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Art Cloud–Art Works Inventory Management for Artists and Galleries


In Art Cloud you can easily track and manage your artworks, generate and email invoices with your logo on them, generate certificates of authenticity for any artwork, generate consignment reports and sales reports, track all your client contact details and even their birthdays. Within your client list, each client’s email is clickable– when you click on their email address within Art Cloud your default email service will open up a new email to that contact. So no need to switch in and out of platforms and windows.  Additionally, Art Cloud can power your website so that your inventory is always in sync. With Art Cloud you can integrate your existing website to dynamically pull information from your account. For example, if you add a new piece of artwork, your site will update.

Art Cloud is a web-based art gallery management software system for galleries, artists, consultants and collectors. I started using Art Cloud last week, and first and foremost I find this system easy to use. Their how-to guide contains simple and easy to read and follow instructions. That is a huge plus for me. (There is nothing more frustrating than looking for help with a website feature only to encounter endless text to read.)

I’ve looked at several inventory management softwares in the past, and of course the very best feature of Art Cloud is that there is no software to buy or to keep updated, no upgrades to purchase, and no need to later transfer the entire system to a new computer after years of entering your details. So right away your life is simplified. You are working in the cloud within your password protected profile. You can connect anytime from anywhere using your Mac, PC, phone, or tablet device with an internet connection. With Art Cloud you enter your details and upload your images– once– for multiple uses. On a basic level, it allows you to manage your art inventory, clients, and invoices in one clean interface that is highly integrated. This integration helps you to run a more efficient and therefore potentially profitable more business.

Other time-saving and amazing features include their Virtual Sales Assistant tools. On the homepage (once you login), you will notice that Art Cloud recommends certain actions that will help you drive more sales. For example, Art Cloud will give you information about your newest and most recent clients, or recommend that you get in touch with clients who recently celebrated a birthday. Art Cloud even builds profiles for your clients and recommends which collectors may be interested in new artworks based off an easy to use tagging system.

Also, a few interesting features that may not be obvious to the naked eye on first visit to ArtCloud:
  • while in your inventory list of your Artworks, click on the title of any piece and a tear sheet will generate which you can save as a pdf and email to a gallery or client
  • tags – these are your best friend in Art Cloud. Tag each artwork or client or contact with an infinite number of one-word descriptors for amazing search capabilities.
  • the list feature is not only great for price lists and wall tags, but it is a great way to create a list for consignment to a gallery
Art Cloud is the simplest way to manage your art in the cloud. Sign up for a free trial at