Video: Flootie TV 2015 An Art Oddity

Flootie TV’s new opening sequence for show #5 – 2015 AN ART ODDITY! Starring ‘Alpha Monkey’ Dean Cameron, and ‘trainee Alpha Monkeys’ Gavin Ford and Adam ‘Bucky’ Townsend. You could say they’re really monkeying around this time!


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What Top Art Gallery in New York City Schedules Weekly Reviews With Artists?



There are many art galleries reviewing artist portfolios. They are highlighted in yellow on our 361 page e-list. Get the gallery e-list here.

During seven months of the year, a top gallery in New York City schedules weekly appointments with artists to meet with them in person. The gallery has a set number of time slots per week that are allotted to artists who call to reserve a space. The gallerist meets with each artist one-on-one to review the artist’s printed portfolios or images on disc on computer screen.

I’m not going to state the name of the gallery in this article. I don’t want to contribute to an overload of calls.  I love their policy of meeting with artists each week–it’s considerate of artists and an excellent way to get to know new artists and review their submissions.

Find out the name of the gallery here.



Google Glass Interview: New York City Artist Jen Dunlap’s Painting Project to Push Herself Out of Her Comfort Zone

New York based curator and artist liaison Samantha Katz launched the first Google Glass artist interview series, called Gallery Glass, on Sept. 1, 2013. Her 30-day project will produce one video each day exploring real artist studios and galleries using the hands-free, Google Glass computer.  Katz will also visit and record spotlight exhibitions, performances, and installations.