Marketing and Promotions: Virtual Assistant for Visual Artists

Artists–Do you need a Virtual Assistant? I have openings to take on a limited number of artists as clients– offering each individualized and highly personalized services.
Since I have the education and experience to give myself a higher level title, such as Consultant, Director, President or CEO,  then why I have chosen the title and role of Virtual Assistant? As Virtual Artist Assistant I’m hands-on and can do more for artists  as an expert independent contractor. Since I am not in competition with other art professionals and consultants, who do have those titles (CEO, Director, President etc), there are more possibilities for working together in  cross-promotional campaigns in my role as Virtual Assistant. (You’ve seen the movies. It’s always the assistant to the company president who has all the information and gets the job done!)
My focus is on the artist–and promotional efforts that lead to sales, ( if that is your goal, as it is for most artists.) A buyer or curator wants to talk to the artist directly. My role is to drive opportunities to you. I make the contacts and submissions for you, and filter the responses, contacting you with serious offers only.

You will  break from your daily studio practice to check for the email ops, progress updates, and project developments I send. We can also chat or talk using Skype. If something great comes in, I’ll call you!
My Services are tailored to individual artist needs and goals, and depending on artist media, promotional services can include, but are not limited to:
-I will help you create a Market identity.
-Write and publish original content articles for both online and print media. Create opportunities for exposure/ submit art images to publications. Develop and promote your brand.
– Identify lucrative niche markets and work to get you into them by submitting your art images.
-Create online SlideShare presentations for social media campaigns, including monitoring viewers for followup contact.
-Get your art work into corporate collections: research / create connections in your media and geographic area
-Research giclee print sales options  and print resources near you and help you develop a profitable pricing strategy and build a distribution network for your work.
-Research and create more exhibition ops, research gallery directors internationally, locate sales ops, grant ops, artist residence ops, sponsorships, advertisement and publicity ops (free and paid), art auction ops, and work to get your art into private online stores in your media.
-Market your art to a larger audience.  Generate more sales.
– Send emails to your target market, making the email more personalized and more effective than just an occasional newsletter.

My services *free you* from excessive online time better spent at work creating your art and developing a disciplined art-making practice. Having me as your assistant will build your confidence.

I offer flexible agreement terms, a low fee introductory trial period, and written agreements for long-term commitments.

Highly experienced. Established w/ excellent reputation in the online artist community.

Email me for more information: Marie Kazalia at:
Available to chat about your goals by email or Skype chat or Skype voice.

The 3 D’s; Desire, Determination, Dedication. I’m there.

Best to you!
Marie Kazalia

Artist Marketing Resources, Established online February 3, 2009

Some reasons for an Artist to hire a Virtual Assistant
With all of the demands an artist’s business can generate it’s tough to cover everything on your own. A lot of tasks need to be done daily to increase your visibility, artists’ reputation and earnings. As Virtual Assistant, or VA, I will lighten your workload and save you time.  You’ll have more time in your studio, ( allowing your creativity to peak!) while I work for you covering more bases than you ever could alone. I take on many of those draining tasks that bring on information overload, eyestrain, that“ too tired to function “ overworked feeling. You’ll have more freedom to develop yourself, pick up the pace in your business developments, and in your relationships. As a Web savvy VA I already know how to do all kinds of tasks you might spend hours upon hours just trying to understand. I have an extensive network of contacts I  can bring in when you need certain tasks done. I will give you terrific advice on Internet marketing.  Hiring me as your VA is quite a bit cheaper than hiring an employee. You don’t have to pay the extra taxes and fees that go along with having an in-house employee. You don’t have to make the same commitment as you would to an employee.  As a professional VA I’m quite flexible. I run my own businesses as both exhibiting artist and VA, so understand your problems and struggles because I live them too.  Because my performance reflects on my own business success I  care about doing a great job as your multi-faceted and talented virtual assistant.
You’re going to get a lot more done with a lot less stress with my help.