First Come First Served—C.A.S. Donates Oil Paints To Artists Affected by Sandy Storm

C.A.S Paints, an Illinois-based paint manufacturer, asked me to share the news that they have generously donated a supply of oil paints for artists affected by Sandy. Storm-affected artists interested in taking advantage of these donated materials are free to stop by NYFA’s offices before January 11. Materials will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis. Find the address and details here:

also Artinfo shares the news and links :
Midwestern Manufacturer Donates Hundreds of Pounds of Oil Paints to Sandy-Stricken Artists

Video: Seven Days in the Art World Author Describes Her Book Contents

In this video, the author of Seven Days in the Art World, Sarah Thornton, describes the contents of each of her book chapters– in a minute and 34 seconds.

There was a lot of buzz about Seven Days in the Art World when it was first released as a hardcover book a few years ago. The book later became available as a paperback and currently sells for $15.95.  Surprisingly, the ebook version is listed at a higher print than print– on Google Books the ebook is priced at $24.95