Use Discount code: endofsummer to get $10 off International Art Gallery Directory


Use Discount code: endofsummer
to get $10 off when you buy the International Art Gallery Directory

Artists: the Swirl Into Spring Super Submissions Support Special

I don’t know about you, but I’m eagerly anticipating the first signs of warm spring weather–and hoping that it will come soon! Over the years, providing resources for visual artists, I’ve noticed that many artists do a big push to submit their art in April and May each year, and then again in September and October. In anticipation of that early Spring art submissions push that many artist do,  now through the end of March I’m offering 3 submission resource lists for $30.

That’s right, for the entire month of March, any 3 resource list for only $30. — just let me know which 3 you want in an email to, Marie Kazalia, at: .  I’ll send you a PayPal invoice (or a Google Pay invoice if you prefer). Once you pay the invoice I will send you the 3 PDF Resource lists you selected. This offer includes my ebook as well. This offer is only valid in the month of March. Select 3 from the list below–

1. International Art Gallery list PDF (170 pages) normally 19.95, only $10. with this offer.

2. Art Licensing companies, artist agents and artist representatives list PDF: (173 pages) normally $19.95, only $10. with this offer.

3. Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook  (90 pages) normally $21.95, only $10. with this offer.

4. Directory of Art Consultants PDF  (over 200 pages) normally $19.95, only $10. with this offer.

5. 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art PDF list   (60 pages) normally $19.95, only $10. with this offer.

I’ve been working on these lists for over 4 years–and continue to research, expand, edit and update each PDF resource list.

To get an idea of what these lists are like, take a look at the free new list I’m giving away–

The Art Magazines and Publications list PDF: is currently only about 15 pages of links, but in a similar format as the large lists above.

I Attended the Houzz Webinar

On February 2nd, I posted news of the upcoming Houzz webinars. Yesterday, on the 4th, I attended one of the webinars hosted by the Houzz Marketing Manager. The webinar lasted about 20 minutes, and consisted of by a slide presentation to illustrate each point verbally presented. There was no sales pitch, as with many webinars–it was simply a how-to on improving your Houzz profile.


2012_Houzz_blogdediseño (Photo credit: silviarmallafre)

I thought I would share a couple of points from her presentation:

Houzz has 12 million monthly site users and 90% are home owners interested in home decor. There seems to be a great deal of interest in the work of the artists who do have profiles and post art images on Houzz. Artists can set up a free account with unlimited upload of images.

When adding your images, select your 5 best and designate them cover photos. Those five images then appear in the Professional Directory in a montage associated with your individual profile.

If you need information on How To do anything within your Houzz account, go to where you will find recorded webinars. Or for direct one-on-one assistance, email:

Also, visit the How-To Houzz Tumblr blog

A Thank You From ArtStack

I hope he doesn’t mind that I posted his email(below). I’m glad to have my blog noticed by a large and popular site like ArtStack. The note of appreciation and the help getting my ArtStack *follow button* in my sidebar was unexpected! This is the email I received:

Thanks for posting about ArtStack!

Hi Marie,

Thanks so much for posting about ArtStack on Artist Marketing Resources – I really like what you’ve stacked so far!
You can also add a ‘Follow me on ArtStack’ button to the page by copying the code straight from here: – this works just like the code for the ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ button, and if someone who clicks the button hasn’t already joined ArtStack they’ll be able to sign up from directly; they’ll also follow you when they join.
Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts about the site – I’d love to hear your feedback and please do spread the word!
Ezra Konvitz
Co-Founder, ArtStack

Give the Ebook Artist Guide as a Gift Delivered by Email

Click, send, deliver your gift of the ebook Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions to your artist friends this year. Do you have an artist in your family? Give them the ebook Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions using the new Give as a Gift option on Smashwords.

guide to making artist submissions - 600 x 900

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the “Give as a gift” link from the book page for the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions.
  2. Enter the name of your giftee and their e-mail address. Very important you enter the correct e-mail address otherwise they won’t receive it. Alternatively, if you would like the gift to be a surprise, enter your own e-mail address. If you’re using this option and you want to give the same book to several different people, make sure that you click “Give as a gift” once for each giftee (don’t increase the quantity, because then you will be giving multiple copies to one person, which is probably not what you want).
  3. Once you complete the purchase of the gift, we’ll send an immediate e-mail to the recipient, providing them instructions on how to redeem the gift (you will get a copy of the e-mail too). If you entered your own e-mail address in step 2, you will get the e-mail and you will need to forward it or print it out and hand deliver it to your recipient. The gift code (contained in the hyperlink in the e-mail) will allow whoever uses it to pick up this gift, so keep it a secret (except from your giftee, of course). The gift e-mail will look like the sample below. Note that we will not share your e-mail address with the giftee, only your name as listed in your Smashwords profile.
  4. When your giftee gets the e-mail, your gift recipient will simply click the hyperlink in the message (which contains the gift code) and their book will become instantly available if they’re already registered for Smashwords. If they’re not yet a Smashwords member, or they’re not logged in to their account, we’ll prompt them to join (it’s free) or log in. After they register, the book is waiting for them in their Library.

Sample gift e-mail

Dear [Giftee’s name]:

[Your name, as listed in your Smashwords profile] has given you a gift of the ebook “Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions” by Marie Kazalia on Smashwords! To pick up your gift, please click the following link, or copy it and paste it into your web browser: (the full link will give them access to the book contents)

If you already have an account on (we’ll prompt you to log in, if necessary) you’ll have instant access to this book. If you don’t have an account on Smashwords, you will be asked to create one — don’t worry, it’s easy and free!

We hope you enjoy your gift!
The Smashwords Team

Here’s how to read Smashwords ebooks!Step 1: Click to the book page by clicking on the book title above.

Step 2: You’ll be prompted to log in to your Smashwords account. If you don’t yet have an account, you’ll be prompted to create one. It’s quick and free to create an account. Sign up, we’ll send you a confirmation e-mail, click the hyperlink in the e-mail and you’re in. Come join hundreds of thousands of readers around the world who use Smashwords to discover, purchase and read over 90,000 ebooks!

Step 3: Once you’re logged in, your gift will be saved for you and you will be able to click to get your book (or click to your Library to find your book) and click the download format you prefer.

Step 4: Read! Here’s our FAQ on how to download Smashwords ebooks to any device:

Plus–We send a copy of the gift e-mail to you the gifter as well, so that if for some reason your giftee doesn’t get the e-mail, you can pass it along to them yourself.

guide to making artist submissions - 600 x 900

Inquiry or Enquiry? Getting it right.


Inquiry (Photo credit: Marco Buonvino)

Many artists hard at work making multiple submissions weekly may send email to an art publishing company, for example, requesting their submission policy and guidelines. In the email subject line should the artist type Artist Inquiry or Artist Enquiry? Which is correct?

According to the Grammar Monster entry on inquiry vs enquiry, in both the USA and UK they are interchangeable words. However, in the UK the word inquiry denotes an investigation, while the word enquiry refers to a question asked.

In the USA, the word inquiry is more widely used and often the word enquiry is thought to be a misspelling of the word inquiry.

So, in practice, enquire and enquiry are more common in British English, and inquire and inquiry are more common in American English. This usage difference may be something to consider to help smooth over differences when doing business internationally. Little things can matter. Also, consider that Australia, India, South Africa, Hong Kong still commonly use British English, while American English may generally be preferred in other parts of the world, such as in Japan, S. Korea, Philippines, and Mexico. In Canada, it may be case by case–some use British English, some American English. When sending email to an arts professional in the USA perhaps it is best to use inquiry to avoid the appearance of a misspelled word. When sending an email to an arts professional in the UK you may want to use the preferred enquiry.

Your Artist Website: Ideas For Interacting and Gaining Feedback

Image via


Artists, do you want feedback from your website visitors but are unsure how to create interactions? Do you wonder how visitors to your website feel about your site design, or the over-all look of your site and ease of navigation?

If you are trying to come up with new ways to interact with your website visitors and gain feedback from them you might try your own version of a survey and giveaway (like in the example below). You could create a survey and send it to your mailing list or site subscribers, or post it to your blog. Perhaps you could ask for survey feedback and give one lucky winner an art print. I know these things may seem trite or corny, but everyone loves a giveaway! Giveaways generate excitement and interactions.

A few months ago, I received sample art canvases from a manufacturer to review on my blog. I liked the quality and price of the canvases so I asked the manufacturer to do a giveaway on my blog. Yes, one of our blog readers, in our very own Artist Marketing Resources blog giveaway, received a free canvas shipped to them at no cost by the manufacturer. Our blog post and giveaway offer created enough of a buzz that the manufacturer was pleased and offered to do another giveaway with us in the future.

You could also set up a giveaway with an art supplier or manufacturer in exchange for a similar small promotional campaign.

As a giveaway, you can do this one-on-one. Contact an individual at an art and design company and offer placement of their logo on your site (for a set amount of time)  in exchange for a review of your site and their professional feedback for improving your site design and navigation. These sorts of exchanges are commonly done.

You can also offer logo placement on your site or blog to art suppliers or manufacturers in exchange for artist materials.


I received this survey recently, with a giveaway offer:

Artspecifier and Photospecifier needs your help.

Please take a few minutes and complete the attached evaluation/survey.

By so doing you will be assisting us in serving you better.

Click here to take the survey and help us out, thanks in advance!

When you submit your completed evaluation, you will be entered into a lottery to win a lovely dinner for two in the city you live in! It is that simple.

We thank you for your valuable contribution and for being an integral part of creating vibrant, creative communities.

Joyce Creiger
Art Specifier/ Photospecifier

F*R*E*E* Mobile App of Your Artist Website In Minutes!

Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60

Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just a few years ago, getting an app made featuring your artwork for viewing on iPhone was a major project and expense. You had to hire an expert with the right software and pay them  thousands of dollars. According to experts, iPhone users shop on their phones, but also, perhaps surprisingly, they read books on their iPhones. So there are more sales of ebooks to iPhone users than to Kindle Amazon users. Visibility on the economically upper-levels of iPhone owners and users pays, but at that time may not have been worth the investment for many artists

Even very recently, I noticed a company promoting on Facebook–they create an app of your artist website for iPhone and Smartphone for just under $800.USD. While that price offer is better than the thousands it used to cost for such an app, I have even better news. Now you can get an app featuring your artwork free, at Conduit Mobile

You can create a mobile-friendly version of your website in minutes.

It’s true!  I tried it.  I entered my URL and the rest was completely automated. About two minutes later my app was ready.

Conduit Mobile also helps you promote your app and site to get more mobile users with their set of promotional tools and tips.

So you may have to invest some time into learning how best to promote you new app.

Artist Tip: How To Create Google+ Albums of Your Art Images

Nothingness (Peaches), oil on canvas panel, 12 x 12 inches, Lena Levin, 2012

When art is over, oil on canvas, 24 x 30 inches, Lena Levin, 2012

Lena Levin shares instructions on how to create photo albums of your art on Google + :

If you add photos not from the main Google+ page, but from the “Photos” tab, you can do either of two things:

1. Add one or several photos from your computer and create a new album out of them; after you have done that, Google+ automatically offers you to share (at which point you can add some text to make a post to accompany the photos). If there are three photos or less, the post will include a “panel” with all of them; if there are more, it will show a panel with the first three.

2. Essentially the same thing happens if you add your photos to one of your already existing albums: Google+ offers you to share, and, by default, it will include in the post only newly added photos: if there are three or less, they will be all visible together, in a panel.

The latter option works better if you have “thematic” albums — in this way, if someone clicks on a photo to view a larger version, they might also browse the whole album (note: if you click “Photos” from my profile, you will see that I have lots of such albums). It works as a “gentle nudge” to the followers to browse more of your work. 🙂 Quite often, this really happens — I see that someone goes through the older images and adds “+1″s or comments.

And it also offers those willing to share your work to their followers an option to share a whole album, rather than a single post or a single image.

I cannot give you links, because I am figuring this all myself, more or less (especially because they rather frequently change how it all works… :).

Lena Levin’s website is

The Profitable Artist E-course

Early nineteenth century drawing of Old Queen'...

Early nineteenth century drawing of Old Queen’s (1809), the oldest building on the Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Course Is Based on NYFA’s Book The Profitable Artist

NEW YORK and NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – Are you an artist who, having mastered your craft, now finds that your career has hit a wall? Do you have a specific project or goal that you want to accomplish but lack the resources?

Artists from all disciplines facing these challenges will learn everything they need to know about how to plan and organize their careers through the new online course entitled “The Profitable Artist.”

The course, from Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts, is based on the book The Profitable Artist, which was published last year by Artspire, an online community that supports artists and is a program of the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). The new course is taught by NYFA’s team of professionals and focuses on the essential topics related to entrepreneurship in the arts, and debuts in October of 2012. Expert presenters will lead students through important subjects like:

* Strategic Planning in the Arts

* Financial Management and Budgeting

* Legal Issues for Artists

* Marketing in the Arts

* Fundraising for Artists

By the end of this course, artists will have built an action plan for their career or project, and will have developed the skills needed to execute it.

“NYFA has initiated a number of programs to help artists learn how to be business people and entrepreneurs, so that they can concentrate on what is most important – their work,” said Michael Royce of NYFA. “This new course is another avenue designed to help artists, regardless of background, career level and art from, achieve this critical goal.”

Tuition $750.00

Space is limited, so for registration and more information, please visit:

For questions about the curriculum or course specifics, please email


Whether you sign up to the above course or not, Artist Marketing Resources provides über economical resources to compliment your plan of action.

International Art Gallery PDF list

Art Licensing contact list PDF:

Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook

Directory of Art Consultants

900+ Places to Sell your Art

Fine Art Shipping HORROR STORIES and Remedies!

Thanks to artist Harriete Estel Berman for creating and sharing this series of SlideShare presentations on the best methods of packing your art for shipping to buyers and exhibitions.

Online Catalog of Prints and Photographs

Some artists openly comment on their reference materials–such as Shepard Fairy who has used vintage Russian posters as resources for his art-making.

Many other artists wish to keep their reference sources hidden. Perhaps with some digging, you can uncover some of the obscure images for your personal use within the United States Library of Congress in Washington DC– a massive collection that comprises tens of millions of books and manuscripts as well as 15 million prints and photographs. The good news is that the images are free to download.

Through the website you have access to the online catalog Prints and Photographs that consists of 69 very diverse collections, including 18th century British cartoons, 19th century American baseball cards, old Japanese prints, theater posters, black and white photographs of the Middle East, promotional posters from the First World War and of course beautiful pictures of recent American history.

Unfortunately, not all collections are accessible online. But the images of the collections that are available are often very large TIFF files for download, making them perfect for large format printing.

How do you go about a search within such a massive collection? If you only want large images, here is a research tip. Once you click on one of the 69 collections, you are taken to a page “About this collection”  in the left column. Above is ‘View All’. If  you click on *view All*,  you will be shown all the images. If you select the check box ‘Larger image available’, only the large files come up.

Art Butler + Try Selling You Art in Subscriptions?! +

Limited edition three-dimensional album cover

Limited edition three-dimensional album cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Need to get better organized to increase your sales? Art Butler is a software to organize your art. Art Butler turns ten years old this month and offers 50% off their regular prices as part of their anniversary celebration.

Need an innovative idea to make regular quarterly sales of your art? Try setting up a subscription service on your website, in a way that is similar to a quarterly magazine subscription, except buyers subscribe to receive one of your limited edition artworks quarterly.  Spaces, an alternative exhibition space in Cleveland Ohio, has sent up such a subscription service. Review their  Quarter Art program as an example for you to follow and adapt to your needs. At Space an annual subscription is $500. A half-year subscription is $300. That is only $125 – $150 per limited edition art object by some of the artists they represent, including: Aaron KoehnSarah KabotLorri Ott and Michael Loderstedt. At Spaces an annual subscription is $500. A half-year subscription is $300. That is only $125 – $150 per limited edition art object. Subscribers quarterly art objects may be two-dimensional, three-dimensional or digital. Subscribers do not receive an image of the specific object in advance. The surprise is part of the fun for subscribers.

Signed up for to discover art from over 250 of the world’s leading galleries and museums.

Selling Art: A F*R*E*E* New Guide + Artist Event Strategy + Co-Op Ad Op

New Guide: Selling Nature Photography

This free guide, released in partnership with Outdoor Photographer magazine, Selling Nature Photography  explores how successful nature photographers have built their businesses and the secrets to getting the attention of leading buyers. You’ll also discover the most popular avenues for selling nature photography today, and how personalizing your pitches could get you sales.

The PDF covers 4 main areas:

  • Selling Stock Images
  • Fine Art Sales
  • Making Money Offering Workshops and Tours,Print Sales and Books
  • Editorial Sales

Get this Free 34 page PDF here . Painters, sculptors and all artists — reading this guide may spark ideas for making sales or help you polish your sales pitches for your artwork.


Painter Alessandro Brentel turned his online art portfolio into a sales event which he titled “100 ARTWORKS 1 ARTIST !!” The event offers one hundred of his paintings for sale in his Ebay Wikipediart online store. The artist invited buyers to attend the sale using Facebook event invitations. This is clever and perhaps the idea will work for you as well.


There is a co-op advertising opportunity in American Art Collector Magazine w/ Xanadu Gallery for a two page spread in the September issue of the publication. You can share your work with art collectors as part of this co-op ad for only $120.

Simple steps to participate:

Step #1 | Register Click here:

Click Here to Register for the Ad

If the ad is already sold out when you try to register you can try for stand by status by going to:

Only register for stand by status if you receive a message that the ad is sold out.

Artists who sign up for standby but don’t make it into this issue will automatically be placed in the next issue. In essence, signing up for Standby status guarantees you placement in the next ad.

Step #2 | Register Upload your image to Xanadu Gallery website by going to:

Upload Link

Follow the instructions on the upload page to send us your image and information

Please Upload your Image As Soon as Possible to Guarantee Placement in the September Issue



Art Galleries In Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya at dusk - Tokyo - Japan

Shibuya at dusk – Tokyo – Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many American and European artists would like to tap into the Asian art market.

UK, German and American artists exhibit in Japan and several are represented by the Tokyo art gallery Tomio Koyama Gallery

located in the popular Shibuya district of Tokyo. View the Tomio Koyama Gallery print editions, here:

To help artists with their research, we’ve put together an extensive list of international art galleries that current includes over 40 art galleries in Tokyo, Japan, with more researched and added continually.

Plus, we have over 40 Art Licensing Agents, Artist Reps, and Art Licensing Companies in Asia–in Japan, China/Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand–listed in our 150+ page Art Licensing PDF.

Art Gallery w/Online Sales + Print Editions and International Group Shows

The Mona Lisa.

The Mona Lisa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve discovered an art gallery that is based in Europe and exhibits their artists all over the world–from New York to São Paulo–and guess what? They also sell their artists’ paintings from their website and offer limited edition print options too! And they have a great reputation and are well-respected in the artist community. So what are your waiting for…oh, that’s right, I didn’t give you that information.

And I didn’t give you that great art licensing site I just added to my 150 page PDF list–a site where lots of artists sell their art printed on various upscale home products and personal accessories.

Oh, and those great online art collectives and galleries I just updated to my gallery list of thousands of links.

Well, guess what again? Today is * no free samples* day here on the Artist Marketing Resources blog. That’s right. We’ve given away lots of information to you already since our start in February 2009. So today, if you want these great resources, and thousands of others gathered and researched over the years, (along with recent new additions to the list) it’s going to cost you $18.95.

That’s right–a collective share list of nearly one thousand places to sell your art is only $18.95! And that includes all future updates! Here is the link:

One artist said once–“Hey, I can go online and do my own research!” to which I replied, “Sure you can–and hundreds of hours and four years later you could have the equivalent list offered by Artist Marketing Resources. If you calculate your time and effort at $20. per hour plus expenses, you’d rather invest over $20,ooo.00 rather than pay $18.95 for the same information? Plus, for only $18.95 you have all the links together in one PDF and you have access to them right away. (Creating the PDF took a lot of time! I’m an artist and I know how much time and effort it takes to research this stuff! And I know how artists just love sitting for hours and hours in front of their computers doing clerical work! NOT!)

So, it’s up to you! What do you want to do?

(Mona is smiling because she knows which way to go on this one.)

How This Scam Targeting Artists Works

There are many variations on similar scams targeting artists. Many artists wonder how these sorts of scam works. Even owners of large artist sites have been asking how the scam works. Well, an artist named Judy played the scam out far enough to get a check and explains the scam below:

“There is an Art Scam that is going around that you need to be aware of. I know because I’m currently in correspondence with the scammer who calls herself/himself “Gretta White”.
I received an email from “Gretta” saying, “Hope this message finds you well. I saw these creative works on your website and I will like you to get back with more details if they are still available for purchase.” She then proceeds to give me the titles of 2 of my art pieces. I wrote back with details of the pieces. She then writes back and asks what inspired me to make the pieces.
In following emails, she tells me that she is expecting her first child and that she and her husband are currently moving from New Jersey to London. Then she says she’s in Cancun for her sister’s wedding. Then she was in the hospital in Cancun because she almost had a miscarriage. Of course I wrote back to say how sorry I was that she was ill and I’m glad she’s feeling better.
Then she wants my address so her husband can send me a check and she can notify her “cartage company” so they could arrange the pick up of my work.
I suddenly had a feeling that I needed to learn more about Gretta White so I googled her name. There she was under “Gretta White Art Scam”. The person calling herself/himself “Gretta White” supposedly has her husband send the artist a check with an over-payment of thousands of dollars. She then says her husband made a mistake and included the shipping charge so would the artist please go ahead and deposit the check in their own bank and Western Union the over-payment back to her husband. Of course the check is fake but it takes the bank a while to find out. In the meantime the artist has just sent real money to Gretta’s husband.
I now have the check that Gretta’s husband sent me. The check is $2,000.00 more than the price of my art. I received an email from Gretta today asking me to go ahead and deposit the check and she’ll tell me where to send the Western Union.
The check was sent by a Fred Stellato in Bethlehem, PA. (Gretta told me they lived in New Jersey.) The check is from OMICS Publishing Group in Westlake, Los Angeles, CA.  I plan to keep it as a souvenir.

Artists Ask: Where can I find info on how to submit my artwork to art licensing companies?

I frequently post Calls for Artists to Submit on this blog. Two days ago, I posted information about a fine art publishing company that is currently accepting submissions from artists.

Artists asked—How do I submit? Where can I find info on how to submit my artwork to art licensing companies?

Yes, you are on the right track by asking questions!  Art licensing companies receive many submissions daily. It is important to make a professional looking submission. Why? If an artist submission is sloppy the company representative reviewing submissions may deleted it!  Yes, this is true. In your art licensing submission it is important that specific words are used, or your submission may be deleted. Why? Because professionals in this industry do not have a lot of time to educate artists. It is up to the artist to find out the correct approach before contacting the companies about their artwork.

You will find information on the correct ways to make submissions in my ebook the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions.  The ebook format gives artists immediate access to the information they need.

Visual artists, the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions contains tips, 100’s of resource links, and cover letters for you to adapt and use for making your own submissions, in any media, to get your art viewed by art licensing company reps, fine art publishers, art gallerists, museum curators, corporate art consultants, and others in positions to help you take the next step up in your art career. Artists use the information in this book to create their own opportunities and  income streams that will support your art-making practice.

The sample letters in this ebook are based on actual letters used to obtain solo exhibitions, lucrative art licensing contracts, representation with top artist agencies, and contracts for lucrative Giclee print sales internationally. Adapt and use the cover letters in this ebook to make your own submissions.

Where do you get a copy?

Copyright Marie Kazalia 2011

ISBN 978-0-615-47557-8

ebook: 90 pages

The Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook is available on Amazon Kindle:

 The Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook is now downloadable from the Smashwords  site, in several formats including Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, PDF, Text file, Word and other word-processing formats: