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Pinterest (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

I keep Tweetdeck up all day and receive notices of any mentions. Some artists, art orgs and galleries share my links. When I receive a mention on Twitter I make sure that I retweet. If you’d like a retweet then share one of my links below.

On Google+ it is easy to share links and  +1.   I reblog on Tumblr whenever the option is available, to help share the artwork of artists. On Pinterest I pin to my own boards and to other boards I’ve been invited to pin to, such as one for the literary and art journal Meat For Tea.  Send a good quality jpeg of one of your art images and I will upload it to Pinterest and pin it to one of my boards. Be sure to let me know the title and medium of the artwork. Send it to (leave a comment here to let me know that you’ve sent it).

Leave your links in a comment on this blog post, and I will copy and paste them into a tweet and share on Google+. You can leave your website link, portfolio link, Facebook fan page link, Tumblr blog link etc, but be sure to also leave a descriptive line. (No one will click on a shared link unless they know something about what it links to.)

Share my links:

Artist Marketing Resources blog 

Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store

Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store Facebook fan page

Artist Marketing Resources PDF lists: 800+ Places to Sell Your Art, International Gallery List, Art Consultants, Art Licensing

ebook  Guide to Making Artist Submissions is available on Amazon Kindle

ebook Guide to Making Artist Submissions on the Smashwords site is downloadable in many formats:

Do You Enter Contests? on Pinterest!?

A few days ago on Pinterest, I repinned a set of green vases from an upscale home decor site for a chance to win them. Today I learned that PUREWOW is sponsoring a camera company giveaway that is also using Pinterest as an aspect of their contest.First, they want you to submit a photo that you have taken for a chance to win a Panasonic Lumix 3G camera — here is the  link:, repin your favorite image (hopefully your own!) so that you are automatically entered to win the second prize–a Panasonic Lumix ZS19 camera.

Join IN THE PINK: the 1,000,000 People Art Project

Chicago based artist Connie Noyes has been working on her IN THE PINK project for the past year and a half. With Kickstart donations and the support of the Fractured Atlas organization the artist recently launched IN THE PINK, a Ning Site artists may join here.  I was the 7th member to join a few days ago and now there are over 20 site members. How long will it take until IN THE PINK reaches a membership of one million artists? Read the IN THE PINK blog for more details.

Twitter Bomb Project for Art Takes Time Square Today 3PM

Artist Chris Osborne received this invitation–

Chris, tomorrow at 3pm you are invited to get your work seen by the world.

Join Questlove of the Roots / Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (2 Million followers) plus hundreds of others in tweeting the following:

#ArtTakesTimesSquare @ArtistsWanted – help my work get shown

By tweeting this at exactly 3pm (EST) Wednesday you get:

  • Your friends to see your work
  • Tens of thousands of people who will be searching #ArtTakesTimesSquare to see your tweet
  • If we get #ArtTakesTimesSquare trending, hundreds of thousands of people will see it.

This is in your hands, good luck!

You can also find several artworks by Chris Osborne in our Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

A Variety of Opportunities For Artists To Promote Their Art

Tumblr dashboard

Tumblr dashboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are artists out there who tell me that they still don’t have a blog or don’t have time to blog. Try Tumblr. There is so much arts activity on Tumblr! You will find artists, art galleries, and arts organizations. Create a Tumblr blog, explore and reblog art posts to your blog. It is so easy.

Some Tumblr blogs have calls for submissions or allow you to upload and promote your own art images and links. Add an image of your art to the The NYC Mind Tumblr blog.The NYC mind is owned by an artist active in the New York City arts scene. Help his blog grow by submitting and sharing on Tumblr. He will help you promote your art.


Bring Your Own Beamer (beamer = cute British word for projector) or BYOB, is a series of pop-up one-night exhibitions around the world.  BYOB is open to anyone interested in moving light, sound, and performance.
Learn more about BYOB worldwide at


Artists Over age 65 – An Opportunity to Share Your Work

The John A. Hartford Foundation (, one of the nation’s leading private funders of aging research, is looking for two or three artists over the age of 65 to show some of their work at a small conference in Chicago on Tuesday, July 10th, 6-7 pm (at the Sutton Place Hotel–21 E. Bellevue Place).  They’re  looking for artists over the age of 65 to show some of their work plus talk a little about their creative process and take questions from the group related to their art and how it’s affected and been influenced by their own aging process. There is a modest honorarium for each participating artist. If you’re interested, please email Chris Gherst at before May 15th.

What To Do If Photos of Your Art on Pinterest Are Misused


Pinterest (Photo credit: PixByDee)

Pinterest is now one of the top three social media sites. That’s right, now it is Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

So far, I have only read of one jewelry designer who had her photos misused by a spammer on Pinterest. The spammer linked computer viruses to her product name and images. Pinterest removed the spammer from their site. Read the full Daily Dot story here.

Artists should be aware that there is a copyright infringement form for Pinterest. If you discover misuse of your art image on the Pinterest site, complete and submit the Pinterest copyright infringement form—you will find it here:

Why Pinterest is the Best Social Media Site for Artists!


Pinterest (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

I love Pinterest. It is THE social media for visual communication, IMO. Pinterest is a great place to do accelerated research of art images, as well as a great place to post images of your own art. During my first week on Pinterest I found amazing art images, had hundreds of my pins repinned, received lots of comments, and made new connections with a museum curator and several artists.

By clicking on images I like on Pinterest, I find interesting blogs and websites. Today, I found a wordpress blog called Art Snapper. Art Snapper accepts submissions of images. Artists, rather than submit your own artwork images to Art Snapper, you could cross-promote by asking a friend to submit an image of your art, and you submit an image of their artwork in return. Art Snapper posts your art images to their blog and to Pinterest where others pin them to their boards, *like* your image, and follow your link back to your website.

Last month, Pinterest drove more traffic to websites than Twitter, and Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube, and  LinkedIn and combined .

Join an Artists’ Web Ring

Faith Holland emailed to “Definitely feel free to re-post this wherever you’d like.” So I am sharing it here. I remember Web Rings in the ’90’s and it is interesting that they vanished and are coming back.

Call For Submission For Artists’ Web Ring


I am looking for artists whose work looks critically at any issues surrounding the internet. These works need not be net art, but they must be available online in order to participate. This work could fall under the rubric of ‘post-internet’ art or ‘internet-aware’ art, but this project leaves that kind of terminology to be self-defined by the artist and does not itself assume those labels.

Web Rings were popular in the early days of the consumer internet. People with like interests banded together to form a ring of sites. Each web page in the ring would have a button marking them as a member and connecting them to the next, last, and a random page within the ring.

As part of my own process of reconsidering 90’s web practices, I’d like to revive this old format. The Meta Cyber Arts Web Ring will constitute a community of artists linked together directly—without Google, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, or galleries. It will be a system of mutual support among artists as well as defining a particular moment in art practice in relation to the web.

To be included, please send an e-mail to with a link to your website as well as a short e-mail about why you feel your work fits. Please note, this is an inclusive process and everyone that sends me an e-mail will be included in the web ring.

Once I have a group of participating artists together, I will distribute code to include on the main page of your website.

If you’re interested in helping coordinate this process by contributing code or graphics, please also let me know.

This Blog Nominated to Receive The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Catherine Lane for nominating this blog to receive The Versatile Blogger Award

Catherine informed me today, saying “Thanks for the fabulous posts !”

To accept the award I must make a post nominating 15 fellow bloggers. 
Inform said bloggers about their nominations.
 Share 7 random things about myself.

The Versatile Blogger Award site:

The 15 bloggers I nominate:

Art World Chicago


Make Space

Caio Fern

Andy Parkinson

Susan Gainen

OCAC Library 

The Healing Eye


Canadian Art Junkie

Alex Solodov

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Life and Art

7 Random things about myself:

– I recently signed an art licensing contract for 3 of my paintings

– I’m better with math in Mandarin

–  prefer manual transmission automobiles

– like to grow my own salads in garden boxes

– love Amish quilts

-prefer pet birds to dogs or cats

– have visited the Great Wall of China

2011 in review–31K Visited This Blog

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 31,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 11 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Free VASA Discussion Forums Begin Today–Topics: the End of the Photographic Print, Decision or Decisive Moments?, and the End of Photo Criticism

Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of ph...

Image via Wikipedia

Beginning December 7th and continuing until December 20th, Rui Cepeda, A. D. Coleman, and Roberto Muffoletto will be leading online discussions on current issues in photographic arts. Forum one: Dinosaur Bones: The End (and Ends) of Photo Criticism, explores the evolution and devolution of photography criticism over the past four decades. Forum two: Moments of Decision or Decisive Moments? Is photography about decisive moments presenting themselves to the photographer or about what the photographer decides to photograph? Forum three: The End of the Photographic Print and the Birth of the Image. This discussion will address issues related to the end of the photographic print and its shift to the digital image–atoms to pixels. To find the free registration option to introduce yourself and join in one or more of these discussions, visit the VASA site ( and select “Forums & Discussions” from the menu.

Join the Artist Marketing Resources LinkedIN Group

The Artist Marketing Resources group on LinkedIN has 1,231 members–all artists and arts professionals. If you would like to join, and already have a LinkedIN profile, you can easily search the groups to locate the Artist Marketing Resources group.

Artist members freely post about their art exhibitions, sales, and calls to submit that they want to share with other artists in the group. There are also topic discussions on such things as how best to promote art on social media sites such as Facebook. While most LinkedIN arts groups *do not allow* artists to promote their work, the Artist Marketing Resources group encourages artists to promote and cross-promote in the the group.

The group is approximately one year old, and  has created two group project Slide Share presentations. There is also a Flickr account for group members to add and share their images with other members and for review for future projects.

All artists are welcome to join, interact and promote their art and projects in the group. Artists connect with opportunities via group discussions and artist news posts.

Golden squiggles

Image by Steve-h via Flickr

Art-Profiles: A New Social Media Site For Artists


Image by misteraitch via Flickr

Visual artists who connect with people in other fields hoping to find buyers,may become lost in the crowd of others who are *not* passionate about art. Yet artists who tend to connect only with other artists on large social media sites such as Facebook may feel some frustration as well. Artists wonder how and where they might connect with art collectors and art-lovers online.

Art Profiles addresses those issues in their  large new social media site for creative people. The site is designed to connect artists with companies and art-buyers. Art Profiles has a *sales* feature which allows artists to post free ads that include artwork prices– yet takes nothing on sales.

Art Profiles is a something like a bigger better Ning site with more features. The site founders provide free marketing tools and even promises to promote your art on Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Chime.In, the New Social Media

Image by 만박 via Flickr

The new social media site still in Beta testing, Chime.In, has been described as combining the features of Twitter, Reddit voting and Blogging. I just joined. The layout is like Facebook but with newsrooms like Digg recently added. Another thing I noticed when signing up, the list of interests to select from had Art on the list! Most sites lump art in with *lifestyle* or *entertainment.* Does that mean the site is a good one for artists? It is free and another place to promote your website and art events.

Better Facebook Free Add-On Expansion

Last week I created a new Facebook fan page for my e-commerce store, and wanted to invite all of my 2500+ Facebook friends to *like* my new fan page. With the current Facebook set-up, that would take about one full hour of check-boxing to get that accomplished. When I mentioned to a friend the amount of time it would take, he said Better Facebook would allow me to send the invitations with one click.

I did not want to mess around with something complicated, so when I installed the Better Facebook add-on app, and it was oh so easy, it seemed almost too good to be true. The App did everything for me. When one of my Facebook friends added a new post to their Tumblr blog, a new *Tumblr* tab automatically appeared on my Facebook page alerting me to the new post. With one click I viewed the post in Tumblr and with one-click returned to my Facebook page.

Right now, on my Facebook page, in addition to the Tumblr tab I have a Twitter tab where I can view a list of the 25 recent tweets from Facebook friends. Each tweet in the list has a one-click button to *Like* *Comment* or *reply.* When I click on *reply* it took me directly to my Twitter home page where I wrote a Twitter update, tweeted it, then return to my Facebook page with one click.

There are so many great features to Better Facebook that I began to wonder how the developer could have come up with so many ideas for one app. When I contacted Better Facebook author Matt Kruse, he told me that he listens to what users want. “I have received a ton of suggestions from users at Better Facebook Users Voice and I will go through that when working on the next version, so I can incorporate some of the requests that users voted up the most,” he said.

Better Facebook author, Matt Kruse

Matt Kruse is at work on the next major release of Better Facebook (version 6), that “will be an improved filters interface that is much easier to understand and use, and easier to use Options interface, and User Interface touch-ups so Better Facebook blends more seemlessly into the Facebook interface,” he described.

Creator Matt Kruse started working on this app in 2009, and continues to offer it as a free download. He is also at work on a redesign for his Better Facebook download site, with a new color scheme, and a new look.  Matt has also written a number of iGoogle Gadgets and a free script called Better iGoogle

Article first published as The Better Facebook App on Technorati.