Nov 7 – 17th Online Ebay Auction of Early Andy Warhol Painting

Mike & Shirley

Mike & Shirley, owners of  The Gold Thinker


The Gold Thinker an Andy Warhol original painting comparable to Warhol’s Gold Marilyn Masterpiece to be auctioned online with eBay for Charity from November 7 – 17th, 2016 at
Los Angeles, CA – October 24, 2016 – Previously unknown Warhol painting now available to a worldwide audience, with proceeds being shared with the City of Hope, a cancer research not-for-profit clinic. When one hears the name Andy Warhol, images of the style, creativity, and original iconic status of his artistic genius come to mind.   Starting November 7, 2016, worldwide bidders will have the opportunity to acquire this original Warhol painting.
 “We expect this painting to become a prized exhibit in a museum, art collector’s home, or institution dedicated to the study of Warhol”, said Eric Gazin, President of Auction Cause, the agency managing the sale and bidder prequalification. The iconic piece was discovered by Michael P. Wilson at a thrift store years ago in California. He was attracted to the unique characteristics but did not immediately recognize it as an Andy Warhol. Years later, he began an inquiry and collection of Andy’s informal signatures. After seeing Andy Warhol’s Gold Marilyn, and several drawings from Daniel Blau’s book From Silverpoint To Silverscreen, a book releasing 200 never-before-seen by the public 1950’s Andy Warhol drawings,  he then decided to research his painting, leading him to Fine Art Authenticator & Appraiser G.B. Tate.

The painting was authenticated and appraised for $2.5 million in 2015 by G.B. Tate & Sons Fine Art of Laramie, Wyoming. The appraisal document of G.B. Tate and Sons states:

“The subject artwork is typical of the artist and compares favorably
in quality and subject matter with many other examples of the genre
offered in the marketplace. All other factors, including technique,
style and signature, are consistent with original works by the

The large painting on canvas “The Gold Thinker” measures 76.2cm X 101.6cm (30” X 40”). The painting appears in the original frame.

eBay For Charity will host the auction with bidding beginning at 6 PM PT on November 7, 2016  here:

There is an email sign-up to be notified when the auction begins as well.

Mr. Wilson plans on donating 10-percent of the final selling price to City of Hope, a world-renowned research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases, as both he and his wife lost family members from illnesses which are treated and researched at the hospital. For more information on the City of Hope please visit

For more information on the painting, bidding prequalification, or for interviews, please contact Auction Cause at (323) 655-0554 or via email at warhol at auctioncause dot com.

The full press release here.


Mr. Tate’s References and Integrity vouching…Helping the FBI is excellent for his résumé.


#Artists Connect With Upcoming 2017 Curated Projects Early

The Artful Eater project, previewing in 2017, is new curation of art and restaurant culture presented by London-based Artful & Company.

Follow Artful Eater on Twitter here to tweet your art images and links to get your work viewed by the curators of this project.
Read the Artful Eater’s forthcoming articles on the Medium here to keep up with this project.
Restaurants and art have had an interesting history. Famed restaurateur Michael Chow was known to have kept a bound book with blank pages for artists to draw to create a work for him while they dined. Mr. Chow was known to have traded food for artworks as a pioneering restaurateur art collector. And some of the famed artists known to have dined at his Mr Chow New York restaurant included Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.
Andy Warhol, "Michael Chow," 1980

Andy Warhol, “Michael Chow,” 1980

Michael Chow purchased art for his collection, beginning in the 1960’s, from such UK artists as Peter Blake, David Hockney, and American artist Jim Dine. Some restaurateurs today who have large art collections include Leah Chase and Matt Haley, and Wolfgang Puck decorates his restaurants with the works of top contemporary artists.

Previously Unknown Andy Warhol Painting Discovered + Authenticated

Screenshot 2016-02-03 at 1.53.25 PM


As one who has spent many hours inside the Andy Warhol Museum admiring the galleries of colorful Pop Art and the collections of early Warhol works, it’s easy to see that this newly discovered painting fits right in. This Warhol painting–The Thinker / Thinking Outside the Box / Boy with Birdcage has that early Warhol style, and experts who have authenticated and appraised the artwork have placed it at a value ranging between $500,000 – $2.5 Million US dollars.

Thinking Outside The Box / The Thinker aka Boy with Birdcage was authenticated on December 26, 2015 by G.B. Tate & Sons Fine Art of Laramie, Wyoming. The appraisal document of G.B. Tate and Sons states, “The subject artwork is typical of the artist and compares favorably in quality and subject matter with many other examples of the genre offered in the marketplace. All other factors, including technique, style and signature, are consistent with original works by the artist.”

Amazingly enough, this previously unknown Andy Warhol painting was discovered in a thrift store by a Mr. Michael Wilson, who says, “I’m a rare art finder. It’s a long story. A gift I’ve had since a teenager. It’s a very unusual gift.”

Mr. Wilson, a collector of rare artifacts, purchased the Warhol artwork for around forty dollars in a California thrift store–a framed artwork that had no doubt been passed-over by many other shoppers who were unable to recognize it as a valuable work of art.

“It was a neat discovery,” Michael Wilson, told us here at Artist Marketing Resources, asking us to share his news with our readers. To date, there has been very little written about his find, beyond a small newspaper story here.

Mr. Wilson told us that –“When I saw it at the thrift store I think I was attracted to the image concept…it was a strange and unusual feeling I had about it, and I questioned myself why I bought it. The name was illegible, the price was around $40.00. At the time I didn’t have room to hang it so I put it up in the attic. Sometime later a news report came out about two Englishmen visiting Las Vegas who went to a yard sale–one named Andy Fields, who bought a couple of etchings or drawings at the sale. They then returned home to the UK. As Andy Fields was re-framing the artworks, in the back of one of them he found an Andy Warhol signed color drawing of what is believed to be Rudy Vallee. Allegedly, one of Andy Warhol’s earliest ones from when he was around 10 or 11 years old. When I saw the news report I also was able to see the drawings signature capital letter “A” with a swirl on top, and it reminded me of seeing it before. It didn’t take long before I realized it reminded me of the painting in my attic. I took a look at it and could see it was the same capital letter “A” with that swirl. So, I got curious about what Andy Warhol signatures looked like and, lo and behold, I found an abundance of his informal signatures on record. I didn’t know anything about Andy Warhol then. I didn’t do anything about it at the time.

Around two years ago, Daniel Blau managed to acquire around 200 drawings by Andy Warhol, never-before-seen by the public, from the Warhol Foundation. He released around five to nine of them on the internet. I think the rest might be in a book. I did some research on Andy for a while and found his white face art and other comparable pictures. But when I saw one of the released drawings of a little boy resembling my painting, that went beyond coincidence. With the gathering of evidence I could see the painting was of Andy Warhol himself.

Mr. G. B. Tate, an art expert I once hired for an old painting I had, is a meticulous authenticating researcher. I had gathered up a lot of evidence, but, I still wanted to know who the little boy was….I eventually contacted Mr. G.B. Tate and asked if he could research the Warhol painting for me. He said he has had experience through his many years with Warhol art research, but, it would take a while. The rest is history…”

If you are interested in this Andy Warhol artwork, you can contact Mr. Wilson via telephone or email– find contact information here.

Screenshot 2016-02-03 at 1.54.41 PM


“Role Play” Photography Exhibition Opportunity: It’s Not Juried / No Fee

The Colorado Photographic Arts Center(CPAC) is seeking proposals for “Role Play” a photography exhibition to be held at RedLine Denver for the 2015 Month of Photography. It’s not a juried exhibition. There is no entry fee.

All lens-based media are eligible, including images made by film or video camera, scanner, screen-capture, digital camera, and any means of mobile photography. They seek works by regional, national, and international artists.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.18.05 AM

For this exhibition, CPAC is seeking cohesive bodies of work from photographic artists addressing the exhibition theme: role-play – the creation of make-believe situations and narratives, the adoption of a personae or character different than oneself, the transformation of self for play, self-examination, or the exploration of themes related to social issues.

The Exhibition at RedLine will run March 14th through April 15, 2015. The deadline for submissions is Thursday Jan 8th, 2015.

Send up to 20 jpegs of your body/bodies of work for review. Please provide your website address and information about the project such as an artist statement and CV.

This is an outline for this opportunity, find the full call for exhibition proposals here.

In addition to this themed exhibition, the Colorado Photographic Arts Center has an ongoing open deadline, no fee policy for reviewing proposals. CPAC wants to see new work that reveals a strong personal philosophy and progressive approach to contemporary photography. Individual artists or group projects are encouraged to apply for exhibitions.

WHEN: Open deadline. Allow up to eight weeks for an email response.

WHO: CPAC encourageS proposals from artists and curators regardless of membership or residency status.

HOW: Mailed proposals are preferred at this time.

  • JPEG images should be burned onto a CD/DVD or flash drive.
  • Include a printed statement and bio.
  • Include your name, email address, website URL, and mailing address.
  • There is no fee. Works will be reviewed by staff and exhibition committee members. Related websites and online sources may also be reviewed as part of the process.
  • If you want your materials returned, include return postage in the form of a self-addressed-stamped-envelope or Fed Ex/UPS packing slip.

WHERE: Send proposals to: CPAC, Exhibition Proposals, 1513 Boulder Street, Denver, CO 80211

Find more long-term opportunities for photographic artists on our Artist Marketing Resources e-list here. 

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Artists List Free at ArtDiscover

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 7.23.03 AMThe ArtDiscover Team sent me an email asking if I would share ArtDiscover with my blog readers. I had not been to ArtDiscover before. It’s an interesting site and worth signing up. On the ArtDiscover home page, at upper right, you will see *List Your Space FREE*, when you click that you will see, in red–

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Click that, and complete the form.

The Museum of Virulent Experience and DystoRpia: Calls for Artist Submissions

FoolishPeople is currently inviting submissions from artists working in all mediums to create artworks and installations for their forthcoming exhibition, Virulent Experience, a unique collaboration between Conway Hall and FoolishPeople.

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work to a wide audience in an historic Central London venue throughout August 2012.

Virulent Experience explores the evolution and devolution of ethics, morals and the impact to the mind, imagination and free will of humans via a fictional future version of London on the eve of the  Olympics.

FoolishPeople will transform the historic Conway Hall – a landmark of London’s independent, intellectual, political and cultural life – into The Museum of Virulent Experience, housing the entire banned index of thoughts, emotions and desires in an age where Information Prohibition has begun.

They are looking for artists working in any medium to create a series of works that exist within the narrative and fictional world of the Museum of Virulent Experience. They will also accept proposals for completed works that fit within the context and are pertinent to the piece.

All artists featured within the Virulent Experience exhibition will be included in the exhibition book published by Weaponized, this further explores the themes and context of the project.

Please contact to obtain the full artist’s brief.


 Fluid New Media Lab is a New York City-based project that supports, produces and promotes the creative works of emerging artists working in new media and beyond. Their newest Call for Artist Submissions for media that relates to the concept of DystoRpia–a neologism that mixes the Latin root torpere with the word dystopia. It is a critical view of society as anti-utopian community with torpid visions of a vaguely utopian root. Link:

Affordable Art Fair Los Angeles Opened Yesterday

English: Logo The Affordable Art Fair Français...

Image via Wikipedia

The Affordable Art Fair in Los Angeles opened January 18th and closes Sunday January 22nd at 6pm. If you are in the area, a visit to the show should get you thinking of ways to sell and promote your own art. ArtStar will be there promoting and educating. Here are descriptions of some of their panel presentations. Reading the descriptions can to get you thinking of new ways to present your art to your current collectors and buyers as well as any new collectors you may meet.

Panels: Expert Advice on How to Mix Contemporary Art with Great Design
Panel of experts in art and design, Stefan Lawrence, Founder of Twentieth; Chrissy Crawford, Founder and Hillary Thomas, Principal of Hillary Thomas Designs will give insider tips on how they pair their clients’ collections with antiques, sculpture and mid-century furniture.  The panel will cover everything from paint colours, to framing and installing works to mixing time periods of art and furniture.
Thurs, Jan 19, 7pm Positive Effects of Great Art and Design on Children
Join a panel of children’s experts including Chrissy Crawford, Founder; Pia Lindstrom, Interior Designer and owner of Beginnings and Rose Apodaca, Co-Founder of A+R Store as they speak about the influence art and design can have on children’s creativity, learning and development.
Sun, Jan 22, 1pm Experts Advice on How to Grow Your Collection
Chrissy Crawford, Director/Founder,; Lauren Mang, Specialist from Bonhams Fine Photographs; Julie Novakoff, LA-based art advisor and curator; Simmy Swinder, Director of Carmichael Gallery and Laura Gatewood, curator and contributor to Flavorpill’s art department will give insider advice on how the experts select art as well as investing, researching, framing, installing and insuring your collections.
Sun, Jan 22, 3pmFamily Workshops:

Shadow Puppet Workshop with LittleCollector
LittleCollector’s educators will work with families to create shadow puppets and teach kids how to create their own home theaters.  Shadow puppets combine craft with storytelling and help expand children’s imagination.
Sat, Jan 21, 2pm
Sun, Jan 22, 4pm

Just Like Andy
Artist Matthew Carden and LittleCollector’s educators will take Polaroid portraits of each child and help them create Andy Warhol inspired self-portraits using the same techniques, colors and styles as Warhol. The workshop teaches children about Warhol’s work and Pop Art.
Sat, Jan 21, 4pm
Sun, Jan 22, 2pm

English: Andy Warhol

Image via Wikipedia