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Wild Turkey, USA Photo CC0 Public Domain. Free for commercial use. No attribution required.

Wild Turkey, USA Photo CC0 Public Domain. Free for commercial use.
No attribution required.


A neighbor, who runs every morning, mentioned seeing wild turkeys in a certain area. So I took notice while driving one morning and saw seven wild turkeys in a farmer’s field near some woods. Since then I see wild turkeys everywhere–I’ve even had them in my yard. It’s kind of interesting how we notice things the more we start looking for them and are more open to seeing what others point out to us. Many photographers know that the more they look the more they see to photograph.

All artists who start looking for opportunities for their art–whether it’s for features in art magazines and art blogs, or for the best print sales venues– find many more great opportunities using our resources. Or if you are an artist wishing to connect with art dealers, art consultants and gallerists–our extensive e-lists will save you time narrowing down the best venues for your fine art and photography.

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I shop at a local grocery store that offers Buy-One-Get-One-Free items, and I appreciate that! So I’m making the same offer to artists.

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New Feature Articles Coming Soon on Artist Marketing Resources

Photo by Marie Kazalia

Photo by Marie Kazalia

Our July “vacation” away from this blog to work on other things is winding down. Stay tuned for new articles, artist opportunities, and artist features coming soon.




The Corner Magazine: Looking for New Artists to Feature on Website and Online Magazine!

The Corner Magazine’s latest newsletter contains colorful images of art by their featured artists, and the magazine is are looking for new artists to feature in their newsletter and on their magazine site.

The Corner Magazine accepts submissions in the categories of–






+++ The submission deadline for theCORNER #THREE is April 1st! +++


Not sure if you fit to theCORNER? Editors are open to every emerging and interesting artist, but established artists are of course welcome as well. The Corner Magazine is always looking for new artists we can feature both on the website and in the online magazine! Do you have a photography editorial or story? Editors are interested in a wide range of topics from architecture, reportage, to fashion, portrait, travel etc. Beyond photography, we accept submissions from all kinds of visual art. Please send your work in a small resolution either as single pictures or preferably as PDF. They will get in touch with you and if they are interested ask for a version in a higher resolution. Keep in mind that they prefer unpublished projects.

They also accept texts for the magazine  and submissions for the ♥-section of the website. For this, you don‘t need to submit a whole story.