Secret Life of Colors at Carter Burden Gallery, New York City


'Kiss of the Spider Woman' one of 15 paintings Blossom Verlanski will be showing a

‘Kiss of the Spider Woman’ one of 15 paintings Blossom Verlinsky will be showing at Carter Burden Gallery


Artist Blossom Verlinsky invites you to the opening of Secret Life of Colors, an exhibition at Carter Burden Gallery, 548 W 28 St, New York City, on June 30th 6-8pm.

Blossom Verlinsky’s Artist’s Statement

Secret Life of Colors

All that I have experienced, dreamt and digested has been synthesized through color and is the subject of my paintings. My interest in the natural world and geology has a profound effect on my art. My love of Asian Art, Medieval Illumination, Bonnard, Klimt, Matisse and Picasso have also found their way into my art. In addition, I have been deeply inspired by my studies with Ad Reinhardt, Mark Rothko, Kurt Seligmann, Burgoyne Diller, Alfred Russell and Jimmy Ernst and other giants of Abstract Art and continue the traditions of their teachings.

I begin a painting using a large brush, quickly and spontaneously putting down large strokes. I then place layer upon layer of paint. This glazing produces a magical effect…a richness and depth of color. I experiment with a variety of mixed colors and emphasize these colors purposely, using decoration and pattern to create a beautiful painting. The glint of sunlight on the threads of a spider’s web or edge of a plane are accented with gold paint using tiny brushes. I then fold the linen I paint on. Further emphasizing a sense of memory and recollection. Deeply personal myths emerge from my subconscious as I continue to explore my relationship with my inner self.

Imagine owning original art. Because you deserve it!™ Randy Marmet’ Art

Randy Marmet with his muse Harley in front of painting WellSpring of Life

Randy Marmet with his muse Harley in front of painting Wellspring of Life

Imagine owning original art. Because you deserve it!™

Wellspring of Life is 24″x 36″ x 1 3/8″ deep, hand stretched gallery quality canvas.  Original acrylic fine art painting, hand painted and clear coated with archival artists varnish for protection against dust and abrasion.  The painting extends around the edges providing a very elegant look making no need for a frame.  Besides, abstract artwork does not need a frame.  Just hang it and enjoy!  $449.00 USD.  To acquire this painting click here.
Wellspring of Life (painting detail)

Wellspring of Life (painting detail)

Wellspring of Life (painting detail 2)

Wellspring of Life (painting detail 2)

Wellspring of Life the story and inspiration, by Randy Marmet’–
“We float over a sea of tumultuous energy, right through a barrier of fluid dynamics into a dimension of transcendence where creativity is born in synaptic interaction.  If you could peer into the depths of the creative process, this is where you would find a pulsating liquid nuclei that refuses to be subdued into shape or form and is similar to where life began.  My inspiration came from a deep water dive off the coast of Florida where tropical life was teeming in and around a barrier reef with such energy that it made me feel like I had discovered the secret to the source of life itself.  This sacred place spoke to me in a whisper as I was sworn to secrecy because of it’s fragility.  I cannot return to that place, but I can show you how it felt.”




Group Pinterest Boards: Art Direct From Artists, Abstract Art Direct From Artists, Art Realism

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.35.35 AM

Featured group board image by Jose A. Kuesta

Last September, I set up the group Pinterest board Art Direct From Artists, a collection of artworks available for purchase directly from each artist represented on the board. What’s unique about this group board is that I am inviting artists to pin their art with retail price tags on each image.

That board was so popular that I also created the group boards Abstract Art Direct From Artists and  Art Direct From Artists-Realism to help categorize the available art.

Recently, I received feedback from one of the artist who has his artwork images pinned to the group boards, Leon Sarantos who wrote:

“Hi Marie, I’m very pleased to be able to pin on 2 of your 3 boards, Art Direct From Artists, and Abstract Art Direct From Artists. I would also appreciate being on your boards titled, Art Direct From Artists – Realism. I’m especially interested because Pinterest analytics indicates that I’ve gotten more click-throughs from your boards than from others. Nice going! Regards, Leon”

I appreciate Leon’s taking the time to let me know what my groups are doing for him, and I would love to receive feedback from the more than 100 artists pinning their available art images to my 3 group boards.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the artworks on this Pinterest board, you may contact the artist by sending them a message on Pinterest, or by clicking on the image to visit their website. If you have any problems, please email:

Follow me on Pinterest so that I can invite you to the appropriate group board. To follow Marie Kazalia on Pinterest click here.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.35.35 AM



E-Postcard Art of More Than Twelve Artists


This weekend we announced our September artist e-postcard marketing campaign. So far we have over 12 artists participating. If you are interested in joining them click here for details.

We’ve just added 3 more e-postcards with paintings by artist Pavel Pangrac of the Czech Republic.







Limited Edition Prints and Paintings on Paper: Our First OnSugar Artists

Real Thing, Sandra Dawson limited edition print

Real Thing, Sandra Dawson limited edition print


We’ve started a new project to stream art for sale directly in front of potential home decor buyers on the OnSugar site. Real Thing, original limited edition prints by Sandra Dawson is one of the very first art prints that we are promoting in our OnSugar store.

Also, we are featuring gorgeous abstract paintings on paper by Kikuko Sakota



If you are an artist with artworks you would like us to feature please send an email with a link to your online portfolio to:

Artist Marketing Resources: Park Schreck Gallery, Chicago, currently accepting artist submissions

Artist Marketing Resources complied an extensive list of art galleries internationally as a resource for artists–our International Art Gallery list PDF

We share this art gallery opportunity with you now—get the PDF and get more!

Park Schreck Gallery: Looking for abstract artists, emerging and mid-career

Park Schreck Gallery is currently accepting submissions. The gallery primarily shows abstract work by up-and-coming artists.  If you are not sure if your work would be a good fit for the gallery, please take a look around their website to see work in some past shows.

In an email to, please make sure to include the following information:

1. high quality jpegs of your work (or link to corresponding website)

2. title, year, size, medium, and price information for each piece

3. upcoming availability

4. artist statement and CV

Due to the high volume of submissions we cannot respond to everyone individually.

Read the full submission guidelines here.

Park Schreck Gallery

1747 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL 60622

Figurative Encaustic Master Class Correspondence Course

                                                 Encaustic portrait by Richard Young

Artist Richard Young’s Encaustic Master Class

If you are currently an abstract artist (or any other style) and want to learn figurative encaustic, Richard Young can get you started by creating a preliminary sketch on the encaustic substrate and shipping it to you. This will be a daily correspondence course at your convenience. One doesn’t have to be at one’s computer at any particular time. Over the 4 weeks, Richard says, “I’ll leave no stone unturned in the figurative encaustic process.” Basically there will be 3 parts: Setting up a foundation and being able to maintain accuracy throughout the process, building on the foundation and meditation on creativity and technique, and thirdly, finishing touches and knowing “when” the final brush stroke is made. All of this with detailed photos, videos and detailed in-depth instruction is $500 for a 4 week class. $1000 for a 4 month master class. For more details please email me, Richard Young, at  
In the Fullness of Time, Encaustic painting, Richard Young

In the Fullness of Time, Encaustic painting, Richard Young

Pale Horse, Encaustic painting by

Pale Horse, Encaustic painting by Richard Young

Abstract Art by Leon Sarantos in “Mad World” National Juried Exhibit Until 4/6

Organic Creatures Going To The Beach. Leon Sarantos

Organic Creatures Going To The Beach. Leon Sarantos

Paintings from Leon Sarantos’ Organic Creatures series are on view until next Saturday, April 6, in the Mad World, National Juried Exhibition, at Union Street Gallery, 1527 Otto Blvd, Chicago Heights, IL 60411.   Sixty artworks from among 271 submissions were selected by juror Natalie Domchenko (Director: Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago).  Over 250 people visited the gallery during the opening night reception.

The Mad World exhibit features art that is absurd, surreal, and simply MAD!  Mad World displays art by 33 artists from 11 different US states.  Some of the art on exhibit depicts bizarre or imagined worlds, crazy structures not bound by the laws of the gravity, whimsical inventions, and strangely absurd scenarios that appear to be straight out of fantasy or science fiction!

Organic Creatures Slurping Up A Mango Smoothie, painting on canvas, Leon Sorantos

Organic Creatures Slurping Up A Mango Smoothie, painting on canvas, Leon Saran’s

Leon Sarantos’ Organic Creatures paintings combine a feeling of whimsy with a sense of bizarre absurdity.  Here is how the artist described his process in creating these paintings– “For the first of these artworks, Organic Creatures Going To The Beach, I actually envisioned it in an instant behind my eyelids as I was rubbing my eyes after some tiring work.  I tried to apply the image to canvas immediately, adding all kinds of color and quick composition, while keeping the main figures true to my vision. When finished, I looked at the painting and felt that here were some strange creatures doing something, and sensed that they were on their way to the beach.  I then created more oils of this same family of creatures moving about in different settings.  My other paintings for this exhibit include Organic Creatures Taking The White House Tour, and Organic Creatures Slurping Up A Mango Smoothie.”

Organic Creatures Taking The White House Tour, Leon Sarantos

Organic Creatures Taking The White House Tour, Leon Sarantos

 Leon Sarantos also writes–“I’ve gotten a lot of helpful information from your blog, which recently led me to join Artsia and Xanadu, along with lots of other helpful posts.”

Find the artist on Facebook at:

Leon Sarantos website —


The Woman Artist Who Painted Abstractly Before Kandinsky

This woman artist made abstract paintings a couple of years ahead of Kandinsky, yet her paintings were not discovered until 1985. Hear the full story in this video–

Jane Robinson, Abstract Painter

“Inspired by early jazz music and influenced by the abstract movement of the fifties, my artwork reflects the movement, rhythm, instruments and ‘colour’ of the music and art.”  Jane Robinson is an accomplish contemporary, abstract painter whose work has been sold globally to collectors, Universities and businesses.  Jane also teaches workshops in abstract painting and writes a blog about discovering your unique creativity, Art


View more paintings on Jane Robinson’s Website:

Kathryn Arnold — Poetic Mark-Making On Canvas

Each Imprisoned Flutter Extends Delicately to the Horizon, Mallarme,Oil on Stretched Canvas, 54 w x 66h, Kathryn Arnold

Each Imprisoned Flutter Extends Delicately to the Horizon, Mallarme,
Oil on Stretched Canvas, 54 w x 66 h, Kathryn Arnold

Kathryn Arnold works in her studio in San Francisco. It is a large space with a skywell that keeps track of the time. Her work contains two intertwining veins. One is filled with large, colorful oils on canvas. The other vein includes drawings that are black and white mixed media works on paper. Both display the density and layered mark-making that points to artistic process and content.

Kathryn Arnold’s Artist Statement: 

“The paintings are a result of intuitive nonobjective processes and contain my search for visual “magic.” The sense of touch and chaotic energy of color and marks play an important role in building up layers that function to create an encompassing, enveloping field and bewildering space. The grid at times becomes a reference point and the intrinsic relating of parts form poetry; an interplay between subjective and objective realities.”

Kathryn Arnold has an MFA degree, exhibits nationally in galleries, universities and art centers, and is a recipient of several fellowships, grants and awards, including an NEA Regional Fellowship. Kathryn’s work is included in numerous public and private collections.

View the artist’s extensive portfolio of paintings on the her website


Submit Your Art



I initially visited the BOOOOOOM site to view the amazing abstract paintings of Reed Danziger, and while there noticed the Submit! button at upper right. So decided to share so you can  submit your art to BOOOOOOOM!   The BOOOOOOOM blog is currently averaging over 3 million views each month. Submit to get some visibility!


MEAT FOR TEA is an art and literary print publication. Editor Elizabeth MacDuffie repined some of my art images on Pinterest along with a comment inviting me to submit. So, I got my jpegs sized to submission guidelines and got them in a couple of days later. (How many artists put opportunities off for various reasons until weeks, months, years(!?) go by? I like to clear my thoughts and my to-do list ASAP).

American Flat Announces Marie Kazalia’s Paintings Available As Prints On Canvas

Introducing Abstract Art by Marie Kazalia

Americanflat is proud to introduce artwork by our newest artist Marie Kazalia.  Marie’s work engages with written aspects of world cultures such as combined, fragmented, enlarged and abstracted character forms. The techniques she uses involve paint layering, poured paints, stain painting and all the possibilities that these processes open up.  Major influences on Marie Kazalia’s art include four years as an expatriate in Asia (primarily Japan, India and China) and the formal language studies she undertook there, including writing Chinese and Japanese language characters.  Each of her paintings contains traces of what is significant to the artist — personal progress, growth, shifts, changes, expansions and forward motion.  All this accumulation of thought and work, day upon day, is contained within the layers of Marie’s paintings, as form, color and texture merge in the spirituality of her abstract paintings.

Marie’s work is in permanent collection of:
– Museum of Modern Art, NY
– Museum of Modern Art, Wales
– Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Rainbow X
Marie Kazalia
Edition of 100
36″ x 36″, $250
Nite Lite
Marie Kazalia
Edition of 100
36″ x 36″, $250

Contemporary Abstract Paintings of Cyre de TOGGENBURG

Cyre de TOGGENBURG pursues freedom in his abstract art.

Sans titre, 130 x 97 cm, Cyre de TOGGENBURG

Cyre de TOGGENBURG began his search for freedom in the colors of Turner, after viewing Turner’s paintings at Tate Modern. “He is for me the beginning of abstraction,” said Cyre.

Bell's arrogance, Cyre de Toggenburg

For years, the artist kept this sentence written on his studio wall: Not concerning yourself with the result of an action favors the acquisition of the mastery.

Let's talk about you, Cyre de Toggenburg

 “There was a long period of de-constructing the learning and domestication of my ego,” the artist said.

Outland, Cyre de Toggenburg

“To experience at first hand the sense of abstraction I looked to understand the art of Zen. The technique of Zen archery has been crucial to my understanding.

The released arrow follows a trajectory. It does not worry about the target (“Not concerning yourself with the result of an action”). The target is just one step on its path. The arrow is free.”

Social VIH, Cyre de Toggenburg

“If I do not paint with my body, (no rhythm, no movement), if I do not paint with my emotions (I feel nothing, I’m not trying to express emotions, or even to be felt), if I do not paint with my mind (I do not build it with knowledge, intentions for composition, form, balance, state of the art …).

Nonetheless I paint!

So with what do I paint?

Who paints?

I am free like the arrow.

My artistic object is to reach the observer in his spirituality.

My thought process is to invoke the sacred dimension as part of each of us, regardless of whether we subscribe to an institutional affiliation or not.”

Cyre de Toggenburg

Artist’s Paintings in New Book on Abstract Painting Effects

Smoke over grid, by Kathy Blankley Roman

Kathy Blankly Roman has found a great way to get exposure for her artwork– by participating in the book project A Walk Into Abstraction, Volume Four, by Sue St. John.

Reproductions of two of Kathy’s paintings, Smoke over Grid, and The Other Side, are featured in this latest volume.

The premise of this book is a response to questions about artist effects in abstract paintings, providing answers to the often asked *How did that artist do that?*

A Total of 40 artists share tips and techniques in this book.

You can view more of Kathy’s abstract art on her KBRoman Art Flickr Page and her KBRoman Art Facebook page.

The Other side, Kathy Blankley Roman

Abstract Artists Site Working to Bring Exposure and Understanding to Hard To Approach Paintings

What does this painting mean to you?  How does it make you feel?

Many people have a hard time approaching abstract painting or dismiss such non-objective art as interior decor.

Jaison Cianelli, creator of Abstract Artist Gallery, stated that “the very nature of abstract art exemplifies creativity. It is hard to tell someone what is good about art and how to appreciate abstract art. Using three paintings, as examples, I can bring you through my own [appreciation] process.”

Harry Gruenert, Abstract 45, Acrylic on Wood and Canvas, 42 x 42 inches

“In Abstract 45 there is a split feeling created when the simple planes and limited use of color combine with the worn and weathered wooden panels. I am reminded of something that has lasted the test of time, made up of components that are different but all part of one. The violent vertical lines on the lower portion are straight up and down while the deep heavy horizontal line is bowing ever so slightly to separate the lighter open plane in the upper region, all a balancing act of space and movement. Overall, this is a work of powerful feeling where the minimalism suggests you simply take it into your senses and turn your brain off for a while,” Jaison Cianelli

Abstract artists explore their imaginations and express their minds using   intuitive senses to create what pleases him or her. “Often times, the abstract artist enjoys the pure creative expression in the present moment as if it were a form of meditation, shutting out the chatter of the mind and exploring the depths of the soul.” Abstract Artists Gallery, Understanding Abstract Art.

Paul Bennett Dawn Rising, Oil and Gloss on Canvas, 64cm X 64cm

“Taking a look at Paul Bennett’s Dawn Rising I am taken to a place. The first feeling I get is that of warmth and a little bit of excitement. I feel like there is a collision of land, sea, and sky elements. The golden tones make me feel safe. Something is going on that I want to be there for. There is a beauty in the turbulence or textured area. Now I start to see technique… there is the building of gradual layers from those light golden tones to the dark brown. The light from above seems to be cascading in. Everything is so fluid and well blended. The lighter areas have no texture while the darker areas have thick textured lines, which accentuates light and dark, and again more depth. The lower portion seems to be more worn, almost as if he painted it and then wiped away some paint, again reminding me of earth and water. That same blue green color is used ever so slightly in the upper right portion, which helps to balance the painting. Overall, the piece is beautiful and I enjoy the subtle reminders of nature.” Jaison Cianelli.

Eelco Maan, Sundance, Mixed Media on Canvas, 200 x 120 cm

“Ok, now taking a look at Eelco Maan’s Sundance— You have to imagine it’s fairly big at 200 cm or 78 inches wide. So I am basically engulfed by color– happy color. The form of color is surrounded by light so it reminds me of the sky and creates the feeling of atmosphere. It is so inviting, like walking on a cloud. Looking at technique, I notice how the color gradually falls off the canvas on all four sides. It makes the experience of whatever it is feel more real. Overall the blending and gradation of color is very good. It is right in between rough and smooth. The light in the center that is coming through is balancing the four corners and it is slightly off centered. There are dark spots and grey areas that accentuate the color. They are so important, without them the painting might seem boring. Even the grey is happy, with a slight tint of blue or purple, which happens to also be the complimentary color of the orange and yellow ochre. Overall, a well balanced happy and inviting force of color that is never forceful.” Jaison Cianelli

According to Cianelli, his Abstract Artist Gallery site, which is only four months old, is really an online portal he has quickly built up to a high Google ranking. “Out of over 25 billion websites that show up on Google for the term “abstract artists” we are already on the first page”, said Cianelli. “Reaching out online is fun right now. I really just want to build the website, market it effectively, and keep the creative energy and quality of artwork high so we can all help each other.”

Artworks on the Abstract Artist Gallery site include abstract photographs, digital works, and even abstract landscapes in an online community of one hundred artists gathered together to share and appreciate abstract artworks exclusively.

Article first published as Abstract Artists Site Working to Bring Exposure and Understanding to Hard To Approach Paintings on Technorati.

Success for Fine Artists

Sign-up for Aletta de Wal’ s Artist Career Training newsletter

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“ElevenTips for Success
for Fine Artists”

In this recording, Aletta, (amid a long list of actions artists can take) recommends that artists: “Write a story about each piece of art you create.”

Even my abstract painting titled “Resistance” has a “story”. Read what I wrote below:

Resistance, mixed media on canvas, by Marie Kazalia


Artist: Marie Kazalia

48” x 48”

Date: July 2010

The title, Resistance, refers to the painting techniques used–which are the Process Painting techniques of layers, stain and poured paint. The silver acrylic paint layer (over yellow and texture on canvas) acts as a resist to the watery splashed on dark paint stain, so that it does not soak into the canvas as in traditional Stain Painting.  The stain layer of watery paint bleeds out to break from the confines of the hardedge forms based on military camouflage patterns. The artist mixes much of her own paint using painting mediums and dry pigments. In this case, the artist mixed silver aluminum powder into an artist grade acrylic medium as the pigment binder, to create the silver paint used in this painting.

About this blog, about me…

I am an artist and I started this blog in February 2009 with the idea of gathering resources here for artist’s growth.

I was born in the USA and I am an artist working with the possibilities of paint layers and poured paints on my supports of canvas, panel and papers– such layering, poured painting, and stain painting is also know as Process Painting. The formal possibilities of my use of color layers and tones, variety of paints and the resulting surface texture are achieved by varying the paint flow, paint run overlaps, and by creating flow interference, splash and splatter. I have an interest in the possibilities of both maintaining and breaking the hard edge. Close-up gives the vantage point of the pleasure of the painterly poured paint run intermingled with elements of patterning and the finer details of applied image transfers and Asemic writing built up on my support in a dense bricolage. Asemic writing consists of language-like marks unreadable as writing so as to straddle the line between the visual and the textual. My Asemic writing is informed by my formal language studies of Mandarin Chinese at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, China, and language studies at private language schools in Tokyo, Japan and in India. My stronger American influences on my Asemic writing reference everyday product package lettering past and present. My high contrast mixed use of Day-Glo to earth color compositions are responses to Asian and American use of color from ancient to recent Pop aesthetics. Color influences of Japan, India and China and the forms of the written characters of the languages of those countries, as well as those elements in other Asian countries I visited–Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea–reemerge in newly abstracted and combined forms. Translucent and transparent  overlays of color contain the opacity of the drawn stroke.  In some of my paintings I work with my collection of large handmade Chinese calligraphy brushes. I abstract written language characters, cut up, juxtapose, and layer fragmented language signs together visually,–sometimes over, sometimes under poured paint, or sandwiched between the layers of my surfaces. In the image transfer elements of my paintings, I incorporate my own drawings photographically reproduced and printed on paper multiple times. Incorporating too, images from my camera–including outdoor night photography shots, and vintage b & w films I shoot capturing both the individual film frames and the overlapped combined images within frame transitions for use as image transfers. I also collect “found images” and have used images in my paintings that I’ve held on to for 7-8 or more years, printed to paper and used  as acrylic image transfers on my supports. Subject matter for my image transfers tend to center around vintage film, holiday and other social symbols and iconography, and commercial product packaging. My daily painting practice yields surprisingly varied results per canvas or composition within the repetition of these techniques and recurring interests of form. Each painting contains traces of what is significant to me, the artist, –my personal progress, growth, shifts, changes, expansions, forward motion, accumulation of thought and work, day upon day, contained within the layers of my paintings, as form, color and texture merge in the spirituality of my abstract painting practice that proceeds from the context of ideas, beliefs and emotions.

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Best wishes for a productive day!

Marie Kazalia