USA Artist Accepted into UK Exhibition After Submitting Via Our Posted Call To Artists

artwork by Alan Singer

artwork by Alan Singer


On June 4th, Artist Marketing Resources published a call for artists to submit here. One of our regular readers , artist Alan Singer, let us know that he made his submission to this opportunity after reading our blog post and his submission was accepted!


Artist Alan Singer wrote:

Hello Marie,

Once again, one of your news updates worked for me – the opportunity to show a work in London,UK through the listing you published for
Ice-Tuxedo  a group show called Random Orange, at  the Schwartz Gallery.  Thanks once again, enjoy the rest of the summer!

Alan Singer


Another Success Story of Artist Who Follows Our Blog

Screenshot 2016-05-07 at 9.09.30 AM


Big Dr. Wavelength – Limited Quantity

Artist Alan Singer’s limited edition print have been curated into the new Avant Debut after he submitted his art using the information we posted last month — read details here.

Alan Singer is a professor of art and helped one of his students get into an art magazine using the information we provided–read about it here.

Success Story: How Artist Got A Feature in ACS Art Magazine

Alan Singer, artist and Professor at the School of Art of the Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T.) sent a thank you and shared his success story.

Alan follows Artist Marketing Resources and acts upon the information we share here.  He made a submission from details in one of our posts– not for the first time–and got results–again, not for the first time. Alan gave us permission to share his news here today.

The Professor wrote, in part– “… a big THANKS, this is another example of a tip that I got from reading your posts.”
In this case, Professor Alan Singer submitted a press release from one of the artist-students in his Business Practices class and the student was featured in the new
ACS Magazine online that came out yesterday.
“This is a great way to get the word out, so thanks again for the effort you put into those daily posts, THEY WORK!” Alan Singer, Professor, School of Art, R.I.T.
We’re always glad to learn of the success stories that come about from the information we share with artists. (There are many other such stories!)


ACS Magazine featured Alan Singer’s student Lingfei Zhao in  after the Professor made a submission on the student’s behalf from the guideline we published here on Artist Marketing Resources.

ACS Magazine is published by ACS Gallery housed in the Zhou B Art Center/Museum.


Case Study: Art Students Ask, Which Online Art Gallery is Best for Sales?

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch is a graduate completing her MFA degree at The School of Art, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, USA. This current semester, Danielle is one of 9 graduate students in artist Alan Singer’s Business Practices For Fine Artists class.

Alan Singer recently asked–

“Hello Marie,

In your marketing materials research do you rate the effectiveness of some of the many sites that are proliferating like Fine Art America, and Art Pickle?  My students ask me all the time which ones are the best, and I look around and each time there are a dozen new ones.

In the past I have paid membership fees for some of these sites, but I don’t think any of them have resulted in sales.  Maybe name recognition but little business.

What do you find out when you look at them… Any advice?”

In response, to Which online galleries are best?, I replied that it would vary artist to artist, and I offered to do a case study to analyze some of the factors an artist might consider when deciding which online galleries to try. Alan’s student Danielle Burch volunteered to be the subject and I reviewed her artwork, bio/CV and website here. Also I’m assuming that the main goal of all the student artists in Alan Singer’s class is to get sales– although it’s nearly impossible to divorce the necessary visibility of art from sales of art.

Danilee Birsch

Danielle Burch


Danielle also identified a site, Art Pickle, as popular with students, writing that “Art Pickle is a website that allows artists to promote their art and open studio events along with links to galleries hosting or sponsoring their work.”

I agree, that where your artist friends are selling is an important factor to consider. When I viewed Danielle’s art, right away I thought of the site Deviant Art , which has long been a site for young artists actively engaged in cross-promotions with their friends and actively building a large following and achieving consistent sales. Being an active artist on the Deviant Art online gallery site is the key to success.

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch


When I first viewed the images of the paintings Danielle Burch sent –above and below in this article–I thought they were Surrealism, perhaps with aspects of Pop Surrealism and Dystopian art, which are very specific genres or niche markets.

Although Danielle may not agree, and may be heading in a different direction with different interests, as stated in her Artists Statement,  she sees her work as a series dealing with “abstraction, realism and assemblage to convey aspects of hearing loss related to my life story,” and combining “abstraction and trompe l’oeil” in her paintings.

Since I see her work as primarily Surrealism, I’d suggest that for increased visibility she might get a free page featuring her work on the UK site Surrealism, and perhaps join a Surrealist group, such as the BeInArt Surreal Art Collective that publishes books of their art, and puts on curated group exhibitions while maintaining a strong online presence.

For sales, Danielle might add her portfolio to two large and diverse online galleries, one is Saatchi, which has featured a Saatchi Surrealism Collection. Saatchi is known for having an annual high volume of art sales in all price ranges and for putting on live exhibitions of online gallery artworks. In 2013, a BBC News article quoted Rebecca Wilson, Director of Saatchi Gallery as saying, ” We sell more art in a month that most brick-and-mortar galleries do in a year.” Saatchi has offices in New York City and Los Angeles, California and they put on live exhibits in both US cities.

The second large online gallery, Ugallery features the Surrealism genre here. Ugallery stated that, “almost 70% of artists have sold one painting through Ugallery, and one sale usually leads to more.”

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch


While working toward her Master of Fine Arts degree at RIT, Danielle Burch has

served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Watercolors, Drawing II and Printmaking,

an Adjunct Professor and a Gallery Assistant at Gallery R. Throughout her first year,

Burch completed illustrations for a children’s book, and showed artwork in Rochester,

Oregon, Massachusetts, and North Carolina, where she held her first solo exhibition.

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch

Artist Marketing Resources has been researching online galleries since early 2008 and shares an e-list 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art on Selz with credit card or via PayPal option here and Artist Print Sales Sites and Resources here–both are also in our new Shopify Store here.

Imagery Engaged with Mathematics — The Art of Alan Singer

Spiro-Gyro, Alan Spiro

Spiro-Gyro, Alan Singer

“My current interests revolve around painting and printmaking – much of the imagery is engaged with mathematics.  I have always been interested in the nexus between science and art,” wrote Alan Singer of his work.

The artist began exhibiting his paintings while still in college at The Cooper Union in New York City and has continued exhibiting throughout his extensive professional career as a fine artist spanning forty years. “There are always shows going on,” Singer says.  Right now his artwork titled Hell the Gate is on view in a museum show in Binghamton, New York.

Singer is a professor of art in the School of Art, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, and says of the Artist Marketing Resources blog– ” your blog is a terrific resource, and I conduct a class in Business Practices for Fine Artists, so I find the materials very useful.”

Singer also writes about art in the exhibitions he visits, publishing articles on his blog The Visual Artworker.

In the Parents Imagination, Alan Singer

In the Parents Imagination, Alan Singer

You will find more images of Alan Singer’s art on his website

Hell the Gate, Alan Singer

Hell the Gate, Alan Singer