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Artist Marketing Resources purchased the use of this image below, which is of the artist Caia Matheson’s studio. We used the ImgEmbed credit system to pay her–with payment based  on the number of views her image receives here on our blog.

Jon Ofstead offers use of his ImgEmbed images free. This photo, taken by Ofstead in the Clayton Brothers studio, is placed here using  the embed code that automatically creates a credit line for the image, a link to Jon Ofstead’s portfolio, and includes the ImgEmbed logo.

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This video shows you how easy it is.

Success for Fine Artists

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In this recording, Aletta, (amid a long list of actions artists can take) recommends that artists: “Write a story about each piece of art you create.”

Even my abstract painting titled “Resistance” has a “story”. Read what I wrote below:

Resistance, mixed media on canvas, by Marie Kazalia


Artist: Marie Kazalia

48” x 48”

Date: July 2010

The title, Resistance, refers to the painting techniques used–which are the Process Painting techniques of layers, stain and poured paint. The silver acrylic paint layer (over yellow and texture on canvas) acts as a resist to the watery splashed on dark paint stain, so that it does not soak into the canvas as in traditional Stain Painting.  The stain layer of watery paint bleeds out to break from the confines of the hardedge forms based on military camouflage patterns. The artist mixes much of her own paint using painting mediums and dry pigments. In this case, the artist mixed silver aluminum powder into an artist grade acrylic medium as the pigment binder, to create the silver paint used in this painting.

Interview w/Marie

Layers of Intent: An Interview with painter Marie Kazalia

Leisa Rich writes:

I first met Marie in a Linkedin discussion. Things can get pretty interesting on Linkedin; not only can you connect with all kinds of people interested in similar artistic and professional pursuits, you can learn, grow, expand…and have some pretty dynamic and intriguing discussions! Marie and I have slung around some intense verbal exchanges in more than a few of them.

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