#Artists Now you can sell your #art on ArtStack!

Now you can sell your art on Art Stack!

We just received the news. If you have an Art Stack account you may have received the notification too. In case you missed it, and for those not yet posting their art on Art Stack, this new sales option should bring some interesting activity to the Art Stack site.

Many art galleries have a presence on ArtStack. Will they now offer work for sale Art Stack by the artists they represent? If some do, will this bring increased activity to the Art Stack site that will  benefit self-represented artists also offering their work for sale there?

According to Art Stack, their new features will  “ensure several hundred thousand people will see your works for sale every month” and – you can now:

  • Include prices on all your artworks and list them for sale on your Artist Page
  • List artworks on the Buy Art page
  • Promote your works in all users’ Feeds
  • Plus Art Stack will be sending a selection of works for sale in their regular email newsletters to all users too!

I’m excited by this new sales venue, although I am not surprised by the new turn. In e-mail exchanges with the Art Stack site owner, over the past few years, he had mentioned wanting to monetize the site. True to the innovative nature of Art Stack, they’re offering some great new options. No Commissions on sales, but a small monthly fee (different levels available).

Find out more about Art Stack sales options here.  Check out our resource e-list of art sales venues here and here.

Make Your Art Into Mini Giclee Prints or 3D Printed Editions for Your Upcoming Holiday Sales


 There are a lot of opportunities, both online and off, for holiday sales of your art. You can try mini giclée print editions that are scaled-down versions of your larger prints to make affordable holiday gifts for buyers. Or get small prints to send to galleries as hands-on samples or for your collectors as thank-you gifts. Get 45 – 4×6 or 5×5 prints or 55 – 4×5  prints or 30 -5×7 prints printed by Fine Print and take advantage of their special until November 15th. Your 3-D sculptural designs or jewelery can be printed in plastics or metal editions and you will find 3-D print resources here.
Places to sell your art, such as the annual artist sales venue Art Multiples is a contemporary commercial art fair of affordable art and fine craft. Contemporary artists and makers looking to sell their 2D print or 3D sculptural editions or installation pieces can apply to showcase their work in the Multiples Spring or Fall markets. The Multiples market offers artists a way of selling work without compromising their artistic integrity plus makes their work accessible to a wider market. Find other online and live art sales venues in our 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art E-list.  Photographers wanting to sell their photographic print editions will find markets here.  Get our e-list of venues for sales of your 2-D and 3-D editions here and you’ll find just the right galleries to send your samples to on our extensive e-list of art galleries here.

3-D Printed Art

3-D Printed Art