6 Brick and Mortar Galleries Accepting Email Submissions from Artists

This New York CIty Art Gallery is Accepting Email Submissions from Artists, provided they are within the gallery guidelines:

Bernarducci.Meisel.Gallery, 37 West 57th Street, New York, NY  Artist Submission Guidelines:The Gallery accepts artist submissions only under the following conditions:
1. Artwork submitted for review must be realist painting, drawing or sculpture. No exceptions.
2. Email (3) THREE low-res jpegs only, plus one detail. No other attachments.
3. Include the title, year executed, medium and dimensions of each piece submitted in the body of the email.
4. Include a brief description of your work, written in English.
5. No links, no CDs, no slides, no artist statements.
6. Email submissions toartsubmit@meiselgallery.com.


3 Art Galleries in California accepting artist submissions via email. See sites for details:

5 Claude Lane Gallery,  5 Claude Ln. San Francisco(415) 956-1310 http://www.5claudelane.com/

Market Street Gallery, 1554 Market St. San Francisco (415) 290-1441 http://www.marketstreetgallery.com/

Paragone Gallery 621 West Knoll Drive West Hollywood, CA 90069  Email:mail@paragonegallery.com Website:www.paragonegallery.com

Elsewhere in the US:

Wilde Meyer Gallery in Arizona is accepting email submissions: http://www.wildemeyer.com/

18 Rabbit Gallery in Florida, accepts email submissions that curators keep on file for future exhibitions  http://www.18rabbitgallery.com/


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