Participate in Countune International Internet Social Art Project

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Fast and easy to get your own, here is my Countune.

In the About section of Countune Gerd Jansens explains his project, in part–“Why should a picture always belong to just one person? This picture belongs to everyone, so it brings people and ideas together. Countune is an “International Internet Social Art Project” and a registered Trademark. It is a new concept for exhibiting pictoral art. Its significance is rooted in an on-going graphic representation of the sequence of natural numbers.”

Here some information about what you can do on the countune  website:

You can download your countune in two versions.

Via workshop (login with your Email and Password) you can:
  1. create more countunes,
  2. change colors when you like,
  3. send your countune as Greeting E-Card to your friends,
  4. specify your Links and install more

3rd NYC Parallax Art Fair for Artists Accepting Applications

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Dr Chris Barlow is an art historian who owns Parallax Art Fair, an art fair for artists.
Artists are invited to apply to the third edition of the NYC fair, which will be held during the same weekend as Frieze art fair.

The  PARALLAX New York fair will take place at the Prince George from 10-12 May.

There is no application fee; the only charge is the hire fee, determined by how many panels or plinths the artist chooses.
All exhibitors have to submit hanging plans. Parallax also has free storage and hanging services for artists that ship work.

You will find the application form here (as well as a link to the UK site and info about our Miami show):

For photographs of previous events, articles and updates, artist reviews, please join the Parallax Facebook page:


Share Your Own Art

 Image via

Art Snapper on Pinterest has a share your own art board where you can add images of your own art to get more visibility for your work.

I’ve also found that there are many Tumblr art blogs that have options for you to either submit your art or upload your art and artist news, announcements or articles along with art images. Add your own art or cross-promote with another artist to mutually share–this is such an easy way to get more exposure. Also, many Tumblr art blogs also have Pinterest pin buttons. Once you add you artist article and image you can pin it to Pinterest.

Here are just a few Tumblr art blogs that accept your contributions of  images and writing–there are many more:

No Ones Nemesis

A Thousand Words

Fuck Yeah Expressionism 

On the Art Finder site you can build your own art profile, add the link to your website, and connect with art lovers and collectors. An easy way to create a strategic online presence amid art lovers.

I have found that art galleries internationally promote their art publications on the Issuu site, where you can create a free member profile and join one of the groups such as the Art People group that allows members to upload an ebook up to 500 pages. Do you have a digital manuscript of your own artwork? This is a great place to share your own art ebook!

Turps Banana Art School Correspondence Course

There is something very interesting about this so I wanted to share. Perhaps you would like to apply, or reading this blog post will give you the idea to create your own art school correspondence course!

Turps Banana Art School / Correspondence Course

Application deadline 30th August 2012

Starting this October, the correspondence course is an innovative new project giving painters a critical perspective and challenging insight into their practice, wherever they are, in the form of quarterly appraisals.

Running over 12 months, participants will engage in a two-way process during which they will present works, and in turn receive feedback from a dedicated mentor and the wider tutorial team at Turps Art School.

Applicants must have a personal email address, access to the internet and reasonable facilities to document work digitally.

Participants will be provided with a dedicated online folder that will be visible to both themselves and the tutorial team. Participants will be expected to upload works, drawings, works in progress, sketchbook pages etc. during the 12 month duration of the course. It is important this is an ongoing process that best describes their output as this will allow the mentors to track developments and compile their observations between feedback points.
Cost of the programme for 12 Months: £1,500

For more information

Dada Mail

Dada Mail – Write Once: Distribute Everywhere

Dada Mail

Dada Mail is a Contemporary Mailing List Manager. Dada Mail works brilliantly for opt-in subscription-based mailing lists.  Dada Mail is also a conceptual art project. [More Information]

Dada Mail can help you manage a mailing list, offers complete support, sends out mass mailings, keeps an archive of your messages and allows you to share your messages in lots of neat ways. Dada Mail runs on your web hosting account and you interact with it through your web browser.

Dada Mail is rich with features, but tries to Keep It Simple. Dada Mail is designed  for ease-of-use  and avoids extremely flashy hard-to-use features.

Dada Mail is designed to be installed, setup and understood by regular people who have websites, but has enough advanced features to entice more proficient users. If you’ve ever installed a bulletin board or web blog software, you should be able to install Dada Mail without too many problems.

Dada Mail is free software that you’re able to use, modify, share and enhance under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Powered by Dada Mail 4.4.2 Stable
Copyright © 1999-2011, Simoni Creative.

Open Call For Art Exhibition Proposals

Guyton \ Walker [installation view] at Greene ...

Image by 16 Miles of String via Flickr

SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery is now  accepting proposals for an exhibition to be held January 3 – January 28,2012 at SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery utilizing all three exhibition spaces at the gallery. The gallery features more than 1,200 sq. ft of exhibition space and more than 200 feet of running wall space.

Artists and curators are invited to submit ideas for exhibitions on any theme, concept, or interest. One proposal will be selected by P.P.O.W. gallery director Jamie Sterns and by the SOHO20 board based on the quality of artists to be exhibited as well as the originality and contemporary relevance of the curatorial concept.

Call For Proposals



Deadline for Submissions: November 5th



SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery

547 West 27th Street

New York, New York 10001

United States of America

The *Pop Surrealism* Art Movement

According to Wikipedia—“Lowbrow, or lowbrow art, describes an underground visual art movement that arose in the Los Angeles, California, area in the late 1970s. Lowbrow is a widespread populist art movement with origins in the underground comix world, punk music, hot-rod street culture, and other subcultures. It is also often known by the name pop surrealism. Lowbrow art often has a sense of humor – sometimes the humor is gleeful, sometimes impish, and sometimes it is a sarcastic comment. Most lowbrow artworks are paintings, but there are also toys, digital art, and sculpture.”

LOW BROW AND POP SURREALISM in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store

There exists an entire niche of USA artists who are not directly associated with the roots of the LA pop surrealism movement yet still consider their art to be Pop Surrealism. Such niche artists are popping up all over the world. Here are a few examples of Pop Surrealist art available from artists on Amazon in the Transmedia Artist store:

Natalie Woodpecker, by Terry Luc

Limited edition Giclee print on paper from original painting by American artist Terry Luc: Natalie Woodpecker  in Transmedia Artist Amazon store

Big eyes are one of the recognizable features in human images created in the style of this art movement–here is an example from Italy:

Jane, by Aurora Massoldi

Jane is a Limited edition Giclee Print on Paper made from an original painting by Aurora of Italy. Prints are available in the Transmedia Amazon store:

This Russian artist’s digital art shows the prevalence of the Pop Surrealist art movement world-wide:

Kill Me in the Comments is a downloadable digital artwork by Grace Migel

A Digital Art Download  sent via email and on disc, Titled: Kill Me in the Comments by Grase Migel is available for purchase in the Transmedia Artist Amazon store: