Commission Your Portrait From African Artist Albert Dorgbadzi of Ghana

A Gold Model, Albert Dorgbadzia

A Gold Model, Albert Dorgbadzi

Chat with African artist Albert Dorgbadzi of Ghana to discuss your portrait ideas (CONTACT the artist via Email: Telephone: +233570254543 (Office hours, UTC +00:00). Find artist Albert Dorgbadzi on Facebook here.

Do you want him to create your portrait drawing on canvas or paper? Decide on the materials and size for the finished portrait art during your consultation with the artist. Select your reference photos or create a new selfie.

Drawing Me, Albert Dorgbadzia

Drawing Me, Albert Dorgbadzi

Provide your reference photo or photos to the artist so he can get to work and he will send you a work-in-progress photo!

Portraits Africa–based in Amsterdam, Netherlands–holds your international currency payment until the portrait is complete and delivered to you. Only then is the money is paid to artist. Contact Portraits Africa via email: -or- by telephone: +31 20 672 78 06

Gabrielle Union, Albert Dorgbadzi

Gabrielle Union, Albert Dorgbadzi

While a portrait drawing on paper may require less time to complete, an artwork created on canvas will take more time. If you have an anniversary, birthday, or other date you’d like to receive the completed work, just let the artist know.

portrait drawing by Albert Dorgbadzi

portrait drawing by Albert Dorgbadzi

Final photos are sent to you for approval. The artist Albert Dorgbadzi packages and ships the finished portrait to you.

A Glimpse, ALbert Dorgbadzi

A Glimpse, Albert Dorgbadzi

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AfricanPPAlbert Dorgbadzi, Ghana

Albert Dorgbadzi, Ghana


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