Virtual Artists’ Agent–the past few years


A few years ago, I posted details of my services on the site Referral Key.  After some initial activity, I ceased using that site. (We all need to focus on the best sites for us!) Recently I returned to find the text I had written on my profile for my services. I’ve copied the details here with some updating and changes to what I’ve been working on for the past few years.

Artists–Do you need a Marketing and Promotions Virtual Artists’ Agent?

With all the demands your artist business can generate it’s tough to cover everything on your own. A lot of tasks need to be done daily to increase your artists’ reputation, earnings, and visibility.


I work for visual artists as a marketing and promotions artist agent, assisting you by making weekly submissions on your behalf to lighten their workload, save you time, and propel your art career forward. My online services connect you the artist to an extensive network of contacts as I work toward your career growth. I offer you, the visual artist, individualized and highly personalized services as I get to know your artwork, history, goals, needs, and desires for your career development and advancement.

My focus is on you the artist and on the promotional efforts that lead to sales of your work, art licensing contracts, exhibitions and increased online presence. Since a buyer or curator wants to talk to the artist directly, my role is to drive opportunities to you by making contacts and submissions on your behalf.

My services are tailored to individual artist needs and goals, and depending on artist media, my promotional services can include, but are not limited to the following:

– I help you get your image files labeled properly, your bio and CV, artist statement, images script and price lists prepared.

-I identify lucrative niche markets suited to your style of artwork and I work to get you into them to create multiple income streams that will help support your studio practice.

-I work to get you art licensing contracts and to get your art into corporate art collections via my hundreds of contacts– with possibilities for representation, sales, and commissions of originals.

– I increase your online presence by marketing your art to a larger audience online.  I write and publish original content articles for my blog, and for other online art news sites. I create other opportunities for exposure for your artwork–both online and in print.


-I create exhibition opportunities, write proposals for opportunities that require artist proposal submissions, and help you submit proposals to galleries and museums.

– I work to generate more opportunities for you. Opportunities change daily, so I conduct ongoing research to your specific artist needs, including: locating representation with art galleries and art consultants, locating grant ops,  finding promotional ops and art publication ops in magazines and on art blogs, locating art licensing contracts for your work, and locating private online stores and brick-and-mortar stores for art original and print sales, and more to meet your specific needs.

I have obtained art licensing contracts with top companies internationally for my artist-clients. Read one of my success stories here. I’ve written letters to sponsors. I’ve written proposals. I have completed public art applications and grant applications for artists. I have written letters of recommendation and RFQs(Requests for Qualifications).

Since I do this work daily, I have an extensive list of contacts already in place– that alone will save you hours, weeks, months or even years of research time and effort, along with a reduction of your related costs and expenses!

My services free you, the visual artist, from excessive daily online time better spent in your studio creating your art. With me as your online assistant, making contacts and submissions on your behalf, you have my supportive efforts. I am there for you, on your side, which helps build your confidence as an artist.


I offer flexible agreement terms, an introductory trial period, and written agreements for more long-term commitments.

I’m highly experienced and established with an excellent reputation in the online artist community.

Email me for more information: Marie Kazalia at:

I’m available to chat about your goals by email, Skype chat or other chat service, or by voice on Skype or Skype phone.

The 3 D’s– Desire, Determination, Dedication. I’m there.

Best to you!

Marie Kazalia

Artist Marketing Resources,blog launched February 3, 2009

blog: Artist Marketing Resources

About my relevant education and professional experience:

– BFA–Bachelor of Fine Arts degree
-2 years of graduate school in Museum Studies and Museology / three years experience in the museum profession as a museum registrar and arts collection manager in a major US city.

-Completed Business and Entrepreneurial Courses and Workshops, Art Licensing Course, and Arts Journalism studies. Contributing writer for top online news sources and art blogs.

-Have Successfully obtained corporate art consultant representation and contracts for artists, obtained print contracts internationally and art licensing contracts with top companies for my artist-clients, facilitated art sales, obtained solo exhibitions, obtain gallery representation for my artist-clients, have written and published feature articles on artists, and much more for my artist-clients.

-More than 15 years experience as widely published author of poetry, short fiction, reviews, articles–in print: books, anthologies, magazines, literary journals and online articles published on news sites, blogs and e-zines. Have done numerous bookstore readings, café readings, coffeehouse readings, restaurant readings, and performances, including a performance series at a Performing Arts center in San Francisco. Produced a 2 year-long series on public access cable TV interviewing artists and creative writers, using my filmmaking and editing.

-Since Feb 3, 2009, interacting in the online arts community via my blog/and site, providing and sharing free information with other artists. Since Sept 2010 interaction with my over 3,400 artist and art professional members of my LinkedIN group, Artist Marketing Resources.

-My own personal experiences as a gallery represented artist, exhibiting artist, published artist, and my around-the-world international teaching and travels, including four expatriate years in Hong Kong, China,Tokyo, Japan, and India, gives me unique inside view for representing and promoting artists internationally.

I have the education and experience to give myself a higher level title, such as Director, President or CEO, so why have I chosen the title and role of Agent? As an agent I’m hands-on and can do more for artists as an expert independent contractor working on your behalf. I don’t just give artists advice, I make many actions on their behalf. I do the work needed!

Different Roles of the Artist Representative Vs the Artist Agent

This is purely my opinion based on my personal experience–I have not asked any other arts professionals–but, IMO, an artist representative keeps artists in their company *stable* making them available to provide art services to their clients exclusively, while an artist agent gets the artist’s work out their, even hooking them up with artist representatives if that is right for their career. Some artists have referred to me as both an artist representative and an artist agent. Artist agent is more accurate for me by my definition. If an artist-client of mine painted high quality mural art, then I would connect them with this artist representative who handles high-end mural projects. Another artist representative handles commercial illustrators and photographers yet has a shop on their site to sell  fine art photographic prints, posters, books, cards, and canvas art. If my client’s work fit that specific market I would work to hook them up and get their work in that shop!

For artists who like to do it all themselves, I offer my contact list in PDF form for only $18.95. There really should be another one hundred dollars added to that price, but I am generous and like to help artists out. Of course the list is priceless if you use it to make valuable connections to advance your art career.

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