the mainstream course packages. You can go here to see a full list of fitness courses available from Discovery Learning.

One of the things that separates Discovery from most other fitness course providers in the United Kingdom is that their courses contain much information related to nutrition and weight management in addition to just physical exercise and sports training.

This is because Discovery are allied to various UK government organizations aiming to promote healthier living and tackle the rising childhood obesity crisis in the United Kingdom. They believe that by equipping trainee personal trainers and gym instructors with knowledge about how to treat overweight and nutritionally deficient people, they are providing the British public with additional expert sources from whom they can seek specialist weight management advice.

New Site: Three Day Gallery


Max Schoenbaum just launched the website,Three Day Gallery , which is a place for people to come see great new artwork each day by different artists. Every day Three Day Gallery features one new piece of art work and offers a chance to buy a discounted print of that piece for three days (72 hours) in their Spotlight Homepage Gallery. Once the Three Days is over the Artist can choose to sell the print in the Gallery where the artist gets to set the Royalty they receive from each print sold.

Three Day Gallery provides a selected artist with a custom profile, exposes the artist to the gallery’s audience of daily viewers, plus the artist retains full ownership of their work. If you are interested, please visit the Three Day Gallery website.  Or Submit using the link http://www.threedaygallery.com/submitnew/

Check out the Three Day Gallery Facebook page to see examples; and like their page to stay updated!

Artists Connect With Brooklyn Based Microscope Gallery in Facebook Group

There are many ways artists connect with gallerists–meeting and talking with them at Basel Miami, iPad portfolio in hand, is one way.

Artists can also do research online to find and connect with gallerists in groups on LinkedIN, Google+ and Facebook.

The MICROSCOPE Gallery in Brooklyn New York presents film, video, sound, performance, new media and other time-based artists through exhibitions, screenings and other events.  The gallery also has a Facebook group. This open group is a place for artists to connect with the people at Microscope Gallery.

Many galleries accept proposals from artists, or have open submission policies as well as seasonal calls for submissions.

Last month, I helped a small group of artists write a gallery proposal for a group show in a New York City gallery. One of the artists mentioned that the gallery website states that they are not currently accepting proposals, but that when she emailed the gallery she was invited to submit an artist proposal. The proposal we put together contained the bio, CV, and exhibition history of each artist, as well as images of their artwork and descriptions of their art making processes. The proposal proved to be an excellent way for these artists to introduce themselves to the curators at that particular gallery, as well as enter into the gallery system. Plus the proposal was structured for future updating, and use–each of the artists can expand, adapt, add new work, or develop the proposal further to use for other opportunities. If you would like to learn more about artist proposals, contact me, Marie Kazalia, via email: MarieKazalia@gmail.com

Finding time to research gallery opportunities can be an issue for many artists. That’s why Artist Marketing Resources put together a 200 page list of clickable links for artist to research and connect with art galleries world-wide. This research list cuts down on artist research time and helps artists quickly identify gallery opportunities. In the PDF, galleries currently accepting submissions, proposals, or that offer artists other opportunities to show their work( such as alternative galleries that have storefront exhibition programs and sales venues), are highlighted in yellow. That way artist quickly check under a region heading, note which galleries are accepting submissions and proposals, and visit those gallery site to learn more.

One hour each day researching the International Art Gallery PDF will provide you with many new opportunities and a better understanding of galleries in any region. The PDF currently has extensive sections containing links to galleries in major art centers such New York City and Brooklyn, the California cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, Chicago, London, Berlin, and cities in China, Canada, and Australia, as well as, growing lists of links to galleries in other cities in the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Our own research is ongoing, and as new galleries open their doors we quickly add them to our PDF gallery list.

Artists should feel free to contact us with any questions, needs, or requests. We love hearing from you.

Donate to Philippines Relief Effort to Receive Monoprint Art Print by NYC Artist

Nov 14th, Monoprint by Michael Krasowitz

Nov 14th, Monoprint by Michael Krasowitz

Have you been thinking of donating to the Philippines Relief effort? Donate in any amount to support this cause. Donate $150 dollars or more to receive this mono print by Michael Krasowitz. The first person to donate at least $150 and send their donation confirmation line to Marie Kazalia via Facebook messages, will receive the signed mono print in the mail. Michael Krasowitz has two more mono prints that he has offered to donors as well.

Now is your chance to donate directly to the relief campaign account of UN Ambassador Mr Carlos Slim Helu who is currently in the Philippines working on rebuilding efforts.

They do not have time to set up a website, and are accepting donations to this bank account. You can send securely using Pop Money for a transaction fee of less than one dollar.





ACCOUNT NUMBER  :04296 24184

ROUTING NUMBER    :026009593


Pastor Jordan M. Wank is Project Coordinator Fundacion Telmex Emergency Committee United State Of America


www.fundacioncentrohistorico. com.mx


CAZ News: Free video editing and post production workshops

Free video editing and post production workshops
Due to the popularity of our previous video training offer, CAZ has partnered with Digital Peninsula Network to provide the following two workshops in Adobe Premiere video editing software and Aftereffects digital motion graphics and compositing software.Two day Adobe Premiere Elements workshopMonday 25th Nov & Tuesday 26th Nov
Times: 9.30 am – 4.30 pm (both dates)This is a two day workshop and you need to attend both days to receive full training.

Premiere is a software for postproduction and video editing, which makes possible for both beginners and seasoned editors to assemble video, graphic and audio together.

This two-day Adobe Premiere Elements training course will guide you through the interface and many tools used to produce professional looking videos. You will explore different editing techniques, learn about different video and audio formats and understanding the principles of video and audio post-production.

Two day Adobe After Effects workshop

Wednesday 11th Dec & Thursday 12th Dec
Times: 9.30 am – 4.30 pm (both dates)

This is a two day workshop and you need to attend both days to receive full training.

Adobe After Effects is a digital motion graphics and compositing software. Its main purpose is for film and video post-production. After Effects is used to create motion graphics and visual effects for video presentations, show-reels and video art. It is also used to animate, alter, and composite media in 2D and 3D space with various built-in tools and third party plug-ins.

This is the ideal tool for getting creative in the post production stage of a video, in order to add special effects, subtitles, start and end titles and customised transitions.

The training will take place at DPN offices in Penzance. Please contact Ian Whitford with details of the workshop(s) you would like to attend via the email address: info@cazart.org.uk

The CAZ Team,
CAZ (Cornwall Autonomous Zone)
w: www.cazart.org.uk e: info@cazart.org.uk



Famous 1920-30’s BAUHAUS Now Offering Rooms For Rent In Their Studio Building



The historic and famous Bauhaus School of Design operated in Dessau, Germany from 1925-1932, before moving to Berlin then eventually closing in 1933. Bauhaus Dessau operates as a museum and now a hotel–renting former dorm rooms to visitors.

View interiors and rates on the Bauhaus site here.

Artist Collective Art Project Funding Grants for Artists, Writers, Performers, Musicians in Los Angeles

The Artist Collective project is truly thinking outside the box with their Artists Collective  Los Angeles County  Medical Marijuana Delivery Service. Based in West Hollywood, the ArtistsCollectiveLA.org  Delivers Pot To Fund A Community Arts Organization.

Artists Collective is a different kind of medical marijuana service. They’re an art project in and of itself. They aspire to create a medical marijuana non-profit where a considerable percentage of their proceeds go toward funding grants for artists, writers, performers, and musicians.

Transart, Your Guide to Artist Residencies

The Transart organization site provides artists with residency news and even has a map feature to help you locate residencies in specific geographic areas. Sign up on the site for the AIR newsletter to receive up to the minute email notifications of residency opportunities.

Last Call, 500 Artist Limit: This Year’s Annual Lottery Art Show

studio1.1 Lottery Show

Artists are invited to buy tickets now for studio1.1’s fifth Lottery Show. In line with the enormous place luck and accident play in the art world, there will be no selection process: the winning artist’s name will be drawn from a hat on the last day of the Sluice Art Fair, and the artist will receive a four-week show in the gallery during 2014.  As a ticket, each entrant will receive a numbered lithographic A5 print by Kate Lyddon in a limited edition of 500.   Part conceptual provocation and part fundraiser for an artist-led gallery, the Lottery Show is  one tiny demonstration of the fact that who you know doesn’t always matter.

For further information go to the gallery website, www.studio1-1.co.uk

LAST CALL studio1.1 Lottery Show.
The Draw will take place on Sunday 20th Oct at Sluice art fair, www.sluiceartfair.com

Limit: 500 entrants
Fee: £10 

KATE LYDDON, A Scene from Sarah’s Social, lithograph on card with collage, 2013

This year’s limited edition:

KATE LYDDON, ‘A Scene from Sarah’s Social’, lithograph on card with collage, 2013 edition of 500, 21 x 15 cms