Amazon Store Artist-Seller Information

Artist-Seller Information

The Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store is accepting submissions from artists working in all media who wish to become sellers in our store. To submit: Send the link to your website or online portfolio for review, or  5 or more low resolution jpegs of the art you wish to sell in the Amazon store, to Marie Kazalia email: The Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store is curated by committee.

Why sell your art on According to Amazon, tens of millions shop their site monthly. Your art listings will appear to buyers based on the search criteria they enter into the Amazon search box. Buyers need not visit the actual store pages to view the art listings. An extensive list of keyword search terms have been researched and applied to each of out store listings on Amazon. Terms and conditions below.

We are looking for sellers who will ship their artwork direct:

We accept artist-sellers primarily on 3rd party fulfillment –that is, the artist ships directly to buyer within 2 -7 business days and must ship with a tracking number that is reported to us (details below).

Once you are accepted as an artist-seller:

Artist-seller must provide written details for each accepted artwork, along with 1-9  (one to nine )jpeg images for each artwork. That is one main image and any detail views  of your artwork that you wish to show to buyers. The written details that you provide are necessary to fill into several pages of online forms. So please be sure to provide complete and correct written details for each artwork title. Also, many of the fields in the online forms do not allow corrections or charges once completed or after listing is posted on Amazon, so please take the time to provide accurate information.



For each artwork + jpeg of artwork submitted, artist-seller must provide the corresponding information, as follows:

Artist Name:

Title of artwork:


height, width and depth

Weight: (needed for shipping purposes)

Shipping information: (such as cost for you to ship–if known)

Materials: (full description, such as Giclee print on acid free paper, Giclee on stretched canvas)

Retail Price:

Number in Edition:

Number available to sell on Amazon:

Note: please be aware of the UPC code requirement–details below.



The Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store must comply with IMAGE Quality and size REQUIREMENTS–:

Amazon does *not* allow watermarked images, no logos on images, no copyright symbols, but if your signature is visible in the artwork or as part of the artwork that is fine .  

You may provide one or up to 9 (nine) jpeg images per item listing–submit various views and detail shots, including back views of paintings.

File type: JPEG (.jpg). 

Minimum jpeg dimensions: At least 500 pixels on each side. To activate zoom feature on Amazon jpegs must be set at  2560 pixels on the longest side. 

Resolution: 72 pixels per inch

(Please size your images as above. Some artists have Photoshop, and some do not. If you need help sizing your images I will size them for you when possible–let me know–Marie Kazalia, store owner email:


IMPORTANT: To list your art on Amazon each item is required to have a UPC code. Artists may provide their own UPC codes -OR- Artist Marketing Resources will provide on for you.

Artists must ship sold item within two business days and provide tracking number to us (Artist Marketing Marketing Resources, Marie Kazalia email:

Terms: 60/40 split–Amazon takes a small percentage (15%) of each sold item. Artist receives 60% of sales price AFTER AMAZON takes their 15% percentage. Artist also receive the shipping fee paid by buyer. The artist is paid 30 days after the customer/buyer receives the item, confirmed via tracking number. Payments are sent via PayPal, and PayPal deducts $3.39 (or more) per $100USD in the transaction. Amazon has it’s own Returns / Refund customer policy of 30 days, on most items, that the Transmedia Artist Pro Store must abide by.

For Special circumstance, such as for artists outside the USA:

Answers to Commonly asked questions:

Q> Will I receive an invoice for each sale of my art on Amazon?

A>Yes, you will receive an invoice via email. The invoice lists the item sold, amount, shipping fee paid by buyer, buyer’s shipping address.

Q> I can’t ship my art within the 2-7 day time-frame. Primarily, I create my Giclee prints as each order comes in. Can I ship within an expanded timeframe?

A>Yes, we can list your art as *ships within 10 business days* maximum

Q> Do I need to ship with a tracking number and why?

A:  A tracking number is required.  A tracking number is required on your shipment to any Amazon buyer. You get a tracking number by shipping your art to the buyer via FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Once you have shipped and have the tracking number it is important that you email the tracking number to Marie Kazalia (email: The tracking number will be entered into an Amazon online form immediately upon receipt. Once the tracking number is entered the buyer receives an email notification that their order has shipped. Buyer cannot cancel order once tracking number is entered into Amazon form. Amazon will not make payment unless the tracking number is entered and the package arrival confirmed.

Q> How are shipping rates calculated?

A>Amazon’s online forms include rate settings for shipping within continental US, Hawaii and Alaska, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. There are many options and settings.  If you have information on the actual cost of shipping your art items please provide that for possible adjustments in the Amazon store shipping rates. Or if you provide us shipping dimensions of package and weight we can add those to adjust buyer shipping fees.

Q> How important are keywords on my Amazon listings? And how do your select keywords?

A> Each Amazon art listing in the Transmedia Artist store is coded into several categories that include use,item descriptions,colors,size,target users. In addition, several lines are available on each listing for keywords. Keywords are researched using the Google Keyword Tool and as many as possible added to each listing. Tens of Millions of Amazon buyers search for items on Amazon each month. Artists are welcome to suggest keywords.

Q>How will you advertise and promote my art?

A> Your art is marketed based on what is appropriate to your style and subject matter, and generally to art buyers, art collectors, speciality niche markets, gift, home decor market, Interior Designers, Fine Art buyers. For an example of a specialty niche target market, look at the limited edition Giclee print titled Cotton Candy Skies by William Basciani in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.  The subject matter makes it possible kidsroom decor.  For one aspect of the marketing the link to Cotton Candy Skies is sent (to one at a time) to a long list of parents, moms, kids product accounts on Twitter. That way multiple tweets go out to many different Twitter accounts and possible buyers.

How your art listings are marketed is outlined below:

On Twitter: The Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store, twitter account is:  @Artozon  (Art on Amazon) with over 8000 followers, including interior designers, gift sites, architects, and specialized sites that relate to the artworks in the Transmedia Amazon Store. A new tweet about an art item available in the Amazon store goes out via @Artozon every 20 minutes or half hour between noon and midnight EST 7 days per week.

On Facebook: Images of Art available in the Amazon store are posted to the Facebook fan page for on the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store: and a Google+ page titled Art On Amazon.

On YouTube: Artists may provide videos for upload to the Artists on Amazon YouTube channel of artist seller videos only. The channel  helps  drive traffic to the Amazon store–here is the link to Artists On Amazon:

Art on Amazon Google+ page, and posting images of artwork in store to Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and other sites.

Advertising Via Pay-per-Click ads–On September 3rd 2011, we created a Google Adwords  pay-per-click TEST ad campaign advertising the art in the Transmedia Artist Amazon store. The ads ran for one week. This early phase  ad campaign helped determine keywords that will be used in more extensive ad campaigns in future when the store has more listings that will make paid advertising cost effective. In October we ran test ads  on Facebook. Facebook Pay-per-click ad campaigns target  63+ million users according to Facebook.

Press Releases and Classified Ads: Free and Paid Classified Ads placed on ,via , on  , , , , , and Press Release sites such as PRWeb other press release and advertising sites.

Promotions Via Article marketing: Marie Kazalia will write articles about each artist who sells in the Transmedia Artist Amazon store. The articles to be published on the Artist Marketing Resources blog. Marie Kazalia is also a contributing writer for Technorati News(#4 online news source that feeds into Google news), and Yahoo! (#1 online news source) and for the VASA blog.

Sample articles–written and published on Transmedia Artist Amazon store artists Chris Osborne and William Phelps Montgomery:

Stars and Cars: Jimi Hendrix with His Corvette Stingray, Paul Newman with His Racing Datsun, Steve McQueen and the Bullit Mustang,Bo Diddley and 1957 Chevy

The Digital Fine Art Prints of William Phelps Montgomery

More Sample articles are available upon request. Marie Kazalia email:

Some recently sold store items:

SOLD! Painting on Canvas titled: Fugue 5 op 91 by Marta Lowndes  buyer paid $750. + 100.00 shipping fee
SOLD! Painting on Canvas titled: Fugue 6 op 92 by Marta Lowndes  buyer paid $750. + 100.00 shipping fee

Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray- Poster multiple sales & international shipped locations


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