Slide Presentation on Shipping Your Art Internationally

I recently sold two of my paintings to a buyer in Europe. I learned that international shipping can be easy or it can be quite involved. There are many factors, and this audio slide presentation covers international shipping for sold art and art for exhibition that will be returned to you. I recommend that you view this to eliminate those surprises that can delay your shipment and add additional expenses.

For instance, including a Certificate or Origin could get your art cleared through customs easily and quickly. From shipping of my art, I learned that you can obtain a Certificate or Origin from your Chamber of Commerce, or from FedEx for a fee. This presentation also provides other resources and reasons for including such a certificate with your international artwork shipment.

Fine Art Shipping HORROR STORIES and Remedies!

Thanks to artist Harriete Estel Berman for creating and sharing this series of SlideShare presentations on the best methods of packing your art for shipping to buyers and exhibitions.