Featured Artist Raoul Orzabal

The young artist painter Raoul Orzabal describes the development of his artwork:

“As someone extremely dyslexic, I was removed from three different schools as a kid due to frequently having the poorest grades apart from art. It was during my A2 levels my passion for art grew. Before that time, art was a subject I was on and off with but knew it was what I could relate to best out of the other subjects, as what my parents encouraged at the time. When I had found a greater passion for it, my first phase of my work consisted of fragmented collages of urban cityscapes, mainly of modern architecture. From that point on I would only use the collages as reference only in order to copy them down into oil painting. Originally I was more into drawing and pastel but I felt I needed to work on improving my technique in painting. Oil painting was historically a rich medium and I felt this would be my primary one to use. My collages and oil paintings of 10 years ago were mainly influenced by the aesthetics of cubism, futurism and vortisism. I was more interested in being inspired by the designs rather than the artists as individuals.

During my foundation year, I had moved to London and have lived here since. As art foundation encouraged their participants to forget all that they previously learned and to engage in new mediums, I found it quite difficult to begin with but knew I could just brush to one side what I had learned previously but temporarily. Mixed media sculpture was largely encouraged along with video and performance art. As one who simply regards himself as an artist and not an ideologist, fields in conceptual art was something I struggled to relate to as it came across as more about research and written work rather than craft but I stuck to mainly mixed media sculpture toward the end of the course.

The final body of work I produced that year was sculptural painting where I presented three painted canvases above each other with cut-out sections revealing the additional paintings beneath.

I carried on this technique into the first year of my degree at the university of Westminster before moving onto to creating pastiche altarpieces, which were influenced by the design of my earliest works. I returned to 3D painting again late in my degree but carried on with jig sawed boards instead of canvas as they stayed straight after the holes were carved in.

After graduating in 2016, I have continued to produce more paintings but in smaller scales until mid 2018 where my current phase of my work started. The latest phase was where I would spend several months on single 2D painting and fill it up with as much detail as possible according to the photographic reference I created. It was also around this time I began to frequently sell work and additionally jointly wining the 2019 Art Gemini prize. During the covid-19 pandemic, my sales declined rapidly but this year have started to see a slow recovery. “

You can find Raoul’s portfolio here https://www.raoulorzabal.com/

Raoul’s social media Links :


Etsy Collects Sales Tax for 3 States

A young Japanese woman traveling in a train looks outside. Maybe she is contemplating her own Etsy shop sales!

Starting August 1, 2018, the Etsy site will collect state sales tax on orders shipped to Oklahoma. They currently collect sales tax on all orders shipped to Pennsylvania and Washington State. Read the guide to Etsy sales tax.

If you’d like to open your own Etsy shop–we offer you 40 free listings to get started! Use this link to get your free listings.


Balancing Art – Join the New Artists Group Board on our Pinterest Business Account for Artist Marketing Resources

Baja beach Zen Rocks, photograph by Marie Kazalia

Come Grow With Us!

After years of working with our old format Pinterest account, we have just created a new Pinterest Business account for Artist Marketing Resources. You can grow with us.

We’re setting up new options for artists on our Artist Marketing Resources Pinterest business account here. On it we’ll focus on promoting the art of our readers. (It’s all brand new and kind of bare at the moment–but it won’t stay that way for long!)

Many artists already post their art to our old Pinterest group board Art Direct From Artists and in the past we’ve promoted the board and artists heavily on Twitter.

Now you can be one of the first artists to join our new business Pinterest account version of Art Direct From Artists and add pinned images of your art available directly to buyers!

How to join Art Direct From Artists and add your art image pins–

Step 1: follow Artist Marketing Resources on Pinterest–click here to follow

Step 2: send an email (to:  mariekazalia@gmail.com) or send a private message on the Pinterest platform letting us know that you want to join our artists group board Art Direct From Artists. 

Step 3: Check your Pinterest followers (look for Artist Marketing Resources–we’ll follow you back) and check your Pinterest invitations. Once you find our invitation to join Art Direct From Artists, accept the invitation and you can start adding pins of your own art available for sale to buyers! Include your retail prices on your art image pins! Buyers will contact you directly.

The Benefits

You benefit from our promotions of the group board Art Direct From Artists in our feature articles published here and on other magazine and blog platforms. Our Twitter tweets feature the group board link and select artworks, and we talk about the group board in discussions on other social media platforms.

Our past promotions of Art Direct From Artists have brought artists on the group board more visibility! It works. We know because artists who pinned their art to our old group board– which is a few years old now– have reported sales that tracked back to our Pinterest group board!

Why we like our new Pinterest Business account:
We say “our” new Pinterest Business account because we want to integrally include you and your art! My old Pinterest account is years old and so crammed full of images that it’s time to make a fresh start.
Pinterest has many new features with their new Business account option. For instance, our group board Art Direct From Artists has Sections for sorting art images for buyers to more easily search–so far we’ve created sections for: Abstract Painting, 3-D Sculptural Works, Contemporary REALISM, Outsider / self-taught /auto-didactic
The Future
We plan to promote our new Pinterest Business account and group artist boards on Twitter and via feature articles and more.
Feel free to ask me any questions you may have in a comment.

We Want to Hear From You

Let us know what other group boards you’d like us to add to our new Pinterest business account, and if we like your idea we’ll not only create the board, and invite you to join, but we’ll tweet your link and give you a shout out too on Twitter as a thank you. Just leave on comment on this article to get things started.

Visit our new business account for Artist Marketing Resources on Pinterest
and view the new group board Art Direct From Artists.

Best Online Sales Site for Your Summer Studio Clearance Sale

Vest Singlet Spray Graffiti Casual Artwork Urban Concept


Many visual artists produce a lot of work in their studios as they develop and grow their art making practice. Soon, there may be a storage problem in their workspace. A time comes–perhaps during the summer months– when artists want to sell off a lot of transitional work. They may need to make more room in their studio and realize that selling off earlier pieces will likely provide additional money for replenishing their art materials and art making supplies.  Or perhaps the artist is planning on relocating to another workspace or renovating their current studio and the prospect of moving years of accumulated and stored artworks is overwhelming–so they would rather sell the art pieces than move them into another storage area. Psychologically, it may be freeing for an artist to sell off older work as they move forward with their style.

There are many reasons for any artist to want to offer certain of their artworks for quick sale outside the gallery system.

Open Studio sales have been underway annually for decades before any online galleries even existed. Open Studios provide a way for artists to sell their art from their studio–the major drawback being that these sales are usually annual or bi-annual and occur only over one weekend. Artists continue to need to sell artworks quickly and easily in ways that do not monopolize blocks of their time–time they could be at work on their art making.


If you are an artist and need to make lots of quick art sales, for whatever reason, one site to consider is Chairish. Initially, I was invited to sell on Chairish and as a test I uploaded about a dozen paintings. So far I’ve sold 6 –paintings I needed to sell to create space.  I was glad to sell to buyers on Chairish who appreciate my art. I’m glad to have removed those pieces from storage. It’s nice to know that these artworks are now seeing the light of day and enjoyed by others.

Photography Ideas Creative Occupation Design Studio Concept



Chairish buyers appreciate high quality design items, collectables, one-of-a-kind artworks, and limited edition pieces. One of my buyers, an Interior Designer, purchased one of my paintings for a client. We were able to have a dialog via messaging on the Chairish site. Other buyers bought my paintings to decorate their homes and apartments. My buyers are also my followers on the Chairish site and receive notifications when I add new work for sale or lower my asking price on any of their favorite artworks.


I know that shipping is always an issue for artists. Chairish has that covered by offering some helpful services to artists for shipping their art to buyers.


First, Chairish offers White Glove service. If you have a large and valuable artwork selling on Chairish you can choose to use their White Glove service which is paid for by the buyer. With White Glove, Chairish will send art handlers to remove the artwork from your studio and hand-deliver it to your buyer.


Another useful shipping option an artist can elect to use is the paid by Chairish Pre-paid UPS shipping label option. With this option, a pre-paid shipping label is generated for your sold artwork. Then all you need to do is print the shipping label and apply it to the package containing the artwork. You can then take your package to any UPS shipping center –which may be your local Staples store–where they scan the label and hold the package for pickup the same day. Three days later your art is delivered to your buyer. Within about seven days your payment is in your PayPal account.

Local Hand-Delivery

The 3rd shipping option available on Chairish is for the artist to pay the shipping cost on the item or charge a fee to the buyer. This option allows for you to hand-deliver your sold art piece– within a selected mile radius– for a flat fee. So if you live in a large city, you can offer to bring the art to the buyer’s home, office, or meet-up for coffee and deliver their latest purchase to them personally. Or, perhaps you know someone who will make these deliveries for you while you continue your studio work.

Each item you sell on Chairish can have any one of these shipping options selected and applied. There is no need for consistency of shipping options across your Chairish store, as on other online sales platforms.


Also, I like the pricing options on Chairish. For each of your artworks offered for sale, you can feature the retail price, your sale price, and add a reserve price for when a buyer makes an offer. These features help to increase your sales. Buyers are always looking for bargains and so having the option to make an offer is very appealing! They are interacting with you when they make you an offer that is a little lower than your asking price. You then have the option of entering a counter-offer or of accepting their offer for your artwork.

Now that I’ve found this viable way to make lots of quick sales I plan to add many more of my paintings to the Chairish site and get them out of storage! This may be a working option for you too.

Huge Gallery/Retail Shop at International Airport Represents One Thousand Fine Craft Artists

Portland Airport Gallery Shop representing over 1,000 artists

Portland Airport Gallery Shop representing over 1,000 artists

Part gallery and part retail shop, The Real Mother Goose Gallery features over 1,000 American artist’s creations in jewelry, woodworking, furniture, glass, ceramics and clothing.
Since starting their business in 1971, they’ve expanded to two Portland, Oregon locations, including a large retail space at the Portland Oregon International Airport .

They also have a second location, with a total of over 10,000 square feet of retail gallery space for contemporary fine American craft items by more than 1,000 professional artists, designers and craftspeople from across the United States and Canada.

Some of the fine craft items in their store are there on consignment and some art items are purchased outright from the artists.

If you are interested in participating in their artist selection process, visit one of their galleries or carefully browse their collections on their website to be sure your work matches the style and quality they represent.

If you have questions, find contact details here.

Submissions from prospective new artists are evaluated using many criteria including:

  •  Quality of design, materials and craftsmanship
  •  Availability of display space for the work
  •  Conformity with our current merchandising focus
  •  Pricing and salability
  •  Ability to maintain consistent production

You are welcome to send a few samples of small items. Samples must be picked up within 5 days of our notification of the committee’s decision. If you ship samples you must include a check for return postage.

Many opportunities are cross-overs, such as this one–which could be listed as a gallery or a shop. We consider artist’s needs as we add venues to our resources for artists– all art gallery opportunities listed in the International Art Gallery Directory e-list here and here.  Shops and art sales venues are listed here and here.

#Artists Now you can sell your #art on ArtStack!

Now you can sell your art on Art Stack!

We just received the news. If you have an Art Stack account you may have received the notification too. In case you missed it, and for those not yet posting their art on Art Stack, this new sales option should bring some interesting activity to the Art Stack site.

Many art galleries have a presence on ArtStack. Will they now offer work for sale Art Stack by the artists they represent? If some do, will this bring increased activity to the Art Stack site that will  benefit self-represented artists also offering their work for sale there?

According to Art Stack, their new features will  “ensure several hundred thousand people will see your works for sale every month” and – you can now:

  • Include prices on all your artworks and list them for sale on your Artist Page
  • List artworks on the Buy Art page
  • Promote your works in all users’ Feeds
  • Plus Art Stack will be sending a selection of works for sale in their regular email newsletters to all users too!

I’m excited by this new sales venue, although I am not surprised by the new turn. In e-mail exchanges with the Art Stack site owner, over the past few years, he had mentioned wanting to monetize the site. True to the innovative nature of Art Stack, they’re offering some great new options. No Commissions on sales, but a small monthly fee (different levels available).

Find out more about Art Stack sales options here.  Check out our resource e-list of art sales venues here and here.

Have A Great Thanksgiving! – Get One Free When You Buy Any #Artist Resource E-list

Wild Turkey, USA Photo CC0 Public Domain. Free for commercial use. No attribution required.

Wild Turkey, USA Photo CC0 Public Domain. Free for commercial use.
No attribution required.


A neighbor, who runs every morning, mentioned seeing wild turkeys in a certain area. So I took notice while driving one morning and saw seven wild turkeys in a farmer’s field near some woods. Since then I see wild turkeys everywhere–I’ve even had them in my yard. It’s kind of interesting how we notice things the more we start looking for them and are more open to seeing what others point out to us. Many photographers know that the more they look the more they see to photograph.

All artists who start looking for opportunities for their art–whether it’s for features in art magazines and art blogs, or for the best print sales venues– find many more great opportunities using our resources. Or if you are an artist wishing to connect with art dealers, art consultants and gallerists–our extensive e-lists will save you time narrowing down the best venues for your fine art and photography.

Today and tomorrow we have a Thanksgiving Special–buy one artist resource and get one free.

I shop at a local grocery store that offers Buy-One-Get-One-Free items, and I appreciate that! So I’m making the same offer to artists.

Buy an artist resource in either of our stores here or here then let us know which one you’d us to send you at no cost–use this contact form:





Artist Marketing Resources #artists Discount on 30 Day Artist Jumpstart Challenge



For Artist Marketing Resources readers–Here’s a new opportunity for artists sent to us from Andy Derrick, Head of Artist Community at artsquare–

Hey Marie,

Hope all is well! I wanted to let you know I’m hosting a 30 Day Artist Jumpstart Challenge with a teammate of mine…participants will get daily lessons and practical directives all geared towards helping them get sales traction. They’ll also get access to a private chat group where we’ll all chat through progress, answer questions, share successes, etc.
It’s $15 to join, but I’d love to offer your readership $5 off. They just have to click through this special link.
Let me know what you think!


Artists + Designers Submit To New Online Sales Venue

Screenshot 2016-05-11 at 10.06.07 PM


Creame is coming soon. Creame will sell wall art, art prints, and accessories in their online shop.

If you are an artist or designer send them an email.  Visit the Creame website for details.

We’re also adding Creame to our growing list of art sales platforms here.


Political Pinatas — Bash Them Or Party With Them

Political Pinatas

When this pinata company near the US / Mexico border contacted us to feature their pinatas we couldn’t resist!

Recently, an artist in the Facebook group Frumps Against Trump was contacted aggressively by The Donald’s people for her painting of Donald Trump in the nude displaying a micro-unit. Hyperallergic wrote about this here..and the artist isn’t backing down only to get even more press– here.

Political art has a long history…

For #Artists Wishing to Make A Living From Online Art Sales



More and more artists are asking–“Is it possible to make a living selling my art online?” Yes, it is possible. But you need to be open to learning from others and finding out what works for you.

This is our third article in a row on how to earn money online selling your art. The first here featured a photographic artist who made one thousand dollars using an online sales app. Our second article featured a site where artists make twenty thousands of dollars or more, per year, selling their work.

Today, we are featuring a combined art sales site and print app.

Artists can set up very attractive shops on TicTail for free, select from a variety of looks for their shop, then add apps–many are free. Add a currency converter app, a footer app to add navigation or links to your shop, and the free Printful app. Integrating Printful with your TicTail shop automates the printing and shipping for you! They take care of it all.  New orders automatically go into production. When a new order is received by Printful, you’ll receive an email about it. Then they print and ship and send you a notification.

Screenshot 2016-03-14 at 8.27.46 PM

For artists searching for more sales platforms, you will find Art Sales Resources, Print Sales Resources and other E-lists here.

3 Developing Art Platforms Artists May Want to Know More About

Most artists have their work for sale in the Saatchi online gallery, and perhaps in a few other online galleries, in addition to their own website, blog or online portfolio. Creating a presence on other sites extends your reach to those who buy art for their homes and businesses.

Here are a few newer art sites that caught our attention recently–

Screenshot 2016-01-21 at 5.27.08 AM


Ampliative Art is a new art site in Spanish and English with very grand plans and a manifesto. They hold live meetings and are currently crowdfunding to build their online platform. If you are the type of artist who likes to get involved from the early stages of development and growth then this may be the place for you.


Screenshot 2016-01-21 at 5.30.00 AM

Artellite, based in Canada, is for artists, art galleries, and arts organizations to join in those categories. They talk about transparency, and you do see right away when you visit the site the number of users. The site has been under development since 2014 and says that they are about e-commerce solutions for the Art World and about selling art. They have an interesting curated collection.  Take a look and if your art is a good fit you can join the site free here to check out the features. I noticed that Artellite offers sales options in multiple currencies–US Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Great Britain Pounds and Euros. Joining could extend your reach and international selling abilities.

The Artful Project is calling itself the new home of affordable art, and in this instance the word affordable seems a euphemism for print–and primarily photography based prints though they seem to be branching out into text-based artworks. They have curated collections and participate in Designers fairs and the not surprisingly Affordable Art Fairs.


Screenshot 2016-01-21 at 5.51.56 AM


Artists, Help Me Win Some Sweet Swag Via IndieWalls

Screenshot 2015-09-09 at 4.09.24 PM

Dear Artists,

As you may know, I’m part of the Indiewalls artist community. Indiewalls is a platform that attracts private buyers and interior designers who post opportunities on their site daily. Artists can then pitch their work directly to projects that resonate with their style. Apply through this link to discover a unique list of projects in need of great art: https://www.indiewalls.com/s/f7

I think you and your work would be a great fit for their community.

Sweeten Up September runs through the end of the month. IndieWalls invited me to share and if artists sign up via my link above, they will shower me with gifts for helping them grow the Indiewalls community.



  1. Anyone can apply, but only artists accepted into the community are counted.
  2. Awards will be given out to the first to 20 reach ‘5 Accepted Artists’ and the first 10 to reach ’10 Accepted Artists.’
  3. Artists are not allowed to apply again under a second name or email
  4. Prizes will be awarded during the first two weeks in October

500% Traffic Increase to Gallery Site + Increased Art Sales Reported!


Things may slow down a bit online every summer, but this has been no time for us to slack off!

We do a lot of article marketing on Artist Marketing Resources–that is, we write and publish article about artists and their art. Then we promote our articles in Tweets, on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN, Tumblr, Pinterest and other specialized art news sites.

Without mentioning any of our client’s names, we’d like to share some recent results.

One art site that we’ve published promotional articles for has reported a 500% increase in traffic as a direct result of our feature articles feature.

After publishing our article for an art dealer, we received this note– “Marie, Thank you very much for your wonderful work! In the past couple days, we’ve had a large amount of traffic to our website that has resulted in sales. What else can you do to repeat these fantastic results!? I would like to discuss more…”

If you’d like one or more feature articles on your art, send Marie Kazalia an email to: MarieKazalia@gmail.com


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Seat 214 Art Gallery, Aartur


SEAT 214 Art Gallery has a lot of features. Artists have their own account page and portfolio, and there are options for 3D galleries exhibitions and low commission sales to a growing audience. seat214.com
In FranceAartur wants to bring contemporary art to everyone! aartur.com

Find many more international resources in the Artist Marketing Resources web stores of #artistresources :

#1  https://selz.com/items/all

#2 http://artistmarketingresources.webs.com/apps/webstore/


Chairish Shipping Options + White Glove Service for Artists

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 6.45.26 PM

I had a chat with Whitney at Chairish, who invited me to sell my art in their online home decor store. Chairish only takes 20% commission on sales of art. There are no listing fees.

Whitney said, “you’re welcome to list as much as you’d like with us.” She also reviewed my site and said–“I particularly love your fluorescent series and your spot series,” suggesting that I add about 10-15 pieces to start. So people who are interested in my work can see my range. She also said that it’s a good idea to add pieces in a range of prices—”just so some are approachable to first time buyers of your work.”

All great advice! But what impressed me most were the shipping options for artists selling on Chairish. Whitney explained 2 options to choose from–with the 2nd including “white glove service”:

Option one, is for you to take care of shipping completely on your own once an item sells. This option makes your piece show up on the Chairish site to the customer as “Shipping for Free,” which encourages sales and helps them pull the trigger. So you would just need to work in the cost of shipping when you set your asking price.

Option two, is for Cherish to handle shipping for you. If you don’t choose the “Ships for Free” option, you will just get an email from support@chairish.com with a pre-paid UPS shipping label ready to go– then you can just stick it on your package and send out to the customer.

White Glove Service: If you have any really large works (over 50” or so), Chairish also has a white glove service that simply comes to your house, packs the piece and gets it to the customer.

With both the UPS label option and white glove option the customer pays for shipping.

To start selling on Chairish, click the yellow “Sell” button at the top left of the home page. This will take you to your first submission page where you can start uploading your works. Whitney said, “there will be a little link at the top asking if you’re a professional seller, but you can disregard this.”
Artists also have a dedicated Chairish artist page that people can click into and you can customize your artist page too.

After uploading several of my paintings to Chairish, I began to also appreciate the pricing options–for each piece you add (1) your retail price, (2) your asking price, and (3) your reserve price, allowing buyers to make offers.

Whitney said that she thought my art “would do well on Chairish” and I am looking forward to some sales.

If you are looking for more places to sell your art, Artist Marketing Resources offers an e-list available here and here.

SOLD! Art on Amazon USA Now Listed On Amazon Japan + Amazon Euro

Chris Osborne's Robert Johnson and the Blue Terraplane limited edition poster in our Amazon store (click image)

Chris Osborne’s Robert Johnson and the Blue Terraplane limited edition poster in our Amazon store (click image)

Recently, Amazon USA sellers were offered options to expand their store listings to Amazon store sites in Europe, Japan and all over the world.

Shortly after apply this option to my Amazon store, a buyer in Europe ordered Chris Osborne’s limited edition Robert Johnson & the Blue Terraplane poster, available on Amazon here. The poster buyer paid the extra shipping from the USA to Europe.

If you are an artist with print editions and posters especially, we will review your art for our store. If we think that it will sell on Amazon, we will add listings of your art to our store–find out more here.

Artists Uncovered: #submit to this New Curated Site




If you sometimes feel that your art gets lost on overcrowded online gallery sites, and wonder how often your work actual gets viewed or considered for purchase. Try submitting to a new site which has few artworks. New as of February 2015, Artists Uncovered, has plenty of room for you art. It is a curated site and they are accepting submissions. Register for a free account then submit using their online submission form. Artists Uncovered is accepting work from artists worldwide!

Artist Marketing Resources is always on the look-out for new online art galleries and art sales venues. For the past 6 years we’ve been adding to and updating our e-list of art sales sites, art print sales sites, photographer sales sites and photographer agents hereart galleries, and art consultants.

Find these and more artist resources in our newest store with more purchase options here.