ArtFinder Alerts Art Buyers of New Available Artist Works

ArtFinder is a marketplace for people to discover and buy affordable original art online from a wide range of international artists and galleries. ArtFinder is a top curated online art gallery. Chief Executive of the ArtFinder site Jonas Almgren was quoted in the widely read BBC article on More Art Sold Online Than in Galleries, along with representatives of other top sites, such as, Saatchi Online and Artsy.

Some artists we know who recently opened up shop on ArtFinder– Gabriella Cleuren    Agent X   Leon Sarantos   Sharon Sieben   Marie Kazalia

ArtFinder has many advanced settings for tracking sales and shipments of your art, as well as for interacting with other ArtFinder artists and site Users. As an ArtFinder artist, I receive email alerts when a User (aka potential buyer) follows me or favorites one of my artworks. I can then follow the User back and  review the User’s profile to see all the artists the User has followed. With this new understanding of the User’s tastes, I may add images of my other available artworks to meet the User’s interests. ArtFinder sends the Users following me a newsletter containing images of my newly uploaded available work.

A recent ArtFinder newsletter (excerpted below) alerted me to new artworks available from artist Gabriella Cleuren–with cropped thumbnail images that enticed me to visit her portfolio on ArtFinder for full views of each work.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 7.27.37 AM

Artist Marketing Resources Articles on Copyright Issues

Beginning today, Tuesday May 28th, the Artist Marketing Resources blog will publish a short series of articles on copyright issues for artists, artist experiences, and useful tools for tracking and protecting your online images from unfair use.

InterArtive completed a project gathering together text on contemporary art and copyright issues, which you will find here.

Artist Submit to ArtFinder MarketPlace

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 8.14.40 AM

UK-based ArtFinder is accepting applications from artists who want to sell their art on ARTFINDER.

  • Artists who sell via the ArtFinder site receive at least %70 of the sale price for their work.
  • Artists create their own store on ArtFinder.
  • The added advantage is that all secure online payments are managed by ArtFinder.

For details on the very simple email application process, go to the ArtFinder site and click SELL.

Successful applicants will be sent participation guidelines and full terms and conditions.


Smitsy: CALL FOR ARTISTS – Submit to Art E-Commerce Start Up Site

blogSmitsy Logo

Alex Joa is in the process of starting up a new art e-commerce site and has recently opened the site up for artist submissions. He asked me to post this call for artists to submit.


We are launching a start-up aimed at promote emerging and established artists.

The name of my start-up is Smitsy and the URL is

Our initial plans are to develop broader awareness for our artists as well as to facilitate online sales.

To apply to be part of the initial launch, please email Alex at and include:

• Resume including date of birth and contact details

• One-page artist statement and bio

• 3 – 5 high quality images of available works and relevant details such as medium, year made, dimensions

No application or listing fees.

Magenta Publishing for the Arts –Submissions etc


Magenta Foundation publishing for the arts has several opportunities for artists, including a call for submissions for photographic art.

Artist Marketing Resources provides numerous other artist resources here.


EBSQ Self Representing Artists

EBSQ Self Representing Artists is an online community for artists who want to take control of their own art careers. They describe their site as a hub where you can house your full portfolio, link to all of your online venues, easily establish the provenance of your work with their Digital Certificate of Authenticity tools, and connect with a global art community of artists, artisans, book artists and photographers.

There is a membership fee for artists. I did email to enquire about how much their membership fees are, but have not heard back as yet. Here is the email address for EBSQ–

Artistay: Free Service Helps Artists All Over the World Find a Residence in France

Pomona Arts Colony

Image by Vinzip via Flickr

Artistay helps artists from all over the world to find artist residencies, art colonies, art centers and more, in France.

Artistay studies every artist’s application and supports it by the residence ideally suited to the artist’s requirements. Artistay’s service is free of charge. The Artistay website is in both English and French.

Artistay is a service for artists, writers, architects, academics, art teachers, curators looking for a residency in France as a place to realize a personal artist project.

There is Gold All Around You!


Image via Wikipedia

Artists, have you heard the expression There is gold all around you!? Meaning, that there are so many ways for you to make money with your art, everywhere, you just don’t see them or haven’t thought of them yet!

Sometimes, just getting started with a new idea for your art and having some success opens the floodgates to many more possibilities.

What have you tried already that has worked for you?  Have you thought of licensing your art for printing on household products, but just don’t know where to begin?

My ebook guide helps artists who want to do it all themselves–link:

. Plus, as further help to artists, I have spent hundreds of hours putting together extensive lists of resources to share –here are two:

List of Art Licensing companies and sites:
There are many products that need art images. Can you visualize your art on cell phone cases, electronic tablet cases, or book covers? There are sites on this list accepting submissions.

List of  700+ Places to Sell Your Art:   This list  provides you with hundreds of possible sales venues. Clicking the links on this list and visiting the sites opens up many possibilities, along with new ideas for increasing your art sales.

Artists, gearing up for the 2011 holiday sales season yet?

The new Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro-Store is looking for more artists to feature–read the details here:

For other personalized services just for artists, visit  Transmedia Artist Marketing:

Call For Submissions– Art on Gentrification

I’ve found yet another interesting theme exhibition. This one is on gentrification.  Lots of questions, thoughts, and opinions come up with artists regarding gentrification. Artists are important agents in the initiation of gentrification in run-down neighborhoods. Artists bring in cultural capital that leads to economic capital.

A SITE SPECIFIC SHOW ON GENTRIFICATION at the Beacon Arts Building. Go to their website to see pics of their massive exhibition space:

Submissions and proposals should be sent to by July 25, 2012. 

P.S. They are even accepting articles for publication for this project. I would like to connect with artists to collaborate on an article (–email Marie Kazalia at:

Artist Guide to Making More Opportunities Work For You


ebook details and buy buttons here:

One question ArtstyShark asked, but that didn’t make it into the ArtsyShark article ( due to length–so I’m sharing here:

AS:  What in your opinion are the biggest misconceptions artists have about the submission process?

MK: Most beginner and emerging artists wait for and respond to Calls for Submissions from various arts organizations.  Many artists subscribe to submission lists, to scan over annual calls and fee based ops, putting their only research efforts into this one market segment.  It’s like waiting in line for one thing, while a multitude of opportunities pass you by. There are hundreds, even thousands, of options out there for making artist submissions! Many artists just don’t know the endless possibilities that exist. My ebook is an eye-opener.

But I don’t just talk theory in my ebook. My ebook is a true How-To guide for artists.  In simple steps, I show artists how to put themselves out there to find their markets and create their own opportunities. My ebook covers everything an artist needs to know to get started marketing and promoting their art,  including presentation tools and know-how, insider tips on what words to use to get a gallerist’s attention, and *must use* words for obtaining print contracts. In my ebook I provide cover letters for artists to adapt and use for contacting gallerists, art consultants, and other arts professionals. Then I recommend a submission campaign action plan in a simple weekly framework, and even provide direct links to arts professionals. The links in my ebook alone will save any artist hundreds of hours of research! There are even links to lists of art industry contacts, such as a link to a list of hundreds of companies that need art for CD inserts, and a link to my offer to access my share list the Directory of Art Consultants –a list of 500+ live-linked contacts. In my ebook I share from my experiences, to save artists hundreds of hours (months! years!) of time wasted on trial and error efforts. My ebook is a DIY kit for visual artists to accelerate their art careers. I make this kit available as an ebook to reach artists across a variety of formats, including Kindle, Sony Reader, PDF and several other file forms and reading options.

ArtsyShark –Artists, Want More Opportunities?

ArtstyShark interviewed me and posted it today. My responses to 3 questions about my new ebook guide for visual artists.

Here is the link to read the interview, and view the incredible resources on ArtsyShark: