Ty Ferrell’s Digital Sculpting, 3D Character Art and 2-D Imagery

dd vs bobba, Ty Ferrell

dd vs bobba, Ty Ferrell

Ty Ferrell’s 2-D and 3-D digital art skills probably exceed many artists and writers understanding of the processes involved–from digital sculpting of figures, to creating characters for digital graphic novels.

This video demonstrates the beginning of the digital figure sculpting process to get the story started–

Ty Ferrell then gives these sculptures a digital life, clothed and active in plot and movement in this digital graphic novel teaser–

Follow his work on the artist’s Outlaw Hue blog here and on his site OutLaw Hue here.


Ty Ferrell is a freelancer taking on clients for 3D Character Art and 2D Art. If you have a project or collaboration to discuss feel free to contact him. Click the image above for contact details.

what the bajeezus, Ty Ferrell

what the bajeezus, Ty Ferrell

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