Artworks for Change: Social and Environmental Issues and the Transformative Power of Art

As artists, we all have a good life working daily in our studios. I think it is good to take a moment to reflect upon the social problems and environmental concerns in the world outside the privacy of our studio practice.

With that in mind, I’d like to share these organizations and projects:

Artworks for Change is a non-profit arts organization in Oakland, California, that produces contemporary art exhibitions to address social and environmental issues.

The Creative Well and The Voices and Faces Project are American documentary and non-profit organizations created to bring the names, faces and stories of sexual violence and trafficking survivors to the attention of the public.

Condo Painting–A Video On Artist-Painter George Condo

Recently, I watched the video Condo Painting, a 10 + year old documentary on painter George Condon. The video is available for viewing on Netflix.
At one point the video takes an unexpected turn when George Condo paints over one of his large canvas paintings. The film captures Condo going through some inner turmoil and a working-through phase that ultimately results in a radical change in his painting style. It is a fascinating video. The video also contains other enlightening aspects of the creative process captured on film. If you have a chance I recommend viewing this video.

YouTube has a few more recent videos of George Condon exhibitions and George Condo discussing his art. Here is one short video:

Digital Art Outdoors on Buildings: A Preview Video

One of our store artists, William Phelps Montgomery, has a new digital art video. Several of his digital fine art Lambda prints are available in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

The video is for a moving digital video light display that wraps around the top of the PECO building in the Philadelphia skyline. How cool is that!