About this blog, about me…

I am an artist and I started this blog in February 2009 with the idea of gathering resources here for artist’s growth.

I was born in the USA and I am an artist working with the possibilities of paint layers and poured paints on my supports of canvas, panel and papers– such layering, poured painting, and stain painting is also know as Process Painting. The formal possibilities of my use of color layers and tones, variety of paints and the resulting surface texture are achieved by varying the paint flow, paint run overlaps, and by creating flow interference, splash and splatter. I have an interest in the possibilities of both maintaining and breaking the hard edge. Close-up gives the vantage point of the pleasure of the painterly poured paint run intermingled with elements of patterning and the finer details of applied image transfers and Asemic writing built up on my support in a dense bricolage. Asemic writing consists of language-like marks unreadable as writing so as to straddle the line between the visual and the textual. My Asemic writing is informed by my formal language studies of Mandarin Chinese at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, China, and language studies at private language schools in Tokyo, Japan and in India. My stronger American influences on my Asemic writing reference everyday product package lettering past and present. My high contrast mixed use of Day-Glo to earth color compositions are responses to Asian and American use of color from ancient to recent Pop aesthetics. Color influences of Japan, India and China and the forms of the written characters of the languages of those countries, as well as those elements in other Asian countries I visited–Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea–reemerge in newly abstracted and combined forms. Translucent and transparent  overlays of color contain the opacity of the drawn stroke.  In some of my paintings I work with my collection of large handmade Chinese calligraphy brushes. I abstract written language characters, cut up, juxtapose, and layer fragmented language signs together visually,–sometimes over, sometimes under poured paint, or sandwiched between the layers of my surfaces. In the image transfer elements of my paintings, I incorporate my own drawings photographically reproduced and printed on paper multiple times. Incorporating too, images from my camera–including outdoor night photography shots, and vintage b & w films I shoot capturing both the individual film frames and the overlapped combined images within frame transitions for use as image transfers. I also collect “found images” and have used images in my paintings that I’ve held on to for 7-8 or more years, printed to paper and used  as acrylic image transfers on my supports. Subject matter for my image transfers tend to center around vintage film, holiday and other social symbols and iconography, and commercial product packaging. My daily painting practice yields surprisingly varied results per canvas or composition within the repetition of these techniques and recurring interests of form. Each painting contains traces of what is significant to me, the artist, –my personal progress, growth, shifts, changes, expansions, forward motion, accumulation of thought and work, day upon day, contained within the layers of my paintings, as form, color and texture merge in the spirituality of my abstract painting practice that proceeds from the context of ideas, beliefs and emotions.

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Marie Kazalia



getting into museums

Getting your work into museums
Brainard Carey
The Art World Demystified
One way is to meet a curator and propose a project or show them your work, but here is another back-door way, that is more intimate and you get paid right away.
Look at the website of a museum near you. Find their educational programs and read the descriptions of them all. There will be workshops and lectures the museum offers for adults, children and usually ages in between as well.
Now think of a workshop or lecture you could propose. It could be anything with any age group. It helps if it relates to an upcoming exhibit. For example, if there is a show on Picasso coming up, you could propose a workshop on how to paint or photograph like picasso, or make a video with a group using methods picasso used for painting, or lecture on how picasso has influenced contemporary artists or anything else, do you get the idea?
Now maybe you are wondering why do a workshop or lecture, because it may not be easy for you or interesting to you.
The reasons are 1. The museum will pay you. 2. It gets you in the museum, you will meet all the staff and be on the inside which may lead to greater things, like a show.
So, your next step is to call the museum near you, ask who is in control of the educational department because you want to propose something. It’s usually a program director or someone like that. Get their email, and send them a proposal that sounds like one of the descriptions on their website and tell them what exhibit it would relate to that they are having.
In this way, you will get paid to do workshops, and will meet the staff of the museum which is the key to being an insider.
If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to ask by email: Brainard Carey brainardcarey@gmail.com

Brainard Carey works with artists of all different levels from students to mid-career to full time professionals.  He helps artists manage their careers as well as develop how their career will be strategized. You see, all artists are different, not just because they have different artwork, but because they have different personalities and views, and this is what primarily determines how they (you) will structure their involvement with the art world. Because if you are shy or aggressive or somewhere in between, your strategy must suit your personality or it will fail.
As an art mentor, Brainard helps artists to develop strategies that suit them and are comfortable to execute.  If you are interested in possibly working with Brainard to develop your career, send your website or images via email to: brainardcarey@gmail.com   He will contact you to schedule a conversation to discuss working together and what it will cost. There is no charge for that first call, it is for discussing your needs.
Other ways Brainard helps artists is by writing letters or grants for them and editing texts that they are currently working on.

Branard Carey is an artist as well as an educator in professional career development. He was in the Whitney Biennial as a collaborative with my wife, as Praxis. Has also had solo museum shows, one of which was at the Whitney, and exhibited in Europe. Brainard receives the large amount of his income from private collectors and sponsors.He presents lectures on career strategies for artists in universities and other venues.

He also offers a newsletter. The newsletter is a paid subscription which is 20.00 and you will get a newsletter by email every sunday morning. His newsletters give endless inside information about the art world. Including interviews of major curators, directors of museums and all types of art professionals for advice on how artists should manage their careers. He also gives a teleseminar once a month that comes with your subscription, where he talks about topics like how to approach galleries and museums.

If you would like to know more about the subscription which for new subscribers like you is free for the first month, please check the link below.  If you subscribe now, you will also get an ebook on How I got into the Whitney Biennial as well as a DVD mailed to you of a two hour presentation Brainard gave at the New York Academy of the Arts on Income Strategies for Artists.

If you sign up for a free trial subscription to the newsletter which is normally 20.00, as a bonus, will you receive the ebook, How I got into the Whitney Biennial,  as well a 2 hour DVD in the mail of the full presentation Brainard gave at NYAA on income strategies.
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your press releases

In John R. Math’s article, 10 Ways an Artist Can Develop Their Brand:

” Online press releases offer an artist a way in which they can promote their events, openings and other promotions.  Most press release websites include links back to the artist’s website, along with a biography section.  They also offer guides on how to write and form a press release. Search engines pick up these press releases very quickly and they become a major source of the artist’s brand. www.prlog.org www.pressreleasepoint.com www.dbusinessnews.com

Read the entire article on the Art Marketing Strategies site:

The Press Release sites will give you an idea of what information to include in your art event news. I’d like to start posting exhibit and other news

for all artist subscribers of this blog, on an ongoing basis. Submit  exhibition and art project news to me via email: Marie Kazalia: mariekazzaz@embarmail.com

I will post your news here on this blog. Now until October 4th I ask everyone who sends a press release to support my Kickstarter project by backing it with $1. or more

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Interview w/Marie

Layers of Intent: An Interview with painter Marie Kazalia

Leisa Rich writes:

I first met Marie in a Linkedin discussion. Things can get pretty interesting on Linkedin; not only can you connect with all kinds of people interested in similar artistic and professional pursuits, you can learn, grow, expand…and have some pretty dynamic and intriguing discussions! Marie and I have slung around some intense verbal exchanges in more than a few of them.

Read the entire article at:


Update: groups

By request we now have Artist groups for you to join

where you can to talk to other artists who subscribe to this blog, share news about your projects, support each other’s Kickstarter projects, talk about ops,

share news and ways to mutually promote each others exhibits  …etc

The groups will bemember driven, as I continue to concentrate on providing content useful to artists here on this blog. For consistency the group names

match this blog:

LInkedIN group Artist Marketing Resources:


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For Subscribers and readers

As founder and solo contributor to this blog, expanding is a constant consideration. Very recently I submitted an application with a large design firm for Pro Bono redesign of this site. Also,upon invitation I started an Affinity group at Idealist.org, where I have also posted a request for an intern and content contributors.

I plan to begin featuring exhibition news from my blog subscribers. All blog subscribers, and those interested in the content of this blog, are welcome to submit news, links, ideas, suggestion or comments to me for consideration–   via email to: mariekazzaz@embarqmail.com

Within the next few days I will begin a weekly update of my Kickstarter project, which will continue for 4 more weeks. The information should be relevant and beneficial to the artist readers of this blog who may also be seeking funding and increased networking opportunities.

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Marie Kazalia

Tate Modern: another artist accepted

Another satisfied artist who subscribes to this blog to receive email updates of new posts, writes:

Dear Marie,

Thanks to your emails I got to know about the possibility of getting my work exhibited at the Tate Modern through the Museum of Everything. I went there and my drawing got selected. The experience of having my drawing shown at the Tate is mind-blowing.

On the other hand, I work for a collective of artists in London and we have uncurated exhibitions three times a year. I could send you the information. The web is


and my web is


all the best,


Artist Accepted

New York City artist Carmen Li found the Call to Submit to her first exhibition on this blog. Carmen writes:


I want to thank you for giving me the information about the show at the Monmouth Museum. They just announced the selected list and I am on it. This is my first show as you know, I am completely new to the circle.

I truly appreciate you sharing the information with me and I will send out your blog link for others so they can get your help as well.


View Carmen’s amazing art assemblages at: www.found-object.com

Carmen Li

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Carmen experienced an interesting mix of Chinese tradition and colonial influence. After her 1992 graduation from the Swire School of Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she became very active in design circles while working in several established Hong Kong studios. In 1996, just before the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese government, Carmen arrived in New York City with two suitcases and her portfolio. In 2004 Carmen set up Creasia Design, incorporating her unique international sensibility into her own design language. Art remains her raison d’être however, and she continues to challenge commonplace perceptions of what art is Although New York is now her adopted home, Carmen frequently travels to London, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong, where she actively seeks new material for her work, with inspiration coming in equal measures from the Royal Academy of Arts and the streets of Dai Pai Dong or Asakusa.

International Contemporary Art Fair Exclusively Online

The conventional art fair — for which collectors, dealers and other art-world professionals jet into a city for several days of looking, buying, partying and networking — is about to face a challenge. The online-only VIP Art Fair, which will take place for the first time in January, is similarly time-limited (at a week long), but different in almost every other way from a normal fair. The “booths” are virtual; conversation (and haggling over prices) will take place by instant messaging, phone or Skype; and no one will get sore feet. The event is the brainchild of two couples, the art dealers James and Jane Cohan and the Internet entrepreneurs Jonas and Alessandra Almgren, who are neighbors and friends in Park Slope.

So far several major galleries have signed up, including Gagosian, David Zwirner, White Cube, Hauser & Wirth and L&M Arts. The cost to galleries in the most elite category is $20,000, which Mr. Cohan said the founders estimated to be about a fifth of the cost of doing a conventional art fair (including booth, transportation, hotels and shipping). Asked whether people would be willing to spend money on art they hadn’t seen in person, Mr. Cohan said that buyers most likely would be people already familiar with a given artist’s work. For other visitors, he added, the fair would be more about education and making initial contacts with dealers. The fair will take place from Jan. 22-30. Anyone can browse, but to interact with dealers, you will have to be invited by one of the exhibiting galleries or pay a fee. (source: NY TImes, Art Beat article)


Visit the website to submit your name and email address to receive an invitation.

Linked to AMP Art Org Worldwide

Dear Marie,

thanks for connecting with us.

I’ve linked you on AMP’s Art Blogs page: http://www.pluginamp.com/network/node/12601

I see that you’ve linked AMP a couple of times on your blog, which is great!  However, I don’t think of AMP as a place for Calls to Submit, though those do show up.  AMP is primarily a way for artists worldwide to connect with each other, so they can help each other find the resources they need (thus the name – Artists’ Meeting Place and Resource Collective).  There are now about 4,000 members in 86 countries (the latest country to join is Swaziland – which was exciting).  Any member is free to post, and this is where Calls for Submissions show up, but also member art, announcements, blogs, music, and so on.  Browse through and I think you’ll see what I mean.  There are also worldwide listings of “real” (physical) art resources and organizations.  However, the biggest strength of AMP is that once members login, they can contact other members anywhere in the world.

That considered, probably the best place for AMP on your website is Art Orgs.


Terri Anderson
Executive Director
AMP: Artists’ Meeting Place and Resource Collective

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Underground art

Two organizations placing art for underground transportation viewing:

Art Below prints artists work on oversize posters that are placed on view in London, Berlin and Tokyo underground train stations. The artists pay substantial fees or obtain a sponsor.http://www.artbelow.org.uk/ab/Exhibitions.action

a newer project

Art on Berlin Underground
Invites artists or collaborative groups of artists and non-artists an open call for submissions to a public art competition in the Berlin Underground Train Network for projects for 2011.

Preference will be given to artists who see their work as a means of exchange and shared dialogue and who are interested in reaching new audiences.
Deadline: 01 October 2010
Germany – Berlin
A maximum of four projects will be selected by the end of October 2010. A total budget of 30.000 Euro for all selected artists’ fees, production, travel and accommodation costs will be available (subject to funding from the Berlin Senate’s Department for Culture). U10 – from here to the imaginary and back again is a project by the Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK) Berlin. The competition adresses the whole Underground network in order to explore the future of ‘public’ in public transport.  See http://ngbk.de

Video Marketing tip

From the TubeMogul site, http://www.tubemogul.com/about/oneload, upload your video  to YouTube, Daily Motion, Yahoo, My Space, MetaCafe, Blip.TV, Veoh, Vimeo Plus and others simultaneously!

TubeMogul OneLoad is a free service that provides a single point for deploying videos to the top video and social networking sites. Users can also leverage their Destinations functionality to easily distribute to custom sites as well as encode and create RSS feeds to syndicate your video anywhere. OneLoad distribution is accompanied by powerful analytics showing you who, what and where videos are being viewed.     http://www.tubemogul.com/about/oneload

Save Time – uploading videos to each site in your distribution list is no longer necessary – upload to TubeMogul once and let the OneLoad do the rest.

Send Joanne to Miami

To Report on the Fairs

It may be summer, but the art fairs in Miami are less than six months away. Artist Joanne Mattera is planning to go again this year. If you follow her art  blog you know that  she provides the most comprehensive visual coverage of any publication in print or online–and her commentary great. Joanne has done it without grant funding, advertising or corporate sponsors.

Now she’s asking for your support with a one-time annual donation of $20, though any amount will help. And feel free to donate a bigger chunka change if you have just received grant funding, an inheritance, a raise, or feel that her blog coverage of the Miami art fairs has saved you thousands of dollars in travel, hotels, food and the hassle of airport security over the past four years.

She’s made it super easy to donate–you can’t miss that big red arrow to that  PayPal Donate button–here’s the link:


Joanne Mattera’s Article

Marketing Mondays: Co-op Galleries, Yes. Vanity Galleries, No

By Joanne Mattera
“I find it a bit ridiculous that co-op galleries are given more credibility than the much-maligned vanity galleries. They are in effect the exact same thing.”

The quote above is from an e-conversation I’ve been having with a Facebook friend, and I’m going to disagree with her today on Marketing Mondays, because it’s a topic worth sharing.


Hotel des Arts

Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010 Time: 5:30pm – 10:00pm Location: Hotel des Arts Street: 447 Bush Street City/Town: San Francisco, CA, USA

Spring is here and the creative heat is rising at the Hotel des Arts. Join us for art gazing and friend finding at the First Thursday in June with a line-up of over 50 works of art from 5 countries. Internationally recognized as one of the leading art hotels in the world today, we pride ourselves on being creative collaborators with emerging artists everywhere. Some painted rooms are imaginative installations and others, edgy graffiti inspired works of art. And now, the public passageways feature artwork comparable to any gallery featuring emerging art in Union Square. Many of the rooms that featured newly emerging talent just a few years ago, are now recognizable names, with the next contenders lining up and hanging in the halls. The most successful and actively contributing artists, at our now monthly exhibits, will be given top priority for merchandising and room projects.

Featured artists include: Kellyann Gilson-Lyman, Connie Noyes, Warner Williams, Jeanette Luchese, Penelope Moore, Aaron Memmott, Laura Makinen, Craig Britton, Marie Kazalia, Larisa Colantonio,  Claudie Bastide, Denisse Ogata Benjamin L.M. Judith Basler, Whitney Vosburgh, Ernesto Evengelista, Bob Beardsley, Sona Mirzaei, Arthur Pusher’

The Hotel des Arts is now curated by S.C.R.E.A.M. iNC, There is space for a few more artists and creative community co-curators. Please direct inquiries to  http://www.screaminc.net/

ABAD goes on…

Subject: ABAD Omaha, Nebraska JULY 31, 2010 : Call For Art Works


Single Postcard Work
BASED ON THE THEME “A Book About Death”

Mail your postcard to:
RNG Gallery1915 Leavenworth St.
Omaha NE, 68102

Artists Robert Gilmer and Louise Millmann will feature a new exhibition of A Book About Death from the Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery in New York City, along with new works.

It will be featured as part of their upcoming exhibition entitled “Til’ Death Due Us Part” at the RNG Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska.

The exhibition opening will be July 31.

IMPORTANT: ONCE YOU’VE sent your 4×6 postcard to the RNG Gallery, please SEND YOUR IMAGES TO vivmaudlin@yahoo.com IN JPEG FORMAT APPROX 900 x 600 PIXELS – OR around 200K.

They will be posted on the A Book About Death, OMAHA BLOG http://www.facebook.com/l/cf5b8;abookaboutdeathomaha.blogspot.com/

NOTE: The only requirement is the text A BOOK ABOUT DEATH, must be seen somewhere on the postcard. (ANY LANGUAGE.) All postcards will be exhibited in the RNG Gallery, Omaha Nebraska along with the complete original set of cards from the NYC “A Book About Death” exhibition, curated by Matthew Rose

DEADLINE for submissions: JULY 19, 2010

Postcards will not be returned. They will become part of the “A Book About Death” collection at the RNG Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska.

History of the project so far : http://www.facebook.com/l/cf5b8;abookaboutdeath.blogspot.com/

“A Book About Death” is a collaborative project conceived by American artist Matthew Rose for the Emily Harvey Foundation in New York City, where the original exhibition took place from September 10 – 22, 2009. The Omaha Exhibition is curated by Robert Gilmer and Louise Millmann and assisted by: Honey Millmann and Viv Maudlin. Info: vivmaudlin@yahoo.com

Please spread the word across the planet. Thank you…

Also, exhibitions are in the works for Montreal, Beijing and other cities. If you are an artist involved in this project, or a curator interested in putting together and exhibition, please get in touch.

write an art review

Frieze Writer’s Prize 2010
Closing Date: 25 June 2010


Frieze Writer’s Prize was established in 2006 by frieze magazine to promote and encourage new critics from across the world.

This year, the prize will be judged by philosopher and critic Boris Groys; writer and novelist A.M. Homes and co-editor of frieze magazine Jörg Heiser.

• Entrants must submit one previously unpublished review of a recent contemporary art exhibition, approximately 700 words in length.
• Entries must be submitted in English, but may be a translation (this must be acknowledged).
• Entrants must be over 18 years old.
• To qualify, entrants may only previously have had a maximum of three pieces of writing on art published in any national or regional newspaper or magazine. Previous online publication is permitted.
• The winning entrant will be commissioned to write a review for the October issue of frieze and be awarded 2,000 GBP.
• Closing date is 25 June 2010.
• Entries should be emailed as a word attachment to writersprize@frieze.com. Please do not send images.

State art databases

Current Percent for Art Program Announcements

New Application Process:

The Ohio Percent for Art Program has a new process for applying to open competitions.  First you create a login (your email address) and password.  You will use this login and password each time you want to apply for a different call for entry.  If you are currently an Ohio Online Visual Artist Registry participant you may use the same login that you use for that site but your profile information will not transfer.  These are two seperate databases.  Once you have logged into the Call for Entry site and created your profile you will see all open competitions that are currently available.

Click the link below to create your login and to apply for an open competition:

Current Ohio Percent for Art Program Announcements:

University of Akron – Auburn West Tower Rehabilitation Percent for Art Project
The Ohio Percent for Art Program and University of Akron(UA) invite Ohio and national artists to submit digital images of past work for the Auburn West Tower Rehabilitation Percent for Art project. The Advisory Selection Committee comprised of university staff and faculty will review submitted artist materials to select semi-finalists to make proposals for a new commissioned work. UA employees and their spouses are not eligible to apply for this commission. Students enrolled in any degree-granting program are not eligible to apply.
– Dates: 3/15/2010 – 4/30/2010
– Project Details

Additional competition opportunities to be posted! Check back soon!

Ohio Online Visual Artist Registry (OOVAR):

Would you like to hear about more Ohio Percent for Art open competitions?
We encourage you to participate in our Ohio Online Visual Artist Registry (OOVAR), a project in partnership with the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

The OOVAR is used as a resource by the Percent for Art Advisory Selection Committees when selecting artists for Ohio Percent for Art Program projects.  Don’t be left out, join now!

Contact Information:

Ken Emerick
Director, Individual Artist Grant Programs and Services & Percent for Art

Kathy Signorino
Coordinator, Individual Artist Grant Programs and Services & Percent for Art

Ohio Arts Council
727 East Main Street
Columbus, OH 43205-1796