Video Interview With L.A. Artist Jen Stark


Video interview in Amadeus magazine.

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Update on Art Prints: Japanese Fish Printing and Contemporary Teddy Bear Printing Techniques



The Japanese fish printing technique is called gyotaku –read about the methods for printing fish here. One artist has updated the technique using toys and teddy bears.

Artist Geoffrey Ricardo ( in the printing space at The Art Vault Mildura ( playing with some friends.

Artist Geoffrey Ricardo ( in the printing space at The Art Vault Mildura ( playing with some friends.

Here’s a video of his printing process:

Artist Zalez: Short Movie About the End of Summer on French West Coast

The blogging gods have smiled down upon me, sending me this Zalez video to post share, to give me a day off from writing blog articles while I recover from the flu.

Actually, it was the artist Zalez himself who sent the video. He’s sent us videos before. This one is fittingly about the end of summer.

“Nowhere Land” is his short movie filmed during a road trip this summer on the French West coast.
With surf, street art, and skate…Enjoy!

“Nowhere Land” est une vidéo tournée durant un road trip trip dans le Sud Ouest de la France.
Regroupant, du Surf, du Street Art, et du Skate…


Artists, Designers, Gallerists Call to Submit to Apollo Art TV

Screenshot 2015-09-20 at 12.22.44 PM


Apollo TV which is based in Berlin, Germany and has dynamic art videos from art fairs, exhibitions and visual artists in their studios, is actively inviting international artists to become contributors! Submit to Apollo TV!

Apollo TV is actively seeking collaborators to feature. Just submit your work – whether it’s photos, raw video footage or ready-made content, their creative post-production team will package it up to make into artful television.

Apollo TV has millions of viewers and works Artists, Designers, Curators, Architects, Innovators, Gallerists, Museums and more.

Art TV is just one category in our Art Magazines, Art blogs, and Art Publication Resources e-list available here and in our new Shopify store here.


Video: “The Secret of Drawing” Episode 1: “The Line of Enquiry”

This four part series, presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon, explores how drawing has shaped our lives. Join him to discover the history of drawing and its relevance to the modern world.


Video: Wall of Art by Bimal Bolakhe

Bimal Bolakhe sent me his Wall of Art video. Length: 1:20



I enjoyed this simple basic video of this artist’s wall painting. If you have an artist video you’d like featured here, send it via email to:

Video: Solar, by #artist Morgen Christie

Artist Morgen Christie sent her video “Solar” for our Sunday featured video spot. Visit Morgen Christie’s website here.





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VIDEO: Artists and Photographers on Conquering Fear

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Video: Chris Martin Exhibit at Anton Kern Gallery

Published on Oct 14, 2014

James Kalm has, over the last twenty years, established himself as one of the most knowledgeable and consistent commentators on the Brooklyn art scene in the world. It was through his video project The James Kalm Report that he first came across the work of Chris Martin. Previous James Kalm videos share his studio visits and long discussions with painter Chris Martin. This exhibition, the artist’s first with Anton Kern, presents recent works, many completed over the summer. Color is pitched to an almost harsh level, and various materials, like tin foil and glitter, are employed to challenge the viewer’s accepted notions of “good taste” and beauty. The musical introduction is provided by Peter Lewy and Frank Tedesso and was recorded spontaneously under the Arch at Washington Square Park.



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Video: UK Painter Martin Finnin At Work in His Studio

I want to share this video interview of a UK artist. I love his angst-free descriptions of his painting process and love of the light in his studio, simplifying the complex process of painting into something pleasant and interesting.

1 minute and 34 second video tour of our virtual art gallery show

Watch this one minute  and 34 second video preview of our virtual gallery exhibition group show

Here is the link to enter  and view the entire exhibition for a long as you like: